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Women gang raped during Muzzaffarnagar riots

Muzzaffarnagar, Oct 1 (): Women have told investigating team that they were raped by rioters whom they knew. The women are from Fugana and Shamili villages.

Women said they saw their kith and kin attacked, relatives brutally killed and their homes razed. Now, five women have filed complaints of gang-rape by rioters and they have opened a new horror story about the riots in Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) which led to killings of 50 people and some 45,000 displaced from their homes.

The husbands of the five women from the Fugana and Shamili villages in the district, have alleged that their wives were raped by rioters during the communal clashes that began three weeks ago. Investigating team has arrested 17 people identified by the rape survivors.

The women in their 40s knew the attackers who raped them and then burned their homes. Since time has passed, the pathology reports will be the only evidence. Fuguna village was the worst affected as two Jats and a Muslim boy were killed.

Politicians including MLAs incited the clashes that spread across the district. Three MLAs were arrested and half a dozen politicians have been booked for inciting the violence. Those who lost their homes have refused to go back and are staying in camps.

So far, 106 cases have been filed. Two teams led by SP Jha and Sanger are touring the affected areas. 43 murder charges have been filed against the rioters. Each team has 18 inspectors and around 408 people have been named as rioters.

The outcome of the riots has been that the Jats have polarized towards BJP while the Muslims are moving towards Congress as SP in power was seen to be doing nothing in the first two days when the Jats were on a killing spree. The Sonia visit of only Muslim areas has angered the Jats. Jat leader Ajit Singh and Union aviation minister was stopped from entering Muzzafarnagar.




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