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Facebook brings 1.2 billion profile pictures on one page!

Sydney, Oct. 1 (ANI): Facebook has brought in the profile pictures of all its members on a single page called ‘Faces of Facebook’, which appears like a television static but zooming in shows the profile picture of each of the site’s 1.2 billion-and counting users.

The task would have taken more than 36 years to look through, but Miami-based ‘creative technologist’ Natalia Rojas collected the pictures through the online app Faces of Facebook.

Rojas said that she accidentally discovered how to access all the profile pictures from everyone on Facebook when she was playing around with their API.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, each face has been added to the site in chronological order, starting with founder Mark Zuckerberg as the first face on the Faces of Facebook.

Users can enter their Facebook details and will be shown their location in the huge collage of faces, while faces of those who join the site will be added to the page automatically.

The report said that only those pictures set as profile picture which are public by default on Facebook will be shown on the app, and no other images are accessible from the site.

Rojas said that they are not breaking any Facebook privacy rules because they don’t store anyone’s private information, pictures or names, the report added. (ANI)




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