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Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo in trouble for shoe ad shoot at Taj

Lucknow, Oct 11 (): UP Police have filed a case against Miss Universe Olivia Culpo for an unauthorised footwear fashion shoot at the Taj Mahal, officials said Thursday.

Police Inspector Sushant Gaur said Culpo and others in her group are accused of violating India’s Heritage Act. If found guilty, they can be jailed for up to two years and fined 100,000 rupees ($1600), Guar said.

Culpo, from Cranston, Rhode Island, was on a 10-day visit to India. The Miss Universe and others accompanying her did a shoot for a footwear brand at the Taj Mahal. It is said the team has violated rules at the historic monument during a photo session. So, have apparently landed themselves in trouble. A case has been registered against them on an Archaeological Survey of India complaint.

Munazzar Ali, caretaker of Taj Mahal said: “We have this evening officially lodged a complaint against the group with Miss Universe along with photos as proof. The sandals from a bag she carried were taken and placed on the Diana Seat for shooting pictures which is not permitted by the ASI”. He added it also amounts to disrespect and insult.

The marble bench found at the central pond is named after Princess Diana who visited the Taj in 1992.

Culpo put on one of the sandals and held another in her hand, reportedly to advertise them, while a cameramen, who was accompanying her shot the scene with the Taj in the background, it claimed. According to a Supreme Court directive, any kind of commercial activity is prohibited in the premises of archaeologically protected monuments.

The police were under pressure to ignore the violation but media pressure and objections by the tourism industry forced the Archaeological Survey of India to officially complain to the police and get a case registered.

Reacting to the case, the Miss Universe Organisation released a statement apologising for “any unintentional harm our indiscretion and insensitivity may have caused.”