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Big Bazaar to enrol 1 lakh franchises

Mumbai, Sep 26 () : Big Bazaar Direct will directly select one lakh franchisee for its new platform.

The new platform for the Biyani’s Future Group is Big Bazaar Direct, which is to be bigger than the company’s Big Bazaar store format. Biyani said that this format has been launched in Vidharbha region of Maharashtra. It will next move to Gujarat and north-east.

Big Bazaar Direct operates on a franchisee-based model where the franchisee will canvas consumers by personally visiting them and get orders for products on tablets. To be a franchisee, one will have to pay Rs 3 lakh. Delivery time is one week.

KB Fair Price runs on franchise model which enrolls grocery shops who pay only a registration fee for a nine-year term. It gets grocery items delivered at competitive rates. The working capital has to be raised by the new franchisee.

Biyani feels that this model will drive sales for the branded FMCG items and will make Future Consumer Enterprises a market leader in retail trade. It has made the fashion brands including Central and Brand factory into Future Lifestyle Fashion, which will be listed in the stock exchange.

Biyani expects that good harvest will drive sales despite RBI’s clamp down on 0% EMI. He termed RBI move as anti-consumer and said that spending should be encouraged. The stopping of 0% EMI is not going to stop one from buying during festival time.

A Chennai unit of US IT company Cognizant has signed a multimillion dollar agreement for five-years with Future Group, to handle end-to-end IT infrastructure related services.

Future Groups 1000 stores which include eZone, Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar Central and Home Town spread across 85 cities will be handled by this IT company. IT enabled infra support to the group’s storehouses, data centre, offices and stores as well as service desk support will be provided by Cognizant. Future Group’s new companies too come under this contract.




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