TNTET results 2013 to be announced in 2nd week of Oct

Chennai, Oct 4 (TruthDive): According to a latest notification, Tamil Nadu Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) has announced to declare TNTET results 2013 in the second week of October.

Candidates who have appeared for the Tamil Nadu TET 2013 in August are eagerly waiting for the results.

The Tamil Nadu Teachers Recruitment Board which successfully conducted Teachers Eligibility Test – TNTET on 17th August 2013 and 18th August 2013 is expected to announce the results of the TN TET any time from now.

More than five lakh candidates appeared for the teachers’ eligibility examination in the month of August. Earlier, the Tamil Nadu Teachers Recruitment Board which released answer key for all sets of question papers on 27th August 2013 was objected hugely by the candidates.

Following the protest by the candidates regarding the answer key, the TRB is presently verifying and is looking deeply into the controversial questions. The TRB has also completed certificate verification last week and is set to announce the TNTET 2013 Final Answer Key along with TNTET 2013 Results.

As the TNTET 2013 cut-off marks have been fixed at 60%, candidates need to score 60% or more in the TNTET 2013.

To view the TN TET 2013 results, candidates may follow the below steps:

 Log on to the  Tamil Nadu TRB website at

Click the appropriate link for TN TET results 2013

Enter the roll number or date of birth

Submit the entered data by just clicking the submit button

Results will appear on the screen.

Candidates may take a print out of their results for reference.

For more details, candidates may visit the website at wishes all the very best to all candidates!

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  1. Thanks TRB officers and JAYA MADAM.

    JAYA MADAM is one of the best leader across the Word.

    Jaya Yo Jaya Madam.

  2. FOR 2380 SEC.GRADE POST…….Cut off

    GT 74.9
    BC 72.7
    MBC 71.8
    SC 70.6
    SCA 69.7
    ST 67.1
    BCM 72.8

    • Hai frnds paper 2attendum notification should be published in official trb website… and one more news about paper 2today conform final selection list will be publish….

    • Mam Cut off 72.08, female, MBC(DNC),paper 1, DOB -86 any chance ? Pl tell me

  3. PAER II cutoff Subject wise

    Passed NO.passed OC BC BCM MBC SC SCA ST
    TAMIL 261 511 772 9853 69.5±1 68.5±1 58.0±1 67.0±1 65.0±1 60.0±1 54.0±1
    ENGLISH 253 2569 2822 10716 70.0±1 68.0±1 56.0±1 66.0±1 67.0±1 58.0±1 52.0±1
    MATHS 381 530 911 9074 72.0±1 70.0±1 55.0±1 67.0±1 64.0±1 58.0±1 53.0±1
    PHYSICS 151 454 605 2337 70.0±1 68.5±1 56.0±1 67.0±1 64.0±1 56.0±1 52.0±1
    CHEMISTRY 203 402 605 2667 70.0±1 69.0±1 56.0±1 67.0±1 64.0±1 56.0±1 53.0±1
    BOTANY 31 229 260 295 59.0±1 57.5±1 52.0±1 56.5±1 55.0±1 54.0±1 52.0±1
    ZOOLOGY 34 226 260 405 63.0±1 62.0±1 56.0±1 60.0±1 58.0±1 55.0±1 54.0±1
    HISTORY 141 3451 3592 6211 64.0±1 62.0±1 52.0±1 60.0±1 58.0±1 54.0±1 52.0±1

  4. yesterday note:
    Yesterday (17-07-2014) , during the School Education Department Policy Note ( மானிய கோரிக்கை ) , the Honourable Minister for School Education has informed this year there will be 3,459 new teachers appointments in this Academic Year.

    How many BT, PGT Vacancies ?

    There will be 2489 BT Assistants, 952 PGT vacancies , 415 other posts.


    12-07-2014 : Honourable Minister’s Speech about Teachers Appointment : Today there is a hot news and discussions in all Education and Teachers related websites about the Honourable School Education Minister’s speech about Teachers Appointment . According to the news, the Minister has informed, 18000 teachers posts will be filled with in 15 days. So we can expect the TNTET final rank list and Final Selection list to be published soon. All the best !

  5. thanks to TRB and AMMA.

    hope things are moved vest fast.. by month end we will get finall selected list.

  6. group 4 school education department select anavanga yaravadhu irukingala?

  7. if any zoology candidates here, pls call me .. 8526224384

    • me also zoology, unga weightage mark ena? where r u?

  8. Swathi totally 2337 candidates passed in physics. but i dont know how many bc candidates among these 2337. my tet mark is 92.

    • 1) how many members are got above 90 like 90 and above those people only will get job in these list leave about less then 90
      2) i hope u will get the job most of the people waitage is 65 to 69.
      3) they will see age diff also. all the best ….

  9. Dear frds my weightage 68.89 bc female PHYSICS subject. Any possible to get job pls reply.

    • first you get information like homany passed in physics based on that we can decided may i know your tet marks?

  10. this time is very critical , jaya madam has to take action.

    i am requesting jaya madam please do it some thing other wise . you will may get bad name.

  11. TRB doing Drama
    every month realsing one G.o and changing the policy.

    every 2 months change the GO and incresing the GO number.

    almost one year over no proper news about posting.

    but they are getting every month salry with out doing proper things.

  12. Case Filed Against TRB ‘s New TNTET Weightage Mark System
    A new case was filed against new TNTET weightage mark system in Madurai High Court Branch . The case was filed by Prabhakar , a M.Sc., M.Ed., and TNTET qualified candidate from Puthukkottai. The main arguement was made on the Plus Two and Degree Weightage Marks calculation. He argues the current weightage calculation method will affect the candidates who studied plus two and degree 10 years ago.

    one by one filed case. i am telling to TRB officer better to cancel 2013 tntet exam. what is this every body raising their concern and wasting court time.

  13. maranam ennum thoodhu vandhadhu..
    Adhu TET enum vadivil vandhadhu..
    Valga TRB valarga adhan sevai..

  14. nallavar latchiyam velvadhu nitchayam…

  15. hi,

    dont encourge to your family members and nighbours to studay teacher training.

    teacher job means below middle class. … Lots of problems my friend did
    and montly takehome 80 thousands per month. and 3 times went to USA. and he has taken house in bangalore and got good wife[ even she also software enginner]

    when we were in 10th calls my percentage is 85 and my friend percentatge is 74%
    still i dont have job . and my friend helping to lots of people. teacher will never help to any body. i didnt see any teacher to help others. he can do max 10k more than that he cont.

  16. hi teachers,

    we are going to expect final rank list as per new weitage in one week.

    Reason:PWD results realsed last week so we have to wait until complete their CV

    Then only Realsing RANK LIST.

    15000 posting, but 62000 peoples are expecting job. how its possbile.

    Reducing pass percentage is [55%]for election not for us. teachers please think on this point.

  17. ha ha …. now score got changed..

    last time who is first now they became last.

    percentage wise.

  18. MY WEIGHT MARKS . 72.4/-

    my compitator is who got 85% in and D.T.E.D 85% and tntet marks 96

    Total percentage TNTET MARKS
    70.0 ————————————-90 MARKS+[ 85%] +[D.T.E.D[85%]]
    70.4 ————————————-91 MARKS+[ 85%] +[D.T.E.D[85%]]
    70.8 ————————————-92 MARKS+[ 85%] +[D.T.E.D[85%]]
    71.2 ————————————-93 MARKS+[ 85%] +[D.T.E.D[85%]]
    71.6 ————————————-94 MARKS+[ 85%] +[D.T.E.D[85%]]
    72.0 ————————————-95 MARKS+[ 85%] +[D.T.E.D[85%]]
    72.4 ————————————-96 MARKS MARKS+[ 85%] +[D.T.E.D[85%]]

  19. hi

    who is getting above 100 marks in TNTET . they all are get jobs.

    as per new weitege.

  20. new weightage GO released..

    • hi ,

      weightage mans ? based on tntnet marks or ??

  21. hi all,

    only CV no JOBS last one year TRB conducting only CV .

    again 10 to 13 for Absentee Candidates
    then again cv for DISABILITY (PWD) CANDIDATES.

    will TRB give job for all CV attend candiates? Answer NO. then why conducting CV with out JOB. Doing Time PASS.

    when ever postion open at the time CV is REquired. why CV with out JOB.

  22. i heard one good news from TRB officer . every one will get job with in this year.

    they are telling around 75 thousands retirmentrs will be there in this year .

    so every one will get job….

  23. CV again.. Oh god,pls save us.. 72000 teachers family oooooooooooo.. SANGU.. By TRB

  24. hi

    ALL we will pray to god for getting job to all selected people[82thousands].

    if anything goes wrong . god will never forgive the current tamil nadu Govt.

  25. tmrw G.O release agudhu.. June 13th order..

    • Thanks sir,

      Good news.

      i hope every one will get posting . 82 thousands .

      Jayalalitha ma’am is responsbility for giving job for all. i hope every one will get job june itself..

      if any one not getting job that responsble goes to jaya madam.

    • total drama is happen sir . we are only audience.

      1. TRB officiers make some problem due to that lots of time waste for court Judgment.
      2. Jayalalitha madam reduced pass percentage for that also lot time waste.

      3. elction . eletion is useful for only political leaders not for us.

      finally we wasted our valuble time almost 1 years. . one year is a not easy thing.

    • i am also zoology jeyakanthan, how many marks u have in tet

  26. friends any update on selection process?

    almost 11 month over.

  27. hey swathi,

    u will get job dont worry:)

  28. hi ,

    i hope selection process is based on tet marks not based on waitaige marks.

    after long time TRB taken good decetion.

    thanks to TRB so that talented will get job.

    • selection process is not base on tet mark its base on only scientific method already g.o prepared its only released after 16 th may

      • so bad still we are not at Level.

        priya tell me onething u want job or develope the country.

        through talent only we will improve.

  29. hi selected teachers.

    after joining school we have to improve sudents knoweldge as like private schools.
    some peoples will think after getting govt job no need do anything. simply will gat salry. its wrong.

    if not doing proper job dont take appointment that is better.

  30. Tamil nattula govt school pass % yen kuraiyudhunu ipa than theriyudhu.. Suyanala vadhigal ellam teacher ana ipdi than nadakum..
    1. Nangal than puthisalikal.. 8 maadhamaga soru, thanni kuda illama padichu mark eduthom..

    2. Tet mark matum base panni posting podanum.. +2,degree consider pannakudadhu..

    3.relaxation cancel pananum.. Weightage method cancel pananum..

    4.above 90 edutha engaluku than job kodukanum.. Bcz naangal than adhi puthisalikal..

    5.relaxation 2014 la kodunga.. Engaluku endha pottiyum iruka kudadhu.. 2014 la neenga enna venalum panikonga..


    • poda loosu

  31. election is over. then when is appointment.

    amma will get more than 30 MP seats. congrats jayalalitha madam.:)

    • hai leela r u know about today case details

  32. 20,000 peruku job kidaichalum sandhosham thane.. Mr or mrs leela manohar.. My best wishes for ur success.. Kandipa ungaluku job kedaikum..

    • Thanks Boss.

  33. Verification is not a matter.

    total 80,000 members are selected . do you think every one get job . my answer is no.

    how can present chef minister give job to every one. some people will be on hold.
    this time may 20 000 people will get job reaming 60000 will be on hold.

    after 2 years govt will chage . so rules also will change so job not confirm.
    for example see jayalalitha madam simply changed the rule. how we will bleave next coming govt.. please we are major. please save India.

  34. tet paper 2 cv april 26 to may 2 varaikum nadatha plan panirukanga.. Ella district layum cv nadakumam…

  35. sir,
    my weigtage mark 67 ” sc” majore history will you get job? surely? please give me replay
    ph; 09846407438

    • tet paper2 cv date therinjudha????? frnds… I’m waiting…. uuuuuuuuuuu?????

      • frnds… did u hear any news about tet paper2 cv?????????????

  36. hi friends ,

    i came back to india, i was in USA last few weeks whats going on..

    i dont know tamil, please write comments in english.

  37. enaku group 4 call letter vandhiruku.. Vera yarukavadhu vandhiruka frnds.. Then tet posting pathi edhavadhu news iruka?

  38. sorry.. Truthdive ah arasiyal medaiyaka nan virumbala..

  39. ella katchiyum, kootani katchiyum yarum nyayathirku kural kodukka villai but vote kaga majaritykku kural koduthargal but kasta patta nangal minority thaane. idhilirundhu ivargal nyayathirkku porada maataargal endru thelivaga therugiradhu. oru unmaiyanavar kuda illai. so vote for NOTA.

  40. your thinking that jayalalitha govt is better than karunanidhi. so you would like to vote for jayalalitha madam.

    see better then jayalalitha madam lot of political leards are there best example krejiwal and Naredara modi..

    this time we will vote for BJP . see waht will be happen why always jalalitha and karunanidhi.

    . change the new govt and see the new changes.

  41. inum 45000 peruku cv nadathanum.. Apram Rank list podanum. Then councelling nadathanum.. Idhula 100 kum mela case vera iruku.. Adhukelam oru mudivu theriyanum.. Cv nadatha staffs venum, feb la 12 th practical,march la 12th exam,then sslc exam.. So cv nadathuradhe kastam.. But epdiyo staffs ready panni cv nadathuranga.. Indha kodumaila election date vera announce panitanga.. Idhaiyum meeri posting process nadakakudadhunu case poda konjam peru readya irukanga.. Inum 2 mnths wait panunga.. Next 30 years happya irukalam..

  42. jayalalitha ku vote panadhinganu neenga yen solringa.. Neenga venumna podama irunga.. First oru vishayatha purinjukonga. Ippo tet posting delay agaradhuku govt enna pannum.. Ungala keta relaxation after exam koduthadhu thappunu solvinga.. Tet enbathu just eligibility only.. Posting ku surity kedaiyadhu.. So eppo venalum relaxation kodukalam.. Then 2014 la irundhu venumna relaxation kodukalamnu sila peru solringa.. Appo 2014 la 90&above edukaravangalam ilichavayangala.. 2013 la matum endha pottiyum illama velai vangidanum, 2014 la epdi nadandha namaku enna.. Apdithaney.. Inum sila peru 90&above eduthavangalam thiramaisali.. Below 90 eduthavanga adi muttal nu solranga.. Tet mark base panni posting podanumam.. Enna oru puthisalithanam… THIRAIMAISALIKALUKU ADI MUTTALIN PANIVANA VENDUGOL : tet pass panna ellorukum potti thervu vaika solli naangal manu koduka pogirom.. Potti thervu vaithal unmaiyana thiraimaisaligaluku job kedaikum.. Idharku adi muttalagiya naangal ready.. Muttalgal naangaley readya irukumpodhu, thiramaisaligaluku indha potti thervelam jujubi.. So neengalum engakuda vanga, potti thervu vaika solli manu kodukalam..

  43. hi all,

    exam happend in 2013-08-17,18.

    what is the date today . still no one has got job.

    how do you say present govt is good.

    i am telling peoples are not good now. i hope after 100hr every one will change . have to wait until 100 years to change the political leaders.

  44. hi jay,

    i too like jayalalitha govt very much previous days.

    but things are not going well. what to do.

  45. my vote only for jayalalitha..

    My vote only for jayalalitha..

    • your wish all the best for your future.

  46. hi,

    dont put vote for jayalalitha… i am sure my vote is not for jayalalitha:( i heated.

    every one should be active … other wise govt will do their activities.

  47. last tntet TRB taken 8L*500rupess= 40croes.[application fees]

    that total amount taken by un employees means who applied last tntet.

    if they want money go and beg . why they taken from us.

  48. Last week andhra govt conducted exam for VRO. this week release results. tomorrow they are called for verification and as well posting also announced for posting.

    What jayalalitha Govt doing. this is not at all good jayalalitha madma.

    even andhra govt having lots of problems still they announced posting.

    • i wont put my vote to Jayalalitha.

      i huarted.

  49. how many vacancy in history subject in tntet2013

  50. hi leela madm.. Ur major? Ungaluku therinji yaravadhu zoology pass panirukangala?

    • i am leela manohar not leela madam:)

  51. good news for Handicpys

    Special TNTET exam for only Handicpys

    march notification may exam date……

  52. no news …. one of my friend friend working in TRB office.

    he told they are not announcing any infromation every thing is going secreat .

    they are in trouble.. after reducing percentage almost 50000 passed.

    if they are not trouble why they are not realsing re-results for 55%.

  53. dear frnds.. Any news about tet

  54. i am sure job will be after MAY only.





    • Puratchi thalaivi AMMA avargal kandippaga avarudaiya iniya pirantha naalil naam anaivarukkum job koduppar endru naanum nambukiren. neengal kooriyadhu pol nadandhal nam anaivarukkum miga santhosam thaan. I PRAY THE GOD FOR THE VICTORY OF AMMA and our job.

  56. CONTINUATION OF PREVIOUS. TRUTH ALONE ALWAYS TRIUMPHS. So engal korikkaigalai AMMA avargal kandippaga erppargal. Amma eppodhum neetyin pakkame iruppar. Engalukkum kural kodukka niraiya thalaivargalum varuvargal endra nambikkaiyudan kaathirukkum 75000 il oruvan. naan vendi kolvadhu enakku mattum alla 75000 candidates anaivarin vazhvilum niranthira magizhikkavum thaan. ALL SHOULD GET APPOINTMENT. these words are from my heart.

  57. private karanunga vaitril adikiranga. govt nam muthugil kuthuranga. entha arasiyalvathikalum unmaikkum uzhaippirkkum kural kodukkamal kurukku vazhikku mattum kural kodukkaranunga kirukku pasanga. thaguthiyanavargalukku support pannuvatharkku oru thaguthiyana arasiyalvathi kuda illai. tet patri edhuvum theriyadhavanellam tet patri pesi enga kanavula mannai vaari pottuthananga. naan indha govt a romba nambi irunthen. but ivangalum oru greedy politician mathiri aga vendiya situation create pannitanga. samuga neethi endru solli, samugathil neethi illammal aakivitarkal. . TRUTH MAY BE HIDDEN FOR A WHILE BUT TRUTH ALONE ALWAYS TRIUMPHS.

  58. i updated my comments below

    55%>60%——————–36marks given

  59. Good news for who got 90 and above: — see the link

    55% above and 90% below tntet markes fixed to 36.

    dont worry leela we will get job first.

  60. Leela epdi solringa…conform two daysla cv announcement varapoguthu….we are also eligible so don’t comment like this way…

    • hi sir ,

      iam not talking about your elgibility, CV is done last month not yet received any information TRB. regarding posting.

      i am worry about my future and my family . what decetion TRB will take. you know about teachers problem.

  61. geography, zoology pass panna ellorukum conform job..[ Including relaxation candidates]

  62. BAD NEWS FOR WHO GOT 73&76&79 waitage marks

    TRB coming up with new idea : Now they don’t have time for conducting cv for recently selected peoples. Their idea is after election only they will announced CV date for Recently selected people{82 to 89}

    After election they will merge both cv details (90 &&above), 82 to 89 . based on waitage marks posting will be giving. Here some problem for making selection.

    SO I AM ADVICING TO ALL PEOPLE WHO GOT 90 and above , please come to TRB OFFICE ON 17th.

  63. what’s going on . i hope we won’t get job this year see the suction now.

    yesterday they announced 82 is the passed makes around 10000 people were

    passed again.
    82 to 89 may be 30000 passed . at the time of august they announced only 14000 vacant. now around 55000 selected who will get job and you will not get job. what Govt thinking about teachers. lots of peoples were asked last year itself please reduce the percentage. they did listen any words. NOW JAYALALITHA MADAM SIMPLY REDUCED . WHAT MEANING BEHIND THAT


  64. அனைத்து ஆசிரிய‌ நண்பர்களுக்கும் வணக்கம்:

    வருகிற 17.02.2014 திங்கட்கிழமையன்று காலை டி.ஆர்.பி அலுவலகம் முன்பு நாம் அனைவரும் ஒன்றிணைந்து நம் கோரிக்கைகளை முன் வைத்து, அமைதியான முறையில் உண்ணாவிரதமோ அல்லது ஆர்ப்பாட்டமோ செய்யலாம் என்பது அனைத்து ஆசிரிய நண்பர்களின் முடிவு.

    இதில் அனைவரும்(90 & 90 above) தவறாமல் கலந்து கொள்ள வேண்டுமாய் கேட்டு கொள்ள படுகிறார்கள்.


    சதீஷ்குமார் 9159009379

    பிரகாஷ் தருமபுரி 9787374420

    கந்தசாமி 9047276028

    பிரபு திண்டுக்கல் 8098615694

    பெருமாள், ஆம்பூர் 9047361001

    திரு s.p 9843951505

    முருகன் 8973816313

    வீரமணி, சென்னை 9884428346

    ரமேஷ், ஈரோடு 9788011223

    மோகன் வேலு 9942023337

    ராம்நாராயணன் 8973567162

    குறிப்பு : வரும் 16.02.2014(ஞாயிறு)க்குள் நமக்கு சாதகமான முடிவு வெளிவரும் பட்சத்தில் இந்த அறிவிப்பு திரும்ப பெற்றுக் கொள்ளப்படும்.

  65. hi,

    Good morning!

    Time waste time waste. almost 6 months is over . last time waiting for court judgement . now waiting for cv date for 55% passed persons.

    1. wasting of Honble court time almost 3 months .
    2. lots of people strugggled who got 87&89&88
    3. losts of peoples are calling daily to TRB office for getting information.

    take right decetion at right time

    see how much effort is wasted now.

    • yesterday TRB uploaded one link.

      Tamil Nadu Teacher Eligibility Test 2013 – to know your Roll Number Click here

      what is the use and why required ROLL number now.
      :( :(

      i am telling to TRB officers do proper work

  66. May b wtge for tet marks 55% s reduced below 42

  67. Hi

  68. Hai friends innum one weekla certificate verification announcement varapoguthaam so get ready for cv…all t very best friends ….

  69. thanks mr.vadivel sir.. Ungalukum enoda vaazhthukal.. Ammava ketenu sollunga..

  70. nalladhe ninai.. Nalladhe nadakum.. Hi frnds thanks to all.. Zoology vaccant irukuma ?

  71. I thank to my friends…first i would like to thank to mr.jayakandhan sir.chandru sir.tamilvani madam.guruselvi mam.nisha mam.karthik machan…and all truthdive friends…ivanga ellorume enaku supportivaa irunthaanga ennoda amma unga ellorukkume vaalthukkal sonnanga…including my frnds circle also…saaguravaraikkum ungala marakkamaaten…nallathe ninaippom nallathe nadakkum jayam….

    • okay all the best sir. soory


  73. Once again i thank to our tamilnadu chiefminister….naanga kastapattathukku palan kitachuruchu…my weightage is 80….

  74. its not at all good because of election they reduced percentage.

    last year 2012 i got 87 marks at the time they didnt reduced any percetage.

    finally all are waste world waste india waste ……. i am also waste.

    • waste of effort.

      first they are telling stritly 60% is qualified marks for all the candiates even sc ,st also.

      court has given above statement or jayalathi given or TRB given i dont know excatly.

      but some one given:

      after some time they reduced , they are selfish ….. because of election.

      i wont accept this . i will go to court .

  75. Hai frnds reservationla i got pass marks….thank to puratchi thalaivi amma….kadavul kaividala…all t very best frnds ellorukkume job kidaikkum …thank god and truthdive viewers….

  76. Thank you sir…

  77. Hai friends my weightage 75 maths dept yenakku job kidaikuma…

    • Kandippaa kidaikkum frnd don’t Worry…..

  78. hello friends my weightage 75 maths dept yenakku job kidaikkuma…..

  79. Case favouraa vanthaa ellorukkume mark add agum…nearly 5 queations consider pannaporathaa information…so paakalaam…

  80. Chennai Court postponed the hearing on 22nd Jan & hope 2 or 3 marks will be added.

    • hi all,

      yesterday i attended paper one cv . now they are selecting as per paper II

      1. 12 marks + teacher Training and tet markes.

      • hi leela wat’s ur weightage in paper -1

      • mine 79%

        deepika i hope yours is 86% sure you will get job congrats.

      • tank u leela i wish u d same.

      • deepika,

        i need some clarification regarding selection process

        can you send me your phone number to my mail

        if you dont have any problem:)

    • Coming 27 chennai highcourtla tntet case visaranaikku varuthu….naama ellorume i mean – 88,88, eduthavanga ellorume aavalaaa intha judgementkaaka kaaathurukaanga…objection questions ellaame visaarikaporaanga…kandippa judgement favouraa varumnu lawyers solraangalaam pg trbla epdi tamil majorku gracemark koduthaangalo antha maathiri maatram vara athigamaana vaipu irukku…so confidentaa iruppom…suppose case dispose pannitangannaa supreme courtla case podaporathaa ennoda friends circle solraanga…we expect 2 – 3 Marks….naama sariyaana proofodathaan case file pannirukkom..kandippaa nalla news varum fail canditates ellorukkum surprise kaathukittu irukku…


  82. Hai friends i got only 88 one mark add agirukku…ithuku mela ennaala enna panna mudiyum madurai benchla sonna 3 questionskuthaan mark add pannirukaanga…but chennai high courtla coming 20 or 23 hearingku varuthu…naa next tetku prepare panna arambichutten…romba kastamaa irukku frnds pass panna ennoda ellaa frndskum vaalthukkal…kandippaa ellorukkum job kidaikkum…and one more thing re result publish pannathula sila perukku mark add aagala…so avangalukkum aaruthal sollikiren…trb nammala emaathitaanunga..ithupondra kularupadigal adutha examkkum vanthaa kandippaa jeeranikka mudiyaathu…mark koranju pochunnu ineme varuthappattu enna frnds aagapoguthu…naama ellorumme nallaaathaan padichom but koduthu vaikala silaperukku including me…all the very best frnds…aduthu vara pora examla ennoda target 150 kandippaa pass panni kaatuven…manasa thalaravidaama padikka start pannunga…kandippaa namma elloraalayum saathikka mudiyum…kandippaa naa saathippen…athula enakku mulumayaana nambikkai irukku…thanks for all canditates bye frnds…ellorum nallaa irukkanumnu andavana praathana pannikiren…vetri tholvi ellaame vaalkaila sagajam atha naama ellorumme thaangikanum…enga ammavoda aasaya niraivetra mudiyalennu romba kastamaa irukku kandippaa next examla pass panni kaatuvennu sollirukken…

    • all the best friend neenga kandipa next examla pass panni posting vanguveenga .my best wishes.

  83. hai , trb website la paper 1 &2 ku call letter vanthuruku friends check yours

    • Dear friends best wishess for all CV letter received canditates.i’ve 1 doubt .Tamil medium certificate D.T.Ed padicha college la kidaikuma? plz anybody inform me.

    • Will u know how many candidates passed in tntet paper 2

  84. Dear Friends,

    As per Madurai Court judgement, TRB now revised the marks. I heard still some
    questions will be reviewed in Chennai High Court.

    Anyone aware of the questions, please share it here.

    • Hai ram neenga mark evlo case file pannirukkingalaa …naa case file pannala…but judgesta pesunathukku kandippaa favouraa judgement varumnu solraanga we just wait still january 20…

  85. eppa trb website open aguthu and re results tet exam ku potanga i have one mark extra, check your mark

    • Yes. Re result published. But i have no change in marks.

  86. Dear friends. re result has been published in I saw my result. up to three marks have been added. my hearty congratulation to all passed candidates. be happy.

  87. Dear tet friends .i got 106 in paper-1.weightage 85.2008 seniority can i get job this year?plz anybody suggest me.

    • hi deepika,

      for paper one selection peocess is based on employeement seniority .
      not based on weightage marks. if you got 149 also u wont get job. total based on seniority . see how it will go best of luck

      • tan q leela can u plz tell me how many vacancies for secondary grade teachers

      • telugu :129
        kanada; 55
        tamil :1754
        urdhu i dont know
        malayalam i dont know.

        still some more vacancies will come after june, may some peoples will retired . this information got one of the school head master. i am not sure how much its sure.

  88. TET Marks have been changed. for further information, see the website But I am not sure that the incident is true or not.

  89. my friend form fill panrappa husband initial mention panniruka. avaluku cv la any problem varuma, athuku enna pannanum. somebody says cv porappa kondu pora form la particular correct a iruntha pothum nu solranga. please tell me.

  90. hai, in the website of tamilthamarai tet court case was postponed to jan 10. but somebody says jan24, what is correct?.

  91. Nalla velai annikavadhu judgement varatum ! thai pirandhaal vazhi pirakumam ! Happy Teachers Pongal ! All the Best !!!

  92. “JUDGEMENT POSTPONED 23.01.2014″
    ADHU VARAI ????
    A. TAKE REST !

  93. dear friends, What happened to today judgment? please inform me.

    • postponed to 23.1.2013

    • tet judgement postponed to 23.1.2014

  94. Deepa innaikuthaan visaaranaikku varuthuma…

  95. hi friends what’s happening to today judgement for tet

  96. Result open aagamaatenguthu un availablenu error kaatuthu so ithulernthu theriyala trb melathaan ellaa thappunnu konjam ninachu paarunga friends 87,88,89 eduthavanga manasu evlo kastapadumnu…kandippaa engalukku saathagamaa theerppu varalenaaa naaanga ellorum cm madama meet panrathaa irukkom …engala seendi paarthaa athoda effecta trb thaan santhikkanum…

  97. Tet exam result re publish pannaporathaa information varrathu unmayaa i mean trbku call panni pesunaa mark podaporathaa solraanga but case pendingla irukrathaala konjam wait pannungannu solraaanga…so coming january 10 kulla nalla information varumnu ethirpaakurom…pass canditates all the very best any way conform unga ellorukkum job kidaikkum i’ll pray…god….ellaam nanmaikke…

  98. Dear friends, Now we are at the entrance of successful palace. there will be end to all cases against board in few days. hope for the best. let the heart that is crying, smile with good news. COUNTDOWN started from yesterday onwards. Whateve it may be, we should be ready to face anything. The God is with us. if you have any special news, please inform. I am always looking forward to your sharing.

  99. Hello all,
    i got 96 marks in science major.
    I have two questions
    1) ippo trb enna pantranka
    2)job kidaikuma enaku?
    Plz any one answer me. Thanks

    • Dear Saran, Here are the answers for your questions. TRB is taking necessary steps but the cases are great obstacles for cv and appointment. but don’t worry. you can get job. The God and TRB will give us the great rewards for our efforts. TRUTH ALONE TRIUMPHS.


    • hi

      wish you the same

  101. Guys!, Just now i checked we can not see the TNTET 2013 RESULT in TRB web page. It shows “service unabvailable”. Hope we can expect the re-result soon.

    • just now i have see TRB main page. there is no re-results pages showing.

      where do you get the information about re-results.

    • hello,

      yes even i have seen, hope we will get re-results soon

  102. dont believe govt
    dont believe girls
    dont believe political leaders
    dont believe god.

  103. persons who created problem are sleeping peacefully. but here even if try to sleep I can’t sleep. I am searching for solution. till now I couldn’t get it. it is in the hand of board. but even the board doesn’t understand how much we have lost including peaceful mind. I don’t know whom I should blame. I should blame myself to have wanted to become a eligible teacher. but one thing…. IT IS EASY TO DESTROY OR SPOIL ANYTHING…BUT IT IS HARD TO MAKE EVEN SIMPLE THING… yes I faced many difficulties to make myself to have sufficient marks.

    • hi venkat,

      i appriciated your efforts. all indians like you menas now india will be in good position . no one has take responsbilty like you. realy i am happy.your good genius man.

    • tntet all cases are cancelled in madras high court see

      • Dear sister, Is it real? I saw the website but there is no information about it. where did you see that? whatever it may be, better if all the cases come to an end.

  104. What is happening to today’s judgement about tet?

  105. hi radika what’s surprising news? yesterday i called trb, a madam said that it will take cv for one month to be held. so no surprising ok…..

    • hi ,

      why it will take one month you could have ask them reanson.

      one month means 30(DAYS)*24(HR)*60(MI)*60(SEC)
      we are wasting time:(

      • Hi radhika, I asked the reason. she said that the cases are going on. due to this problem,they couldn’t get any action regarding cv. one thing Radhi, one month means 30 or 31 days only that’s all o.k.

  106. we have turning point

    • hi venkat,

      Always your giving surprising news.
      dont worry better things will happen in your life. All the bast and be confident.


      • Thanks Radika, I wish you the same.

    • Enna athu????

  107. Hi Friends, Any news about cv? did any one call trb and ask any detail? pls share with me.

    • Trb ku call panni pesunen re answer key sammanthamaa innum consider pannikittu irukrathaa solraanga chennai high court la case visaaranaikku vantha piraguthaaan certificate verification for pass candidates…

  108. Enna nadakka poguthu????????

    • Viraivil next tet exam nadakka pogudhu.

  109. Hello en ipdi sanda pottukuringa madurai courtla re valuation panna sollirukaanga,but chennai high courtla case innum niluvaila irukku may be this week or next week visaaranaikku varalaamaam so conform changes irukkumnu solraanga…re result publish pannaangannaa kandippaa namakku saathagamaa theerppu varumnu ethirpaakalaam madurai courtla 3 questionskuthaan wrong answernu sollirukaanga but chennai courtla nearly 7 questionsku answer wrongnu nerayaa per case file pannirukaanga so above 87,88,89 eduthavanga ellorukkum surprise kaathukittu irukku kadavula nallaa vendikonga… And one more thing result re publish pannaporaanga athu mattum nijam porumayaa irunthu enna nadakka poguthunnu paarungappaa…

  110. Ayo ayo!

  111. Hereafter I won’t mention you in my comment. don’t mistake that I am mentioning you indirectly.

  112. Hi radhika..
    Please see venkat’s comment on December10 5.22pm, he mentioned that no marks will be given, he cannot say that!! Y should I shout TRB?? Instead of that I have I have filed case against it, that’s more than enough!!

    • Hello Nisha, I mentioned that as for as I am concerned. you know this meaning. it means that from my point of view. everyone has rights to say their views. but all things are not in our hands. same like that I mentioned that two marks may be given to psychology and no marks for any other subjects. this is my view. how can you say that it is wrong. you can say that even five marks will be given from your view, I won’t bother about that. here your criticism totally hurt my feelings. I wished everyone to pass the exam. but your criticism makes me opponent. ok. Radhhka knows very well about my situation and position. because I think she is in my position.

  113. No marks will be given to any subject but may be given to psychology. trying to get marks from other subject is useless.

    • Let TRB and court decide on giving marks, not you venkat! As per judgement types of counseling is deleted and common mark for all, positive curve or s curve both correct, SS one question changed. On 28/11/2013 judgement Hon.judge said since court also got disagrees with TRB answer key, court directed TRB to revaluate all questions for all candidates, if u have doubt go to court website and c d judgement! Don’t spread rumours!

      • hi nisha,

        what TRB Decided use less. it could have take care at intial time . why your telling vekat making rumours. he has authority to tell his can scold TRB not venkat.

  114. As for as I am concerned, Only maximum two marks may be awarded in psychology. no marks will not be given to any other subject. I resigned my job, then i lost my wealth, then i spent hundred days to prepare for exam, fifty days to wait for result . i don’t know How long will it take me to attend cv. Eventhough i passed, i can’t have appointment because of some jealousy people and their activities. I am not mentioning here all failed candidate. many failed candidates have good thoughts but some of them are very jealousy. they will try always to spoil everything. GOD WILL TEACH THEM A GOOD LESSON definitely.

  115. WHY TRB IS making so many problem for selected people. it could have take care at intial time. see now how much effort is wast. who all are working in TRB office those need to resign the job. if not doing proper job do the resign and go home.

    • as of now TRB taken 105 cores from ours for application cost.

      what govt are thinking if seniority wise. trb wont get money . see now every time its getting 35cores.

      3 times means 105 cores.

  116. Mavane, re result viduradhum onnu thaan, vidaamal iruppadhum onnu thaan. Ippavum kadavulaiyum, TRB yum nambi kondirukkiren. Because they are very GENUINES.

  117. Machi re result publish panna poraanunga trb….konjam wait pannungappaaaa…..

  118. what will happen? if the process is going like this. cv is going to be spoilt. if route is clear, everything will be clear in future. but here???

  119. how many vacancies are in history subject? If you know, pls inform.

  120. What about cv? will it be conducted by this month or not? Actually what idea has trb? whatever it may be, let it be good.


    Justice Nagamuthu directed the TRB to re-evaluate the answer papers in accordance with the deletion of the questions and revision of answers and publish the results accordingly-THE HINDU.

    Disposing of a batch of writs, the Madras High Court Bench here has directed the Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) to re-evaluate the papers of all the candidates who wrote the Teachers Eligibility Test (TET)
    forthe post of post-graduate assistants in History and Commerce.

    Justice S. Nagamuthu issued the direction after about 40 writs were filed in the court claiming that several questions, which featured in the question papers ofHistory and Commerce, were wrong.

    A few petitions also disputed the correctness of a few answers published by the TRB in its final answer key.After ascertaining the claims of the petitioners with the help of experts in the subjects, Justice Nagamuthu passed an order instructing the TRB to delete three questions from the Commerce question paper on the ground that the questions were wrong, and to award marks to those questions to all the candidates. The judge further directed the TRB to revise the answers to two questions in the answer key for History and re-evaluate the papers of all the candidates based on the revised answers.At least, 37 questions in various subjects were challenged by the petitioners, but the judge upheld the validity of all the other questions and answers publishedby the TRB.Justice Nagamuthu also disposed of a batch of writs filed challenging various questions from the TET’s question paper forselection of Bachelor of Teaching(BT) assistants.The judge ordered the deletion of three questions and revision of three answers in the final answer key published by the TRB after consulting the experts.

    In his order, Justice Nagamuthu directed the TRB to re-evaluate the answer papers in accordance with the deletion of the questions and revision of answers and publish the results accordingly.

    • thanks chandru for ur good information


    ஆசிரியர் தகுதித் தேர்வுக்கு எதிரான மனுக்கள் ஏற்கப்பட மாட்டாது.

    ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரியம் 2013 இல் நடத்திய ஆசிரியர் தகுதித் தேர்வுக்கு எதிரான மனுக்கள் இனி ஏற்கப்பட மாட்டாது என்று சென்னை உயர்நீதிமன்ற மதுரை கிளை உத்தரவிட்டுள்ளது. டிஇடி தேர்வின் கீஆன்சருக்குஎதிராக சி.ராஜேஸ்வரி உள்ளிட்ட 10 பேர் தாக்கல் செய்த மனுக்களை விசாரித்த
    நீதிபதி எஸ்.நாகமுத்து, அந்த மனுக்களை தள்ளுபடி செய்தார்.

    தீர்ப்பு விவரம்:

    ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரியம் 2013 ஆக.18 இல் ஆசிரியர் தகுதித் தேர்வை (டிஇடி) நடத்தியது. தேர்வுக்குப் பிறகு, தேர்வில் கேட்கப்பட்ட கேள்விகளுக்கான உத்தேச கீஆன்சரை இணையதளத்தில் வெளியிட்டு, ஆட்சேபனை பெறப்பட்டது. ஏராளமான ஆட்சேபனைகள் பெறப்பட்டதையடுத்து, பிரச்னைக்குரிய வினாக்களுக்கு சரியான விடையை இறுதி செய்வதற்கு நிபுணர் குழுவை அமைத்தது.அக் குழுவின் பரிந்துரைகளின்படி, கீஆன்சர் நவ.5 இல் வெளியிடப்பட்டது.இதைத் தொடர்ந்து கீஆன்சரில் தவறான விடைகள் இடம்பெற்றிருப்பதாகக் கூறி எதிராக ஏராளமான மனுக்கள் நீதிமன்றத்தில் தாக்கல் செய்யப்பட்டுள்ளன. இவற்றின் முகாந்திரம் கருதி பாடப் புத்தகங்கள் ஆய்வு செய்யப்படு, சம்பந்தப்பட்ட பாடங்களின் நிபுணர்களிடம் கருத்துகள் கேட்கப்பட்டு, நீதிமன்றத்தில் நீண்ட வாதம் மேற்கொள்ளப்பட்டது. ஏராளமான மனுக்கள் தாக்கல் செய்யப்பட்டதன் காரணமாக, ஆசிரியர் நியமனம் உள்ளிட்ட அடுத்தகட்ட நடவடிக்கைகளைத் தேர்வு வாரியத்தால் தொடர முடியவில்லை. இந் நடவடிக்கை தடைபட்ட காரணத்தால், அரசுப் பள்ளிகள் போதிய ஆசிரியர்கள் இல்லாமல் செயல்படும் நிலைக்குத் தள்ளப்பட்டன.

    சில மாணவர்கள் தங்களுக்கு கணினி ஆசிரியரை நியமிக்க கல்வித் துறைக்கு உத்தரவிட வேண்டும் எனக் கோரி நீதிமன்றத்தில் மனு தாக்கல் செய்தது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது. ஆசிரியர்களை நியமிப்பது அரசுக்கு பெரும் போராட்டமாக அமைந்துள்ளது.இதன் முக்கியத்துவம் கருதி, இந்த வழக்கின் விசாரணைக்காக நீண்ட நேரத்தை இந் நீதிமன்றம் ஒதுக்கியது. சில கேள்விகளுக்கு கீஆன்சரில் உள்ள விடைகளை இந் நீதிமன்றம் ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளவில்லை. இதன் அடிப்படையில், தேர்வு எழுதியவர்களின் விடைத்தாள்களை மறுமதிப்பீடு செய்ய ஏற்கெனவே உத்தரவிடப்பட்டுள்ளது. இப் பணியை முடித்து, ஆசிரியர்களைத் தேர்வு செய்வதற்கான நடைமுறைகளைத் துவங்க இன்னும் ஒரு மாதம் ஆகும். இச் சூழலில்,கீஆன்சருக்கு எதிராக ஏராளமான மனுக்கள் தாக்கல் செய்யப்படுவது இந்த நடைமுறையை மேலும் தாமதப்படுத்தும்.

    ஆகவே, இத்தகைய மனுக்களை ஏற்பதில்லை என நீதிமன்றம் முடிவு செய்கிறது.தேர்வு முடிவு வெளியிட்ட பிறகு கீஆன்சரை எதிர்த்து மனு தாக்கல் செய்ய போதிய கால அவகாசம் வழங்கப்படுகிறது. கீஆன்சரை எதிர்த்து ஏராளமான மனுக்களை விசாரணைக்கு ஏற்கும்போது, நியமன நடைமுறை பல மாதங்களுக்கு முடிவு இல்லாமல் சென்று கொண்டிருக்கும் நிலை ஏற்படும். இத் தேர்வு தொடர்பாக ஏற்கெனவே தாக்கல் செய்த மனுக்களின் மீதான விசாரணையில், மறுமதிப்பீடு செய்ய உத்தரவிடப்பட்டுள்ளது. அது மனுதாரர்களுக்கும் பொருந்தும் எனக் கூறி இந்த மனுக்களை தள்ளுபடி செய்து உத்தரவிட்டார்.

  123. Good news for the guys who failed with 1 & 2 marks, The Madurai High Court ordered the TRB to re-check the controversial answer keys one again.

    This happened due to more people filed case against TRB for wrong answer keys.

  124. Yes Magesh, I feel so. what can we do? anyhow, Let bygones be bygones. what about your major? is there any possibility for us to get job in this year itself? because we have to wait for cv alone for a long period. then how long will it take us to get appointment? i don’t know when it will happen.

    • Good news for all passed candidates…. trb meethu thodukkapatta anaithu case ayum thallupadi seithathu mathurai high court… so seekirame nam certificate verification yedhirpakkalam…

      • Ms. Kavitha, You just taken the information which is favorable to you.
        You should post the whole statement, what Madurai High Court said to
        TRB. I just request you to re-check the news again.

      • Kavitha don’t spread rumors, they cancelled writts because so many writts were filled but they provided solution to who ever filed case by ordering TRB to revaluate the wrong questions! So once all those gets over they will talk about CV, etc, etc!

  125. how many vacancy and how many candidates passed in history?

    • hi Venkat,

      my name is mahesh got 109 marks in paper II. why trb peoples are taking so much time. exam date: 08-18-2013
      Results date : 11-05-2013. almost 50 days they are taken for only realsing the results. i dont know what peoples are doing in Govt offices. as per my knoweldge it will take 2 days for generating the results. now days every thing is software. one hour it will generate 10L peoples data. now i am feeling bad all my friends are in USA. i could have done b.tach after completing my 12+.

  126. If any one knows the date of c.v, subject wise passed candidate and subject wise vacancy, please just post them. it will help every passed candidate.

  127. Do any one of you know the approximate date of cv? pls inform.

  128. Yes i am also.

  129. Trb ku call panni pesunen entha informationum clearaaa solla maatenguraanunga…innum one week paaapom illenaa poraatathula erangavendiyathuthaan vera valiye illa..

  130. Ennapaa aaalaaalukku onnu solringa onnume puriya maaatenguthumaa…

  131. Please frnds case file pannunaa kandipaa benifit irukkaa …salary innum vaangala so naa innum case file pannala..

  132. Cv for whom

    • Cv for those filled case

  133. Cv ku allow pantranga.


    • Hi friend venkat don’t worry. nadappavai nallathaga eruppin, atharku sirithu kaala thamatham earpadathan seium.

  135. you can demand your marks because you have rights but don’t try to stop or spoil cv. CV is not only dream but also life. so keep it in your mind. think before you leap.

    • Dear friend venkat muyarchithu, porumai kathiru, antha seiyal unaku vetriyai tharum. so wait wait wait for your cv.

  136. Frnds enna decide pannirukkinga case file pannaa cv ku allow pannuvaangala?

  137. Any information?

  138. Just called TRB now, they said re-checking of the revised answer key process going on. But they refused to tell the date of announcement for the revised answer keys.

    Guys! Once in a week we can go together to the TRB office regularly, so that they can realize our demand..

  139. Ya Suri, I feel so. there is no end to anything so far.I feel so much pain. how long should we wait for good end I don’t know. I hope there will be positive. let us see later.

  140. Hi! Venkat, romba kadupa iukuda, oru pakkam board marupakkam 1,2 mark ketpavarkal strick, evidence irundha first case koduthu oru mudivuku vankapa please, venkat advice to them to file case with evidence otherwise, dont disturb others lite.

  141. Vadivel, wait and see.

  142. Venkat ennapa panrathu…onnume puriyala…

    • God alone can help us!!

  143. Hi Suri, Good morning. if you have any important news, just post them. What happened to you friends. how are you?

  144. Hi Suri, even you did not comment. what happened to you? will our dream come true?

  145. what happened friends, no one sent commets. Are there any hot news……?

  146. Venkat sir i got only 87 marks only mark varumaa?kastamaa irukku sir…

    • Dear friend, dont worry. you will get. always pray God and believe God.

  147. Enna frnd solringa kandippa mark kodupaangalaa …kandippa namakku saathagamaa theerpu varumnu nambittu irukken….

  148. Friends, judgement vandhadha dhan enaku sonanga, na Madurai la case pota mam kita ketean avanga judgment pathi therila but enoda lawyer 99% favour ah solution kedaikumnu sonada sonanga.. Enaku therinja info na share panaen, odu vela andha judgment unma ilanalum am sure namaku sadhagama dhan mudivu varum..

  149. hello venkat sir,,… first confirm the judgement.

  150. Guys! i am not sure about it, just check the judgement may be for the tet 2012.

  151. Nisha, wt u mean?thn can v get any marks for those they claimed questions

    • HI guruselvi.. Tamilvani mam told me, another mam from thenkasi also told me dat judgement s favour to petitioner.. For types of counseling question, all options r correct as per judgement. Idu pola inum sila questions..

      • Is it so? Nisha, I feel very happy. really you brought good news. hard work never fails. Hi Vadivel, feel free here after and be happy. get ready for cv. all we can go for cv.

      • Ya, it s venkat! But many ppl lik me hav filed petition in madras highcourt, so v have to wait

    • Hope dat 5marks will b given to dat person alone

  152. Friends, good news for us…. Madurai court la tet clear panadavanag pota case ku avangaliku favour ah judgement vandrukam!!!! 5questions ku petitioner claim pana answers yum correct nu soltangalam.. Hardwork never fails! God s with us..

  153. when is cv for paper 2. pls inform.

  154. Pass candidates Enna thitti comment podrathunaa pottukonga …neenga oru 87,88,89 eduthurunthingannaa athoda vedhana ennanu puriyum… Sathyamaa ungala thittanumrathu ennoda nokkam illa neengalum ennoda frndsthaan ungaloda othulaippum engalukku avasiyam venum…support panrathunaa we are eagerly welcoming…pls frnds…

  155. Case file panrathukku ellorudaya othulaippum avasiyam individualaa case poda enakku viruppam chennaiku ellorum directaa vaanga naama ellorum sernthu case file pannuvom…pls naatkal odikitte irukku…naama innum mounamaa irukrathula arthame illa…8012776142 call panni unga suggestiona sollunga ennaala mudinja varaikkum frnds collect pannittu irukken…kandipaa neethi kidaikkum,,,and one more thing pass candidates thayavu senju kettukren engalukku vera vali illa…enga manasa yaarum ineme kaayapaduthaathinga…pls sathyama evlo kastamaa irukku theriyumaa,,,pls pls pls konjanaal wait pannunga engalaala unga govt jobku entha paathippum varaathu…ellaam nanmaikke..

  156. Friends, we are expecting something based on our mark level. we may have what we want in future. so we have to wait to reach our goal without losing our temper. Nisha, don’t take the previous comments seriously.

  157. Hi Suri, did you see Nisha’s comments. she said that she will say that all questions are wrong. how can she say like that? if so, are we all fools? everyone should know that truth alone triumphs. dear friends all worked hard to get through the exam including those who want two or three marks to pass. I know very well about all students’s efforts. dont hurt our hearts by giving unnecessary comments. everyone has rights but but we should blame anyone. dear friends.. every cloud has a silver lining. think positive and get everything positive. all the best.

    • Mr.venkat, u r criticising my comments u should see deepika’s comment, dat s nt my own comment I just replied to her comment. Am asking u how deepika can say dat we ppl r trying to makeup or cookup like all questions are wrong???? Is dat correct???? U first better ask her and then u can talk about me. U read well and then post ur opinion. We are not hurting anybodything about dat.. All of sudden u r getting emotional, u’l know our pain or89 u got 88 or89..

    • Venkat sir, thanuku vandha dhan theriyum thala valiyum vaithu valiyum!!!!!

      • Hello Nisha, I have been there before. I was in your situation in last exam. everyone knows the pain. I am not criticising you. i just wanted to point out your words.but you should not have told like that. that is all. I know the value of even single mark that I scored. that is why I said like that. I want everyone to be happy including you. hope for the best.

    • Mr.venkat once again am telling u I didn’t made dat comment until deepika said like dat… When u r asking me u should ask her also. All d best 4 u too…



    Case Status: Pending
    Status Of: WRIT PETITION
    Case No.: 30639
    Year : 2013
    Petitioner : M.YUVARAJ
    Pet’s Advocate : M/S.M.R.JOTHIMANIAN
    Category : Service
    Last Listed on: No Date Mentioned
    Case Updated on : Nov 20 2013


    • Thanks a lot brother..

    • Thank u so much chandru sir

  159. Enna friends…pannuvom ipdiye irunthomnaa nammala saaptruvaanunga…cm ma pannuvoma?trb consider panrathaa sonnathellaam poi ippathaan trb office poituvanthen reply sariyaa pannamaatendraanga..kastama irukku…ineme ivanungala nambunomnaa avlothaan namma life so case file panra visayatha pathi discuss pannuvom…pls

    • Inum case file panlaya neenga????

      • Nisha naa pannalada..ellorum sernthu case file pannuvom intha week kulla oru final decision edukkanum.

    • What about yuvaraj case

      • No info abt Yuvaraj’s case

    • Vadivel sir, neenga discuss pantae irunda TRB onum pana poradila. So case podra velaiya parunga….

  160. Hi Guys!, Some friends telling (Pschology Question – Intellectual Ability) accepted on yesterday by Court against Yuvaraj’s Case. Is it true?…….

    • Apdi eduku inaiku paper la varlayae… Intellectual apo perceptual thapa??? Naanga file pana case la rendumae correct nu dhan petition kuduthrukom

  161. Hai frnds sorrymaa ellorukkum…innum two days paaklaam illene courtla case file panniduvom…yuvraj case ennaachu…poraatatha thavira vera vali illa…courtla case thallupadi pannitaangannaa cm ma meet panni pesuvom…action edukalenaa saagumvarai unnaaviratham iruppom…

  162. Nisha chellam kopa padavendam. Just find d soln for u… I agree. We also have pbm ya. Tat’s it . Carry on…

  163. Hello ena pa ellarum 150 qn thapputhanu soliduvinga pola. Neenga pass aaganum than. But ithellam konjam over.

    • Hello deepika, pass agita neengalam ipdi over ah comment pana kandipa naangaelam 150 question yum thapu dhanu soluvom……… Chumma irukinganu theriyudu adukagaw ipdi ishtathuku comment panadinga….

  164. Hi tamilvani madam,
    Thank u for ur help I get one evidence for psychology question

  165. hi

  166. Guys, who went to TRB directly on last Monday please share the actual situation……

  167. I am also want to put case for question series D for the questions 3,17,64,89,79.tell me friends any other question is there.

    • hi, sindu in d type question series 4, 14, 76, 79, 120 are also wrong

      • Thank u nisha mam.what is the correct answer for 4th question.79th question I already mention mam.other questions r correct to me.

      • For 4th question imaginative thinking can also b d answer

      • Plz tell me the proof mam .for 4th

  168. I am 89.

  169. The Case filed in Chennai Hi-court by Mr. Yuvaraj against TRB for the Psychology Questions will commences Tmrw (20/11/13) for investigation.

    • Tell me the result


  171. Nov 19, 2013
    ஆசிரியர் தகுதி தேர்வு எழுதியவர்களின் விடைத்தாள்கள் சரியான விடைகள் கொண்டு விடைத்தாள்களை மதிப்பீடு செய்யவேண்டும் என்றும் கோரிக்கைவிடுத்து தேர்வர்கள் பலர் நேற்று ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் செய்தனர்.

    ஆசிரியர் தகுதி தேர்வு

    ஆசிரியர் தகுதி தேர்வு கடந்த செப்டம்பர் மாதம் 17 மற்றும் 18 தேதிகளில் தமிழ்நாடு முழுவதும் நடைபெற்றது. இடைநிலை ஆசிரியர்களுக்கான தேர்வை 2 லட்சத்து 67 ஆயிரம் 950 பேர் 677 மையங்களில் எழுதினார்கள். இவர்களில்
    17 ஆயிரத்து 974 பேர் மாற்றுத்திறனாளிகள். பட்டதாரி ஆசிரியர்களுக்கான தேர்வை 4 லட்சத்து 11 ஆயிரத்து 600 பேர் 1060 மையங்களில் எழுதினார்கள்.

    தேர்வு எழுதியபோது வீடியோ எடுக்கப்பட்டது.

    ஆசிரியர் தகுதி தேர்வு முடிவு கடந்த 5–ந்தேதி வெளியிடப்பட்டது. ஆனால்ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரியத்தின் வினா–விடைக்கும் தேர்வு எழுதியவர்கள் கருதும் விடைக்கும் பல வித்தியாசங்கள் உள்ளன.இதனால் தேர்வர்களுக்கு 10 மதிப்பெண் கிடைக்கவில்லை. 3 மதிப்பெண் கிடைக்கவில்லை. 5 மதிப்பெண் கிடைக்கவில்லை என்று பல்வேறு தேர்வர்கள் ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரியத்திற்கு தினமும் புகார் தெரிவித்து வருகிறார்கள்.

    தினமும் போராட்டம்

    தினமும் 100–க்கும் மேற்பட்டவர்கள் ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரியம் முன்புமுற்றுகை போராட்டம் நடத்தி வருகிறார்கள். ஒவ்வொரு நாள் வருபவர்களும் வேறு வேறு ஆகும். அதுபோல நேற்றும் 100–க்கும் மேற்பட்டவர்கள் ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் செய்தனர்.ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் நடத்தியவர்களில் மதுரையைச்சேர்ந்த ஒருவர் கூறியதாவது:–

    ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரியம் ஆசிரியர் தகுதி தேர்விற்கு உரிய விடைகளை இணையதளத்தில் வெளியிட்டது. ஆனால் பல கேள்விகளுக்கு அரசு பாடப்புத்தகத்தில் உள்ள விடைகள்படி தான் எழுதி உள்ளோம். ஆனால் அந்த விடைகள் சரி இல்லை என்று ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரியம் கூறியுள்ளது. அரசு பாடப்புத்தகத்தில் உள்ள விடைகளை ஆசிரியர் தேர்வுவாரியம் ஏற்காதது மர்மமாக உள்ளது.எங்கள் கோரிக்கைகளை யாரும் கேட்பாறில்லை. ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரியத்திற்குசென்று மனு கொடுத்தால் அங்கு உள்ள அலுவலக உதவியாளர் தான் வாங்குகிறார்கள். அதிகாரிகள் யாரும் எங்களை பார்த்து பேசவும் இல்லை. ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரிய தலைவரையோ அல்லது உறுப்பினரையோ பார்க்கமுடிவதில்லை. அதுவும் அலுவலக உதவியாளர்கள் இங்கு ஏன் வருகிறீர்கள் என்று கேட்டு வேண்டா வெறுப்பாக நாங்கள் கொடுக்கும் மனுக்களை வாங்குகிறார்கள். எனவே இனிமேல் நீதிமன்றத்தை அணுகுவதை தவிர வேறு வழி இல்லை.

    முதல்–அமைச்சர் தீர்வு காணவேண்டும்

    இந்த பிரச்சினையில் முதல்–அமைச்சர் ஜெயலலிதா தலையிட்டு எங்கள் பிரச்சினைக்கு தீர்வு காணவேண்டும்.இவ்வாறு அவர் தெரிவித்தார்.சில தேர்வர்கள் ‘ஆசிரியர் தேர்வு வாரியம் சரியான விடையை கொண்டு மதிப்பீடு செய்திருந்தால் நான் தேர்ச்சி பெற்றிருப்பேன்’ என்று அழுதுகொண்டே தெரிவித்தனர்.

  172. hai ena yarum cmnts panna matindringa , CV yepo yaravadu solunga

  173. Friends, TRB ponom thapana question Elam review Pana sirrapu kuzhu inaiku vandadha info kedachudu.. Press and media kuda vandanga.. Lets hope for d best..

    • 25th ku apparam dhan tet ku certificate verification date announce pannuvanga pola…

  174. Hi Suri what happened to those who had gone to trb board to ask detail. anyhow hope for the best because trb board is geniune.

    • Hi venkat, someone has explained for yr Query. hi friends, dont worry bother about yr original mark, if yr mark is genuine, it will be given by trb board, feel beterly, god with us, so hard work never fails.

  175. Nisha negalum ponigala? Re result pathi pesunigala?plz ethavathu solunga pa

  176. Vadivel sir trb ku ponigala yena sonnaga? Olunga ans pannagala?mark kodupangala?

  177. ena vadivel sir cmnts ila today enna nadantadu

  178. Hi, venkat, we have to wish, those who are going to trb board to ask bonus mark ok? All the best friends. My humble request dont strike.

  179. Hi have got 100 in tet exam. my major is history. what will the cut of mark be expected?

  180. Hi vadivel….
    Theeeya vela seiyyanum boss….

    • hi frineds.

      why you peoples are very so much worry about govt teacher job now. you could have take right choice after completed 12th standed.may you comepleted your tecaher tryining before four years are some 3years. you . could have done btech and mbbs. now you will be in good position. even 22 years old person getting more than 50k per month. still you people are waiting for job. Sorry . that is major disadvantage of indian peoples. see USA how its improving. they cont wait like us.
      some of my relative waiting for last six years still he didnt get job. and still he is preparing for Govt job. after getting job also he wont enjoy himself.

  181. Ok well Vadivel. You r fighting for ur rights. So dont mind others words. Be hopeful. Everthing ends with success. All the best. Bye…………

  182. Thanks priya monday case file pandrom kandippaa unga frnds yaarum irunthaa sollunga pls kandippaa ungalukku entha paathippum varaathu…re result publish pannanumnu pesaporom…

  183. Hai frnds rameshnu oruthan patthaathunu gopunu oruthan perapaaru …konnuduven mavane maatnaanaa cyber crimela kodukkaporen unnoda commenta mavane maatuna kanthalthaan…ennamo naanga pitchai kekromnu easya kevalamaa engala cheat pandra …apdiye vachukada unnaala enna panna mudiyumo pannikko…mudinja commentla thitratha nerla directaa thittamudiyumaadaa adipattu sethupoiduva…ineme inthamaathiri comment panna veetuku police varum and one more thing unga veetuku eppa venaalum police varalaam jaakarathayaa irunthuko.

  184. Hai Nisha and Vadivel how are u frnds? Whats ur next plan? I know ur pain ya. Dont lose hope. God with u. I pray god for ur success.

  185. Hai Friends, in last year tet exam i got 89. So i know the pain of all my frds who r getting near to 90. Nothing wrong in Karthik’s comment. He said in additional cv u have to join with us. Think frnds in this any selfish is there. Thats his opinion not order. My dear qualified candidates dont hurt the friends got 85-89. We have to give respect to their feelings. We are teachers, we are roll model to students. So dont use unnecessary words pls frnds.

  186. i am interested 2 file case. shall i?

    • Babu chennai vara mudiyumaa … We file a case against teacher recruitment board neraya friends varratha sollirukkanga naama ellorum sernthu case poduvom…

  187. hi

  188. i am apologies and withdrawal my comment.

  189. hello frnds.. yen ipdilam kevalama comment panringa..

  190. Gopu serupadi venumaadaa…pannaada moodikittu velaya paarudaa…

    • Friends, tet exam la paper2 la 87, 88, 89 eduthavanga yaravadu case poda virumbina plz contact 7502490771. Neenga thaniya case file panrada vida, engaloda sendu panalam, nanga 20members irukom.. Intrested people can cal d above numb bfr sunday eveng..

  191. hello idiot, are u eating food or some where eating laddo in road side.

    • hey gopu, mind ur words. ilana cyber crime la complaint pana vendiyada irukum. proof ku unoda roadside cmnt podum. mind it.

  192. hi failed candidates wish you good luck for getting picha marks, hardly in future.

  193. Karthi ennada machi aachu …en ipdi kobapadra…

    • hi Sir,

      my name is jayashri and i got 102 marks in paper I(telugu speclization ) is there any chance to get job in current year. Thanks.

      • is there any idea how many telugu people may be selected in paper I

  194. Hai friends coming monday chennaila poraatam pannaporom 87,88,89 edutha ennoda ella friendsum compulsary kalanthukkanum and enga eppanu ennoda friends ellorayum kalanthu pesi koodiya viraivil comment podren pls yaarum absent aagaathingHai friends coming monday chennaila poraatam pannaporom 87,88,89 edutha ennoda ella friendsum compulsary kalanthukkanum and enga eppanu ennoda friends ellorayum kalanthu pesi koodiya viraivil comment podren pls yaarum absent aagaathingHai friends coming monday chennaila poraatam pannaporom 87,88,89 edutha ennoda ella friendsum compulsary kalanthukkanum and enga eppanu ennoda friends ellorayum kalanthu pesi koodiya viraivil comment podren pls yaarum absent aagaathingHai friends coming monday chennaila poraatam pannaporom 87,88,89 edutha ennoda ella friendsum compulsary kalanthukkanum and enga eppanu ennoda friends ellorayum kalanthu pesi koodiya viraivil comment podren pls yaarum absent aagaathinga….

  195. Vadivel sir,
    How is ur mother now?
    I pray to god for ur mother.
    She will recover very soon.

    • Nallarukaangada tamil thanks…monday chennai vaanga kandippaa poraatam pannaporom neenga co-operate pannuvinganu namburen…

  196. Hi priya nothing pa. Somebody hav commented as I’m a selfish at paadasalai web. Fail aanavanga case potathu thappilaAnal athukaga 14000 per yena pananga. Trb process start pani pogatum and aduthu adnl cvku avangalam varatum nu comment poten. Athuku namma selfish ahm priya. Ungaloda nallathukaga thana case podringa. Ipa athanal cv stop panitanga.

    • Sir, epo CV start pannuvanga?

  197. Karthik why this tension?

  198. Thairiyam iruntha name potu comment panuda or panudi. . Don’t irritate me…

  199. Hi eva di ava, na enga venalum comment panuven. T d layum panuvom , paadasalai weblayum pannuven. Tat’s my rights . Ungaluku pidicha padinga ilana vidunga. Ok don’t say anything abt me…

  200. Amma nallarukkanga murugan sir,i don’t know abt t exact vacancy for paper 1….kandippa unga missesku brightful chance irukku…veetla ellorayum kettatha sollunga…

  201. Conform chance irukku murugan sir…kavala padaathinga…

    • ok tanks vadivel sir, ipo amma epdi irukanga , china acdntnu sonnenga, and u know how many vacancy for paper1 sir

    • Hi vadivel sir,
      I am new.i got 89.i also want to put case.what about ur next plan.tell me sir.

  202. hai vadivel sir my wife get 99 marks in paper1, seniority yr 2009, cut off 72%, and also she hav Defence quota seniorty sir any chance for job pl inform me if u know .

    • for paper I they will only emp seniority.

  203. Wish u advanced marriage wishes jayakanthan….invite pannunga jay…romba santhosama irukku ungala meet pannathula coming monday naanum,guru selviyum trb office porom….

    • enna vadivel sir badile ila?

  204. hai shiva, 2008 seniority, my mark is 99 paper1

  205. Ramesh Mind your words irresponssible idiot!

  206. Murugan sir,
    Paper1 la yvlo vacancy irukunu th-eriuma ungaluku. Unga emplymnt seniority yntha yr? Unga cut off yvlo pls sollunga sir.

    • paper1 ku only 1500 vacancy dan nu solranga pa

      • Nega evlo mark sir unga employment seniority yentha year sir?

  207. ok vadivel sir here after i will not comment. do not belive girls they wil cheat u be careful with money

  208. promise on my mom dad, carl rogers s wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

  209. Hai frnds i am extreamly sorry ammaaku chinna accident naa trb officeku varamudiyaama ennoda support kandippaa irukkum …don’t worry case namakku saathagamaa vanthaa best apdi varama pochunaa naama enna panna mudiyum..poraadi paapom 87,88,89 edutha ennoda ellaa friendsum evlo vedhana paduvaangannu enakku puriyuthu..and one more tnk ramesh don’t comment unnecessaryly…neenga comment panra vitham ellorayum avamaanapaduthra maathiri irukku so ineme apdi pannaathinga …thanks merlin vera questionsku proof illayaa..i mean corl roger (psychology)and would leave(english)intha rendu questionskum guruselvi proof vachurukrathaa sonnaanga..kandipaa three marks vara chance irukkaa..pls reply

    • vadivel sir amma nalla irrukagala two quku enkitta ref irruku ithai kandippa courtla podalam karl rogers qu naanum refer panni irruken but same line bookla illa so athu sure ra theriyala trb office la yesterday total la ten qu kavathu objection poi irruku ungaluku reference venumna call 9894493281

      • vadivel sir merlin namela comment pannathu naan than thats my second name here after i comment in this name

  210. Endaa ramesh entha oordaa nee ? summaa irukkamudiyala unakku…usupethi vidra ellorayum…machi vaitherichala vaanki kattikaatha..naanga niyaayathukaaka poraadurom…unnaala comment mattumthaan pannamudiyum case file panniyaachu summaa pass pannitaa veetla kedadaa…unna avlothaan manatha kedukraanunga ellorum endaa neeyellaam thirunthave maatiyaada pannaaada!

    • nice comment vinith.. merlin na nalaiku frnds kuda trb poraen, andha prefix ques ku nanum objct pana poraen. dnt worry god s wit us

      • Trb poningala? Objection ku any reaction from trb!

  211. prefix question printing mistake intha qu mattum specific ca chairman of trb ta mention pannom avarum consider panranu sonnaru so trb office ku manu koduka poravanga or case poduravanga intha question na refer pannuga

    • Hi merlin, enna printing mistake irukku pa? Nanum trb kitta claim panna poren.

      • thiyagu sir comment la prakash nu contact num iruku antha numberku contact pannuga ref irruku

    • thiyagu sir prefix qu la antha line than mistake first iruntha suffix lastla irundha prefix

    • Thank u merlin.i called u remember me.

  212. dos any1 hve one kilo proof r haf kilo proof

  213. CV epo anybody know

    • defntly late bcz many takng rough papr as proof and stndng

  214. no addtnl cv pray god.

  215. Hello deepika , ramesh.. Avungaloda situation purinchukanga. And nisha, merlin. Epavume enga support irukkum pa. But 3 weeks time thanthrukangala. So wait pani parunga. Ethukkaga cv ya stop pananumnu ninaikringa. So process pogatum, neenga addnl cv ku vaanga. Athan correct. So think well and do tat.

  216. Hello merlin and nisha. Konjam over ah tha panringa. Neengalum pass pananum. Athuku trb sure ah help panum. But neenga yen cv ya stop pananunu ninaikringa. Ithumatum selfish ilaya. Ungaloda nallathukaga avloperoda lifelayum play panringa. Ungaluku thane nisha nan support panen. But ipadi lam panuvinganu ninaikkala. Sure 3 weeks wait panunga. Apram poi case podunga.

    • Deepika, am mt selfish neengalae think pani parunga, suppose ungaluku cv start pantu enga issue cv nadakradala thalli pota engaluku prbm dhana… Na oruthi dhan case podraadiri ena selfish nu solringa… wait pani pakalam trb ena panranganu………

  217. 69.99 is not equal to 70. u wil b consider as 69. belive it or not . that is ur wish.

    • did u know surely

      • very sure. if this not happen then my cut off get jumped from 78 to 80. but we have to accept fact.

  218. 69.99 is not equal to 70. u wil b consider as 60. belive it or not . that is ur wish.

  219. trb with us even though u people open d third eye.

  220. Merlin, vibbu nayar action edukalanalum nama case pota trb kandippa answet pani dhan aganum.. oru oruthara case podrada vida nama elarum sendu podalam..

  221. Please result give me a tet result

  222. Great job merlin.. ama, adum andha ramesh very selfish.. merlin, when god with us nobdy can be against us.. kandippa cv ah stop pana soli case podrom..

    • ithuvaraikum intha mathiri revised pannala naaga ponathala fight pannathala ippo ok nu solli irrukaga ithai chief of trb than sonnaru but answer change pathi naan mattum decision panna mudiyathu expert ta kettu three weeksla theriyalamnu sonnaru

      • K merlin, pakalam trb la ena panranganu.. ilana case podalam.

  223. Merlin andha questnatum dhan change panrada sonangala? Matha questn elam

  224. K thans…

  225. stomach burn

    • Ya, i knw dats y u r makng useless comments…

      • deepika,ramesh rendu perum selfish vadivel sir today trb officeku poi tu vanthen vibbu nairr ta namma saarba two representative pesinaga prefix qu kum matra thukum expert vaithu revised panromnu sonnaru this is true three weeksla theriyumam

      • hai nisha c.vku ippo stay order vanga poorom divya ramesh ellarum nammalai hurt panraga this is too much avangaluku mark less aakathu naga panrathala mark increase vena aagalam but they r very selfish today v met vibbu nayyar the cheif intrb

  226. Dai vadivel summave irukamata. Ethathu thappu thappa pesitu irukkatha thampi. Neenga ellam pass aaganumnu nanga ninaikarom. But case pota ellathukme pbm. So trb la poi kelunga

    • even though they file case. they cannot do not anything. they have 2 prove the proof. mere proof cannot get marks

    • Y passed ppl r worryng tooooooo much???? V know whthr v have mete proof r exact proof.. And v will face d consequences..

    • Deepika.. ungaluku ipdi marks poirunda neenga summa irupingala??

  227. Hi friends im ezhil..iam new to this..i have one weightage mark consideration if 69.8 they consider this as 69 or 70

    • ezhil they wil take as 70 surly i knw i saw somwhr

      • sure a theriuma ungaluku i have both +2 &ug mark 69.8…i also fail in tet exam friends

  228. perfect key answer. no change. trb only told

  229. Case podratha stop pannanumnu en ninaikuringa naanga ennapaa thappa kekrom trbta avangaloda answer correctaa irukkuthunu oru group solringa i mean pass pannavanga solringa but 87,88,89 eduthavangalukku evlo feelingaa irukkumnu konjamaachum yosuchu paarunga friends…innaiku mattum trb officela nearly 200 kum mela objection therivikka vanthurukkaangalaam nerayaa proof kidachurukku so kandippaa case namakku saathagamaa varumnu ethirpaakalaamnu solraanga…thayavu senju aduthavanga manasu kaayapadramaathiri yaarum comment podaathinga…kandippaa case file panrom mudinjaa thaduthu paarunga…

    • Vadivel sir, yaarvena enevena solatum nama namma belaiya paapom.. case podradu namma virupam.

  230. sterday dinamalar, no chng n ky. thy rdy 2 fce any prblm. it s gd nws for us

  231. Hello yena pa case pota matum ena nadakapothu. Apdiye iluthute pogum. Athukula adutha xam vanthdum. Leave it all. And start ur studies…

  232. Guys, filing case depends upon ppl and thr will, bobody have rits to discourage or use unwanted words against them.. this s social website and nobody hav rits to hurt othrs by thr useless comments..

  233. Hi nisha don’t get emotional ya. Y u go court. First mark and second y u do this..? All r doing for posting only. But ur’s motive is correct.. Bcz u hav gvn hardwork for xam.

    • put thier hard work in the dustbin. they cannot do anything in term of marks. they can give head pain to trb.

      • U go n sit in dustbin, u dnt hav rits to cmnt abt othr ppl hardwrk.. it doesn’t mean dat ppl who scord above 90 r genius.. Head pain to trb nt for u, betr mind ur buisness

    • Hi deepika.. am nt gtng emotional some useless is commentng unwanted comments, dats y i said like dat..

  234. Hi all when wil trb caled for cv..?

  235. Ramesh wht abt expecting cut off for science subject

    • mmm…

  236. how many vacancy in tamil please tell any one,,,,,,,,

  237. oh thanx rames ji. Do u have any idea about cv and posting? When wil be those things process?

    • many of them begging for one or two marks. they r decided go 2 court. final key answer 100%. posting may be postponed. similarly my marriage also postponed.

      • V r nt beggng.. if so u ppl gna beg for postng and v r dng for marks.. hope both r same

      • mmm…

  238. mmm

  239. Hi ramesh ji. How did u tell nearly 11000 candidates passed in paper2. But I’ve just fear about d science also. I’m a maths candidate. And this week may be announce for cv.

    • based on my friends(math&sci) result. they have not scored even above 85. but for arts it is very simple question. and good news trb has having correct proof for every answer c.v. likely next week.

  240. Hey frnds.. i saw all ur comments, i suprt evrybdy who r gna file case against TRB.. and i jus wanna convey RAMESH abt sum of his comments.. Ramesh FYI syllabus for tet exam s stateboard books from 6th to 8th standard and d difficultu level may b up to10th or 12th nothng to do with ur so called “CBSC” Syllabus.. anothr thng s al yhose qustns dat u hav reffrd in cbsc buks are also in stateboard 11th and 12th buks.. so plz chk out and thn post ur comment..

    • mmm…

  241. How much vacancies in mathematics? I get 94 marks and get 70 is my cut off. Can i get job?

  242. i think nearly 11000 candidates may pass from arts session. so tough situation for arts candidates

  243. is it comon fr al subjcs or eng only ? do u knw how many hav scrd abv 100

    • i think for science and maths candidates no problem with cut off. because tough question paper. for arts it is very easy question paper so cut off may go higher.

  244. how u can u say those who got cut of abv 77 hav chance? u knw anythg abt this weightage system is final or wil they made any change in weigtge systm?

    • cut off will go higher if vacancy is limited. getting pass is not important at present.

  245. i think person who is getting above cut off 77 in english will get job. because only limited seat there.

  246. Pathingala priya en msg.s ellam. informative.a irundhucha? enne poi thititingale?! podha kuraiku nisha vera thitranga!
    priya simran compare pannadhu unga name.ku than perumai.
    unga pera than andha use panni irukanga.
    nanum idhoda indha matter.a vidaren. also girls.ku comment msg anupanale problem than inga potu irupen adhu unmai ahiduchu unga moolama!


    subject:—– filled last year—– last year vacancy
    physics——— 410—————- 1044
    chemistry ——643 —————–810
    botany———– 62——————- 563
    zoology ———-74 ——————-548

  248. subject: filled last year last year vacancy
    physics 410 1044
    chemistry 643 810
    botany 62 563
    zoology 74 548

  249. Last year appoint panna vendiya vacancy 4826.
    but fill anadhu 3001.
    so 1825 balance fill pannanum.

  250. nanum cuddalore district than. maths major. 80 cutoff.
    14596 per paper 2la kuda subject wise community wise, gendur wise piriyum,
    adhanala enaku bayama iruku.

  251. when is the likely date for c.v.

  252. Karthik i am science candidate. My cut of 80. Do you how many vacancies in science and how many got pass mark in this?

    • my cut off:78 major english. for sci and maths,all can get job. my opinion. problem only for arts

  253. Hi balaji this my numbr 8012785703. Cal me or give ur num.

  254. Hi balaji and priya… I’m also maths and got cut off 75 . Namaku chance irukkapa. Bcz M/S la 5000 candidate kula pass aanal weigtage thevai illa, athuku mela pass aanathan pbm. Tell about your’s idea..

  255. what about maths science paper2 results in your area?
    i got only 98 in paper2. my total cutoff is 80. any chance to get job?

    • hi i am also maths major scred 96 in tet cut off 80. is thr any chance if u knw tel? how many maths candidates have pased and hw many vacancies fr maths?

    • most of the candidates have passed in arts subject


  257. tamil,tam la antha qu pathengala?

  258. friends whether all maths and science candidates who are cleared paper2 will get job?

    • there is chance for 99%


  260. hai friends know anything about pg final list?plz reply


  262. I’ve also have proof. But their not correct wit trb proof. And that answer is correct . But all of u given hard work lik as me. I agree this. But court is not soln for tat. Don’t waste ur money and time. Gud luck.

  263. Case podaporom muyarchi panni paapom friends,,,don’t worry naanga proof panrom sir en ungalukku porukalayaa…

  264. Hi all .. I’m deepti. And am new for this site. I’v also got 88. Today I just went to trb office and clarify about this. They have given proof their correct answer for like ur commented questions. And asked abt the case also. But it’s not help us and only spoiling d passed candidates. So choose the best way for next step. Start ur studies. Don’t worry

  265. Hai ramesh my major english mark 87 englishla 3 questionsku answer wrong ennaala proof panna mudiyum …neenga enna major sir,evlo mark…psychologyla two questions wrong…totally five questionsku sammanthame illama answer vanthurukku…epdi neenga cbse booknu solringa…

    • in back of the book. that is acceptable proof. because that is gov book. if ur side is correct show the gov book in the court. best of luck.

    • my major english. mark 116. my cut 78.

      • Unga mark koranjudumenu solringalaa ramesh neenga pass pannitinga…engalukku vera vali illa courtla case file panninomnaathaan engaloda thaguthiya niroobikka mudiyum…you don’t worry already neenga pass …evlo kastapattu padichomnu engalukku thaansir theriyum summaa comment panni kadupethaathinga…

      • i am very much clear the question and answer which ur discussion. i need not be thinking my marks to get reduced. good nite

    • my major english. mark 116. my cut off is 78.

  266. Tamil, psy carl rojer sure a&tam la antha qu la adi ethugai 2tms varala.vinai thogai only 2tms ansla both r 2tms irukku.wrong thana?

    • if this happened i too get 2 marks more. but we have to accept the fact. what ur saying is cannot get increase in marks

  267. in english many of the questions are asked from cbse std books. thinking of double option highly impossible.

  268. in eng psy tam all are perfect answer no one can claim marks from these

  269. in psy robinson is100% correct answer i have proof with me

    • May be sir.
      Please tell me about your proof. From which book u r having proof?
      We are also having proof in Nagarajan book Page no. 447 (regarding arivurai pagarthal thodarbaga)
      and page no 149 and 150 for another qn regarding samooga muthirchi

      • i know life about robinson. in history of counselling only 2 person gave definition . these 2 defintions idea and thought are same but english lines is taken from robinson.

  270. regarding in english that ‘rachel’ ‘ans:a’ see cbse std book 100% correct answer

  271. Tamilvani ,s i understand my mstke(t=4).k wt abt vlcty qu?&eng la entha qu-you and i?

  272. Aamaa tamil Samugamuthirchinu bookla irukku…athuku naa correcta answer pannirukken but mark varala…

    • what about arivurai pagarthal qn sir
      see that page and tell me.
      Is it correct?

      • hi tamil madm.. am from cuddalore.. enakum 88 marks than iruku.. so mnday case poda mudivu pannirukom.. pls support me.. my contact num: 7502490771

    • see page no 448 in ur book sir.
      and clarify arivurai pagarthal qn.
      ans is Karls rojers

  273. Friends I have decided to file petition with my friends. I think that I will go to TRB and do the next steps on Monday.
    If u give ur contact numbers i will call u later.

    • tamil im also go trb monday for prefix qu my num 9894493281. ellarum seirnthu pona kandippa nammaku mark varum

      • Ok Prakash

  274. My score is 87(sci).i’m also decided to file obj qu:p6-1,tm-1, tm qu:agaarum…ithula adi edhugai 1 tme irrukka illainuna 2tms irrukka pls clarify

    • At now I am not having qn pr in my hand. so I will go home at night and i will see the qns you asked me and clear your doubts.

    • Guruselvi,
      Regarding the ball qn
      hi my friend told that
      the formula is s=ut+1/2 a*t*t
      u=0, t=2 so ans will be 20.
      Check It.
      Try for any other qn.

  275. Tamilvani i saw ur cmnts in p6 qu ave vcty:if the qu ‘ll b ave speed surely ans is 50 bt in ave vt we have to consider both drctn r opp.,bt ’0′ is?I’m also tick the opt 50 .anotherthing p6 qu :how much distance the ball tat all opts r wrong.ans 80m is correct.prf bk acrdg to the formula 80 only crt.frmla 9&11 bk.

    • Whats ur score?
      Whats ur next move?
      Please reply me.

    • Guruselvi,
      Regarding the ball qn
      hi my friend told that
      the formula is s=ut+1/2 a*t*t
      u=0, t=2 so ans will be 20.
      Check It.
      Try for any other qn.

  276. Tamil enata psychology nagarajan bookla total pagese 467 thaan irukku…neenga page number correctaa sollunga…please

    • In one edition Page No. 480
      Another edition Page No. 448. In 20:20:2, read the passage line 5, 6,7,8…

      Another question sir,
      In psychology, one qn is about social developement please refer nagarajan book page no 149 and 150, point viii. answer is samooga muthirchi

  277. Please clear my doubt for question in maths & sciencs.
    They asking “Average Velocity”
    So we have to consider the qn as it is asked from mathematics.
    so the nearest to 50 is 48. So the right answer is 48.
    Someone says that there is a proof for this question in Agarwal book.
    If so please tell me the page no friends.

  278. Merlin athukku c opt than pottu a opt correct.tamil la qu:agaa…ithula adi ethugai 2 tms vandhuruga?pls clarify&psy ethu wrong

  279. Jayakandan Sir
    u r correct.
    Let us try to get marks for correct questions.

  280. ok vadivel sir
    I am from cuddalore dt.
    I have decided to file the case
    Three of my friends also got 89, 88.
    They were also decided to file the case.
    We are not asking the extra marks from TRB.
    We are asking the marks for the correct answers only with proof.
    Because trying for the next exam is not the right choice in our situation.
    can you surely tell me that when will the next exam come and what is the assurance that we will surely get the job in the next.
    In Some situation, the TET exam may be cancelled in future.
    In this tet also we have prepared very well and we did the exams well.
    We will expect the favourable reply. Because nowadays we have seen many cases like this.
    Regarding this result many people are going to file the case.
    Please remember that people who are going to file the case only get the marks for the mentioned questions with proof.
    So this is the right chance if we have the proof for the answers.

    Please check my doubts and clear me.
    In science deforestation qn both the answers a & c are correct.
    Ref : 8th science book page no 96.
    In psychology : In one question karls rojers is the correct answer but they the answer as Robinson
    Ref : Psychology -> In Nagarajan book, page no 480.
    In English you and I grammer qn -> option c is correct.
    Ref : Wren and Martin English Grammer book.
    Doubt Question
    In English, one qn-> ans , they given ans as “I was to have left”. But “would leave” also correct answer.
    Maths, In one question about average velocity, they given the answer as “0″.
    we listen that question as science, they are not asking only velocity, they are asking as “average velocity”.
    so we have to consider that question as maths question.
    what friends? Am I correct or not?
    Please reply me.

    • Tamil Kandipaa neenga proofoda sollirukkinga…don’t worry naama courtla first case file pannuvom ennoda friends ellortayum pesunen full support panromnu sonnaanga…naama ellaarume trb officeku munnaadi poraattam pannuvom namakku neethi kidaikravaraikkum…monday jayakanthan sir case file panrathaa sonnaanga naama ellorume support pannuvom…viraivil nalla news varum…trb certificate verification date innum announce pannala..athukulla naama ellorum discuss panni nalla decision edukanum…minchi ponaa enna pannuvaanunga arrest niyaaayathukaaga naama sirai selvathu thappu illa…kandippaa ellaa friendskum naa solrathu onnuthaan..ungalaala evlo pera serka mudiyumo i mean above 87 eduthavanga yaarellaam irukaangalo avangalta sollunga,message pannunga,comments podunga… Koottumuyarchiyaa seyalpattomnaa kandippa vetrithaan kidaikkum..ellorum thayavu senju call pannunga my contact number 8012776142…nammaloda vaalkaila trbyum,governmentum vilayaadratha naama vedikka paarka koodaathu…avangala ethirthu poraaaduvom kandippa jeyam undaagum…mm fastaa friendsa collect pannunga…Tamil Kandipaa neenga proofoda sollirukkinga…don’t worry naama courtla first case file pannuvom ennoda friends ellortayum pesunen full support panromnu sonnaanga…naama ellaarume trb officeku munnaadi poraattam pannuvom namakku neethi kidaikravaraikkum…monday jayakanthan sir case file panrathaa sonnaanga naama ellorume support pannuvom…viraivil nalla news varum…trb certificate verification date innum announce pannala..athukulla naama ellorum discuss panni nalla decision edukanum…minchi ponaa enna pannuvaanunga arrest niyaaayathukaaga naama sirai selvathu thappu illa…kandippaa ellaa friendskum naa solrathu onnuthaan..ungalaala evlo pera serka mudiyumo i mean above 87 eduthavanga yaarellaam irukaangalo avangalta sollunga,message pannunga,comments podunga… Koottumuyarchiyaa seyalpattomnaa kandippa vetrithaan kidaikkum..ellorum thayavu senju call pannunga my contact number 8012776142…nammaloda vaalkaila trbyum,governmentum vilayaadratha naama vedikka paarka koodaathu…avangala ethirthu poraaaduvom kandippa jeyam undaagum…mm fastaa friendsa collect pannunga….please…

  281. jayakandhan,vadivel,sir first trb ku poi manu kodukalamaa?

    • Prakash sir trb ku manu kodukrathu waste naama directaa courtla case file pannuvom apdinaathaan niyaayam kidaikkum.

  282. you re correct merlin science deforestation qn both the answers a & c are correct.
    Ref L 8th science book page no 96.
    Let us try with the proof.

    • tamil yenna seiyannu theriyalai trb office ku poi manu kodukalama? ellorum sernthu case potigana naanum join panren im in chennai

      • Merlin call me at 8870773305
        Where r u in chennai?
        I am in Cuddalore.

  283. I’ll call u later jay…

  284. Jay neenga enna major…?

    • science sir.. am from cuddalore dt.. my num 7502490771

  285. Kandippaa case file pannuvom sir vera questions eduvume illayaa..i mean psychologyla oru questionku answer wrong…above 87 eduthavanga ellorume sernthu poraaduvom niyaayam kidaikkum…i’m pudukkottai district podanumnaa naama ellorume onnu sernthu poraadanum apdinaathaan jaikamudiyum summaa comment panrathaala enna aaga poguthu…jay,merlin,guru,prakash,nisha…naaama pass pannanumnaa kandippaa case pottathaan mudiyum…illenaa namma veetla irukkavendiyathuthaan…

  286. Merlin psy&sci la entha qu ans wrong pls tell wit ref.,

    • Vidu guru next time paathukalaam…

      • science la deforestation qu ku a&c varalam ref 8th std book unga option yenna guru

    • hi frnds.. enaku 88 marks varlndhuruku.. c series english 66 th qu ku c ans correct.. 69 th qu ku all option wrong.. idhu rendukum marks kodukave illa.. yaravadhu case poda poringala… contact me.. my num 7502490771..

      • jayakandhan sir naan 89 qu 69 option wrong neega case poda poringala bcoz trb la poi keeta no response

      • Hai jay…i got 87 neenga solrathu 100%correct kandippaa antha rendu questionkum mark kodukkanum case poduvomaa naama ellorum sernthu..

      • hai friends im also 89 jayakandhan sir pls send me the ref of qu 69 to monday i go to trb office

      • prakash sir.. 69 th ques ku all options are wrong.. bcz ” -en” ipdi koduka kudadhu.. ipdi kodutha ,adhu ” suffix”.. so ” en- ” idhan prefix.. so all options are wrong..

    • vadivel sir.. naama trb kita pitchai kekala.. niyama namaku vara vendiya marks than kekrom.. namakana urimaiya nama yen vitu kodukanum.. pls friends nama case potta kandipa jeyichudalam.. ellarum onnu serndhu poradi paklam frnds.. my num: 7502490771

      • Kandippaa naa vaaren sir …sathyamaa nimmathiyaa sapda kooda mudiyala…avlo vedhanayaa irukku…neenga enna major sir i’m english…

      • s .. but naama ellarum onna kural kodukanum.. kandipa theerpu namaku saadhagama irukum.. yesterday dhinamalar ( page 2) la andha 2 questions pathi news vandhiruku..

    • pls ellarum onnu serndhu case podalam frnds

  287. Vv namma obj., qu case podurathu better thonudhu bcz nxt tme pass cand.,ellorakkum posting kidaikkuma. Merlin sonnangala antha qu&ref., ennanu theriuma

  288. Hai my dear friends…pass panna ennoda ellaa friendskum vaalthukkal ellorukkun job kandippa kidaikkum…certificate verification pathi innum entha arivippum varala…ungaloda ellaa certificatesum sariyaa irukkaanu paarthukonga advanced all the very best for your cv…..

  289. Thnk u very much priya kutty… Romba kavalayaa irukku priya..birthday celebrate pannala..manasukku kastamaa irukku tet resulta ninachu ovvoru nimidamum vedhana anupavikren… Next time kandippaa meritla pass pannuven priya..veetla ellorayum romba romba kettatha sollumaa..kandipaa unna marakkamaaten nee maranthudatha dumangi…once again i thnks for ur wishes…

    • vadivel wish u many more happy returns of the day.sorry now only i saw ur msg

      • Romba santhosam merlin intha time birthday celebrate pannala…ammata blessings vaangunen kanne kalankiduchu…next time birthdayku tetla pass panni kaatuvennu sathyam pannirukken…nambikkayoda prepare panna arambichutten…failaana ennoda ellaa friendskum naa sollapora oru visayam…vidaamuyarchi..thannambikkai…time management….intha moonrum irunthaave pothum kandippaa pass pannidalaam all the very best candidates…sorry ennoda close friends…..

  290. Thank you tamil vani…today onwards u also my best friend…don’t worry tamil..romba kastamaa irukku 87 edutha enakke intha resulta jeeranikka mudiyala..naraga vedhanayaa irukku…ungalukku epdi irukkumnu sollamudiyala…tentative keyla mistakes irukkunnu naa mattum illa neraya per objection therivichaanga…but final key release pannathu 3 months kalichu entha extra marksum podala… Naa courtla case file pannalaamnuthaan irunthen veetla venaanu sollitaanga…k tamil kavala padaathada…intha marks nammala poruthavaraikkum pass markthaan unfortunately namma enna lucklaya intha mark eduthom evlo night thoongaama,sapdaama,jobba resign pannittu prepare pannunen theriyumaa…sathyamaa next time above 140 eduppen tamil…neengalum kastapattu adutha examku padikka start pannunga…kastapadaama kidaikra eduvume vaalkaila nilaikaathu…kandippaa namma ellorume high marks score panni kaatanum appathaan intha trb moonchila kariya poosamudiyum…athaye ninaikkaama padikka start pannudaa ennoda cell numberku message pannu naama clarify pannippom…

  291. Hai Vadivel wish u many more happy returns of the day. God bless you.

  292. Dear friend Vadivel,

    Happy Birthday.

  293. Hi friend vadivel & others,
    I am new to this group.
    I have written TET exam paper II and I scored 89 marks only.
    So I am very much upset.
    I cant bear this.
    The Final answer key also contains some mistakes.
    If they correct the mistakes and give marks for those questions, I can get 90 or above.

    If there is a any mistakes you find in final answer key please let me know with proof.
    I hope you will reply soon.
    Thank You.

  294. I can’t see my result in my mobile

    • Janu give your Roll No

  295. Hai friends today my birthday!

  296. TNTET Result 2013 Declared check now

  297. Merlin neenga nallaa paarthiya…ada che oru markla poche…romba kavalayaa irukkudaa…feel pannaatha tholvi adanchutomnu thannambikkaya kai vitraatha…ellaarukkum thaan frnds..nammalala mudiyaathathu ethuvume illa …kandippaa next time pass pannidalaam…sariyaa..thayavu senchu yaarum padikka verukkaathinga…above 85 vaankittom namma konja konjamaa munnetram adanchuttuthaan irukkom…pirantha kulantha eduthonayaa ellaam katthukuthu..poga poga thaan..romba kastamaa irukku friends naama ellorum intha situationku aalaaavomnu konjam kooda ethirpaaakala…romba stress eduthukka vendaam atleast oru naaalaiku oru lesson purinju oruthadavaikku palathadava yosuchu manasula niruthi concentrate maaridaama prepare pannungadaa dumangies…kandippaa naama ellorume champions thaaan….comments podungappaa yaaarume podamaatendringa…daily unga ellorayume ninachupaaapen oru pakkam manasukku saaanthamaaa Merlin neenga nallaa paarthiya…ada che oru markla poche…romba kavalayaa irukkudaa…feel pannaatha tholvi adanchutomnu thannambikkaya kai vitraatha…ellaarukkum thaan frnds..nammalala mudiyaathathu ethuvume illa …kandippaa next time pass pannidalaam…sariyaa..thayavu senchu yaarum padikka verukkaathinga…above 85 vaankittom namma konja konjamaa munnetram adanchuttuthaan irukkom…pirantha kulantha eduthonayaa ellaam katthukuthu..poga poga thaan..romba kastamaa irukku friends naama ellorum intha situationku aalaaavomnu konjam kooda ethirpaaakala…romba stress eduthukka vendaam atleast oru naaalaiku oru lesson purinju oruthadavaikku palathadava yosuchu manasula niruthi concentrate maaridaama prepare pannungadaa dumangies…kandippaa naama ellorume champions thaaan….comments podungappaa yaaarume podamaatendringa…daily unga ellorayume ninachupaaapen oru pakkam manasukku saaanthamaaa Merlin neenga nallaa paarthiya…ada che oru markla poche…romba kavalayaa irukkudaa…feel pannaatha tholvi adanchutomnu thannambikkaya kai vitraatha…ellaarukkum thaan frnds..nammalala mudiyaathathu ethuvume illa …kandippaa next time pass pannidalaam…sariyaa..thayavu senchu yaarum padikka verukkaathinga…above 85 vaankittom namma konja konjamaa munnetram adanchuttuthaan irukkom…pirantha kulantha eduthonayaa ellaam katthukuthu..poga poga thaan..romba kastamaa irukku friends naama ellorum intha situationku aalaaavomnu konjam kooda ethirpaaakala…romba stress eduthukka vendaam atleast oru naaalaiku oru lesson purinju oruthadavaikku palathadava yosuchu manasula niruthi concentrate maaridaama prepare pannungadaa dumangies…kandippaa naama ellorume champions thaaan….comments podungappaa yaaarume podamaatendringa…daily unga ellorayume ninachupaaapen oru pakkam manasukku saaanthamaaa Merlin neenga nallaa paarthiya…ada che oru markla poche…romba kavalayaa irukkudaa…feel pannaatha tholvi adanchutomnu thannambikkaya kai vitraatha…ellaarukkum thaan frnds..nammalala mudiyaathathu ethuvume illa …kandippaa next time pass pannidalaam…sariyaa..thayavu senchu yaarum padikka verukkaathinga…above 85 vaankittom namma konja konjamaa munnetram adanchuttuthaan irukkom…pirantha kulantha eduthonayaa ellaam katthukuthu..poga poga thaan..romba kastamaa irukku friends naama ellorum intha situationku aalaaavomnu konjam kooda ethirpaaakala…romba stress eduthukka vendaam atleast oru naaalaiku oru lesson purinju oruthadavaikku palathadava yosuchu manasula niruthi concentrate maaridaama prepare pannungadaa dumangies…kandippaa naama ellorume champions thaaan….comments podungappaa yaaarume podamaatendringa…daily unga ellorayume ninachupaaapen oru pakkam manasukku saaanthamaaa irukkum…

    • vadivel one mrkla ponathu kastam than but 90 eduthalum job is not sure so next examla my target 150 kandipa high mrk eduthu kattuven naan prepare panna aarampichachu neega

      • Kandippaa merlin…naanum start pannitten message kooda pannamaatendringa…sheela,guruselvi,karthick ivangallaam message pannuvaanga enakku neengalum en friendthaan clarify pannippom…summa message pannungappaa…

  298. In tet paper 2 final key, eng 1, sci 1 ans wrong

    • which qu rose

      • I also got 89 2 nd papar c type, eng-68
        Sci-120 ans wrong. U plz tell about any reference pa.

  299. Enna friends panrathu…ellaam mudinchupochu ineme aduthu agavendiya polappa paapom sathyamaa solren next time naa mattum illa ellorume athiga mark edukkanum innailernthu padikka aarambippom…next tetla…bayapdaama mark varumnu nambikkayoda namma velaya aarambippom…nammaloda elakku 150/150… Ellorume clarify paanippom ,materials collect panni padikka aarambinga frnds…namma vidaamuyarchiyoda paduchomnaa kandipaa tet periya mattere illa…manasa pottu alattikaama vetriyoda aarambippom…ellaarukkume romba thanks enna unga friendaa ninachu…comments pottathuku…naama ellaarume potti pottu comments pannuvom resulta aaavalaa ethirpaarthu namma adicha lootiyellaaam ennoda lifela marakkave maaaten…nammaloda friendship thodaranum…yaarum maranthudaathinga…pass panna ennoda friends ellaarukkume ennoda vaalthukkal…next examla pass panni naangalum thaguthiyaanavanganu niroopippom….don’t sit like rock!work like clock!!mm enna paakringa ineme books eduthu kidaikira timema waste pannaama padikka start pannuvom…sappa matter intha tet ponaaa enna namma ivlo kastapattu padichathellaam veenaapoidum frnds…so innailernthu sabatham eduppom next tetla pass panni posting vaangurom 8012776142 ennoda number ungalukku pidichaa message ,call pannunga…pidikalenaalum k ennaya maranthudaathinga… Naa marakka maaaten frnds…good luck and all t very best to reach ur milestones,,,,,,,jayam…vetri namathe!

    • vadivel sir, 6 to 12 text books la elam endha changes yum ilaya? ipo padicha books ah vechae padikalama? apuram book mariduchunu sola poranga

      • Samacheer book 6-12 ippa ulla syllabuspadi padidaa psychology nagarajan,mangal rendaiyum refer pannudaa englishku kalvisolaila way to successnu oru team tetku book potrukaanga semayaa irukku…avangaavanga majorla konjam thelivaa irunthaa intha time tetla above 140 conform mm…padikka start pannita pola…good…padidaa…evlo kastamaa irukku theriyumaa…merlin,guru,and borderla failaana ellorukkum ennoda aaruthal…sollikren kastapataa kandipaa palan irukku…

    • ok vadivel bye to all i save ur num

  300. Thnx for all. All d best v v…

  301. Karthi mapla pochudaa…ennada grace mark kodukave illa veenaponavanunga…kaduppaa irukkudaa nee final key paarthiyaada naama wrongnu ninacha questions ethachum differ aayirukaanu kastapattu padichendaa…next tetla intha mark kooda varumaangurathu santhegamthaan romba santhosamaa irukkudaa en nanban nee pass pannatha ninachu perumaya sonnen veetlayum en frndstayum…amma romba santhosa pattaangadaa…ammathaan ennoda uyir avangaloda aasaya niraivetha mudiyala kandippaa next time above 135 ku mela eduppenda ippathaandaa veriye vanthurukku…

    • vadivel lets start to prepare for next tet .any news about final key plz inform

  302. Hi all pls just take d final key and verify wit ur omr sheet. And just collect d proof for wrong questions. And check very well how much comes after add d correct. And go ahead to court wit proof. I’v passed. But hardwork never fails. So do this. All the best .

    • karthik, final key la answers thapa irundalum court mulama mark varadu elam nadakra kadhaiya? bt adu avanga avanga virupam. am vry happy 4 u, god b wit u

    • karthik all the best

  303. Hai guru,merlin,nisha final key yaaraachum paarthingala…answerla ethaachum difference irukka romba kastamaa irukkupaa…i got only 87 in paper 2…entha changesum illa so conform case pottomnaa theerpu namakku saathagama vara athiga vaaipirukku…kandippaa ans key la mistakes irukku…athu mattum nijam…

    • vadivel, na final key pakla, verupa iruku, ans thapa irukunu solringalae neenga ans pathingala?

      • K nisha nalla padipomda next examla above 135 ku mela edukanum athaan ennoda aim…amma kaala vilunthu asirvaatham vaangunen..kandippa hard work pandraa pass pannidalamnu sonnanga aluthuttendaa…naa padikka arambichutten sixth tamil notes eduthu padikka aarambichutten neengalum start pannunga frnds…

  304. Dear friends… I’v cleared this TET xam paper II.
    pls don’t worry. But All of we have pain must who were given hardwork for this xam. But we have to give more Hardwork and confident to clear this xam. So pls ignore all and start your next motive. Thanks for supporting all of u. Really it’s a nice meet to all. Here after I feel touch wit all of u friends. So this my number 8012785703. Bye tak care..

  305. Nisha ungalakku appadi vanthrukka?

    • guruselvi, enaku palaiya key la patha adae 88marks dhan vandruku, final key paka verupa iruku. pa thu thapt irunda kuda adanala oru use yum ilanu thonudu

  306. appdiya merin appo team ma vena case poda mudiumma ?eppadi ithai further a kondutu pogo? ethumae therila or trb help line no ku phone podalama is it crt way r nt

    • guruselvi, first final key and ungaloda omr sheet vechu compare panunga, ungaluku extra mark varamadiri irunda trb ku cal panunga..

  307. Nisha i got 87 p6 major fl ky pathengala

    • na 88 pa..

    • guruselvi i saw final key psy2,tam1,sci1 change irruku .one more qu ku 7th book refer irruku 89 mark eduthavanga yaravathu case pottigana naan reference sollren

      • merlin, palaiya key ans edavadu thapunu mathirkangala? bcos enaku 1mark kuda add agala! * qus ku mark potrunda kuda 89 vandrukanum. enaku adae 88 dhan vandruku.

      • Please merlin tell the question numbers and reference for paper 2

  308. atha sir namma fl asky padhutu obcd qu ku prf irundhu ans change illana namma sure a case tis do u knw antr qu?did u see tat tamil qu?

    • frnds, final key la thapa irundalum avan kandipa ada othuka matan.. alrdy thapana qus ku elam onum panaliyae

      • nisha thappuna athai trb kandippa mathanum english prefix qu ku option thappu mark kodukalai

    • merlin, eng matuma adu madiri ethana questn iruku, trb edukum mark add panamadiri therilayae. case elam waste pa.

  309. Namakku chance irukkaa guru

  310. vadivel sir, neenga final key pathingala?

    • Illa nisha naa paakala…fail ineme paarthu enna aaga poguthu….

  311. Hi merlin&vv final asky pathengala? se.,cd A.tamil qu 35 in tat opts A&B both crct.prf +1 tamil frst ky thy gve op A only.qu :aagaa…pogaa

    • guruselvi, neenga evlo mark? edavadu changes iruka?

  312. vadvel courtla case poduvingala illai next time paathukalamnu vididalama

    • Veetla venamnu solraangama romba kastama irukku paavampa neenga…unga manasu evlo kastama irukkumnu enaku theriyuthu! enna panrathunu purila…namma objectionku entha palanum illaama pochu…thanambikkayoda ,veriyoda padippom next examla posting vangurom….amma aluthutaangama romba kastamaa ayiduchu…night sapdala…lifefe veruthupora maathiri varuthu…amma,frnds, aruthal sonnanga…vetriyum tholviyum veeranukku alagu….

    • merlin, neenga final key pathingala?

  313. inimae enda questn yum change panamatan pa, epdiyum trb edum acpt panamatan

    • nisha naan kodutha book reference lam edukalai enimel yaravathu case poduvangala

      • merlin, trb endha reference yum edukala. inimaelum avan edukavum matan. case elam waste nga.

    • nisha romba kastama irruku kastapattu padicha thalam waste ta

    • Nisha enna solrathunu theriyala…manasa balapaduthikodaa…intha time kandippaa pass pannidalaam…just la namma ellorum fail ayitom…enakellaam romba romba kastamaa irukkumaa…ennoda friends 7 per 89 markssss epdi irukumnu ninachu paaru nisha…kadavul kai vittutaan…nammaloda thappuku paavam kadavul enna pannuvaar…

  314. My Best wishes machi…vaalvil inbam ponga ennudaya vaalthukkal….

    • i m very sory vadivel sir, dont wory nxt tim confirm nenga pas aiduvenga, ungaluku teriuma paper 1 how many persons cleared

    • i am new vadivel sir. enakum endha changesum illa ungaluku edha qus ku change aganum ?

  315. Hai friends ennoda mark 87 thaan varuthu…entha changesum illa…extra mark kodukkave illa intha resultukkuthaan ivlo late pannunaanungala…kandippaa courtla case podaporen…..questions thappaa ullathukku mark kodukkave illa…

    • enakum endha changes yum varla. adae 88 dhan. andha * questn kum enaku mark add agala

      • nisha im also 89 than one mrk than add

      • merlin, ungaluku atleast 1mark add agi iruku, enaku adum ila. adae 88 dhan. romba kastama iruku.

  316. 2 marks add agiruku pa.nega result paka mudilana. Final key downlode panni parunga athe mark than varum friend

    • enaku palaiya ans key la 88 vanduchu, adae dhan vandruku. endha changes yum ila

      • Nisha leave it…naama ethirpaarthathu nadakala…kandippa grace mark varumnuthaan ninachom but ivanunga apdiye result vitrukaanunga entha extra markum kodukala…naalaiku chennai kilamburen…courtla case poda…

    • Enga sakthi sir mark increase ayirukku…enakku athe markthaan vanthurukku…

      • vadivel sir, nama 2perukum dhan mark add agala matha elarukum 1 to 2 marks add agiruku.

  317. hai everybody how many persons passed in paper1 tell me

  318. Friends pass paniten friend 94

    • sakthi, munadi irunda mark dhan vandruka ila marks la edavadu changes iruka?

  319. Nisha i cant open result link through mobile so i tried to open through desktop. while searching paper 1 link one more link also update at that time. That is paper 2 link. Immedietly i open that to enter my roll no it shows my mark. I think i’m the first person to see the result. But now i’m trying its not open.

    • priya, unga mark la edavadu changes vandruka? munadi ans key vechu patha mark yum ipo vanda mark yum difrnce iruka? b’cos enaku adae 88 dhan vandruku endha changes yum ila

  320. Hai friends, i passed in tet paper 2. Thank God…

    • priya, neenga matum epdi result pathinga?

    • Hai priya…all the very best da…government posting conform kavalapadaatha….

  321. Hi all p2 has been passed 12569.
    P2 has passed14496

    • karthick, trb la result upload pantangala?

    • karthick paper1 ethana pass agi irukanga ungaluku teriuma



  324. Friends tet result night publish panraanungalaam…athikaarapoorva arivippu….santhegamnaa jaya plus channel paarunga dumangies………..ellorum pass pannanumnu pray pannikren….nallathe nadakkum…

  325. Karthik Is it true? here power cut. so cant see the news.

  326. Results wil be published today nit. See jaya news now..

  327. priya, enoda mobile la padasalai webste load agala.

  328. Aandugal pala kadanthu aaatchiye maaridum pola…ivanunga resultku wait panra naatkalukku oru katchi aarambichu cm aayirukalaaam….ipdi naaama comment pannittu irunthomna paithiyam pidichu alaiyavendiyathuthaaan……

  329. Nisha did u see padasalai website about tet news?

  330. Vadivel sir how many objected qns going to deleted?

  331. Hai frnds padasalai websitela tet mark increase agumnu potrukaan…i mean objected questions fullaa delete panni calculation panramaathiri potrukkaaan so we expect grace marks…more than five to six marks…kandippaa marks increase aagumnu potrukaan friends so yaarume varuthapadaathinga…today night or tmrw result varumnu sollikuraanga paakalaam naalaiku vidraanungala illa naarpathu naal kalichu vidraaanungalaaanu…

  332. Nisha tell me for tht deleted qn they’ll give mark or not

  333. Nisha any news abt tet?

    • priya, i dnt knw. all r telng different stories. guruselvi said trb gonna increase 2 to 3 marks, now vadivel telng 5 to 6 marks

  334. tntet result most expected today or tomorrow ,see

  335. Hai vadivel sir,see padasalai tat increasing mk ‘ll be 2-3 & other objected qu are deleted .v r tis….?

    • Guruselvi, othr objectd questions are deleted means what thy hav done for those questions?

  336. Deevali odipochu….frndsoda semayaa enjoy pannen…cinemaku ponom,pattaasu vedichen,kovilku poitu namma ellorum pass pannanumnu vendikitten…amma romba romba kettathaa solla sonnaanga but unga contact numberthaan illa…k paravaa illa advanced wis u hav a nis chrisms….

    • vadivel ithalam konjam overa theriyala chrismas wish ippavay ya .namma ellarum orae school la work panna super ra irrukumla war about ur friend karthik comments varalai

  337. kaduppethathinga boss nimmathiya deewali kondadamudiala

    • Vidunga sir..namakku inemethaan deepavali kaaathurukku…….

  338. Comment podungappaa deepavali kondaadunathu pothum……..

    • hai vadivel deepavali celebrate panni yacha veetil yaavarum nalama?

  339. Varungaala aasiriyargalukku ennudaya idhayam kanintha deepavoli thirunaal nalvaalthukkal…have a nis devali….anaivarudaya vaaalvilum thunbam neengi inbam peruga ellaaam valla eraivanai vendukiren…….


  341. Dai vadivel thpoo… Unaku vetkame ilayada….?
    Diwali wishes

  342. Hai merlin how are you…deepavaliku veetuku vaaangappa..specialla kavanikkren…tet pathi pesaathinga athellam maranthutten…veetla ellorayum romba romba kettatha sollumaa….u r my best friend…

  343. Machi…enna vittutu nee mattum poniyaadaa…innaiku nit conformadaa…i don’t know the exact meaning of the word DUMANGI….chellamaa solli solli palakiduchu,,,thts ll….

    • see padasalai website result nov 18 ku appuram thaanamwat about u vadivel

      • Hai merlin how are you…deepavaliku veetuku vaaangappa..specialla kavanikkren…tet pathi pesaathinga athellam maranthutten…veetla ellorayum romba romba kettatha sollumaa….u r my best friend…

    • see padasalai website nov 18 appuram tham resultam wat about u vadivel

      • merlin i saw padasalai website. in tat bonus mark ‘ll be 2-3.wt s mn tat?wt s dfrnce btwn bonus mk and recorrection ansky mk.illana total increase markum 2-3 thana?do u know anything abt hw many grace marks will be.pls tell me i got 86.

  344. Hey vadivel today aarampa first show ponom da. Wat s tat dumangi. Tell me d correct mean. Or don’t use like tat word. And result today nit publish pa.

  345. Hai mrng…FLASH NEWS:TNTET result veliyiduvathil sikkal…sattamandra kootathodaril ethirkatchigal ida othukeedu sammanthamaaga thevaiyatra kelvigalai eluppum enbathaal ippoluthu mudivu veliyidapadaathunu trb vattaarangal therivitthullana….So yaarum kavalapadaathinga frnds…

    • apo, epo dan tet result varum sir

      • Government bayangarama nammala emaathuthu sir…athaan unmayana visayam…innum 5 days agum pola ipdi naatkal odikitte irukku..naamathaan nambikittirukkom night vara chance irukku..kalvithurai amaichar aaraavathu muraiyaaga maatrapatrukkar..intha lechanathula irunthaa namma educational department enkittu vilangum…kaari thuppanum ivanunga panrathukku…

    • Frnds, tet result pathi dhinathanthi la 4th page la vandruka! Iruka pbm pothadunu yaro results ah publish pana kudathunu case potrukanga, bt court mudiyadunu soltanga, case ah nov.18th thalli potanga! But tet results and adu samandhapata recruitment elamae inda case judgement ku kattupatadunu solirkanga, so tet result doubt dhan! Kastakaalam!

    • kootathodar dhan mudinju pochae, apuram ena? ivanga vera edo fraud vela panranga sir

      • Hai nisha apdi ethum news varalaye…innaiyoda kootathodar mudiyuthu so…night conform veliyida vaaipirukku apdi vidalena next week fridaythaaan tntet result….

    • vadivel sir, apdi edum news varlaya? dhinathanthi paper la page 4 la parunga! aduku next page kuda parunga. kootathodar nethoda over, thaethi kuripidapadamal sattasabai thallivaippu nu news potruku. ni first olunga pathutu cmnt panunga!

      • Nisha naa paathutten antha maathiri news varala page correctaa sollu dumangi……

    • na correct ah dhan solraen dubuku, dhinathanthi la main paper la page 4, venumna kalvisolai website parunga adula kuda potrukan

      • Adhu enna dubuku…kobam vara maathiri comedy pannaatha nisha…have a nice deevali my ad wishes….veetla ellorayum romba romba kettatha sollu… DUMANGI…….!

      • adu ena dumangi? adu pola dhan dubuku! result vanda dhan diwali!

      • Naa chellama apdithaan koopduven…vedivedippiyaa illa pottuvediyaa…. DUMANGI

    • Result will publish on mid november.see exam

  346. Hi all advance happy diwali. And then b4 we all get our result and enjoy d diwali wit fun.:)

    • Machi wish you the same…result naalaiku vara athiga vaaipirukku…again i wish you all…advance happy deewali…….

    • Karthi…Veenaaponavane irukkiyaa…illa deepavali sweetsa kaalipandriyaa?commentse kaanum dumangi payale…

  347. Friends news pathingala? Tet result pathi

  348. Machi endaa sanda podra…neet