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Moodar Koodam ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai,Sep 23 (): Moodar Koodam, a pure Kollywood factory outlet presented by Naveen is quite an attempt. By the title if you are wondering is it anywhere close to dumb and dumber – nope it’s not, it’s even better!

The movie stars the director himself along with Sentrayan, Rajaji and Kuberan. The movie also includes Jayaprakash, Oviya in supporting roles.

The movie showcases the lives of four underdogs (3 of them being fools) clubbing hands to make something out of their lives starting with a local burglary, well it ends up otherwise!

Fool’s ploy

Naveen, Sentrayan, Vellaisami and Kuberan are four underdogs who have nothing to lose meet in a police lock-up for nothing but petty cases. Each one of them from a different background having their own reasoning for who they are and how they become share their experiences of how life treats them and a nonchalant discussion leads them to an idea of burglary.

The idea was triggered by Vellaisami where he grumbles he wished his uncle (Jayaprakash) was robbed while he’s out of town in a holy trip to Haridwar. After a funny reasoning that they SHOULD do this and after some stupid ideas they end up at uncle’s home at 3 AM only to find they are still at home!

So, after a lot of reasoning, the team decides to keep the family under house arrest while they loot and leave them for good. It gets worse when they realize the family is already bankrupt and with the overloaded loan and interest repayment. But ,what’s started can’t be left hanging midway, the crew sticks to a logic that a man doesn’t go bankrupt overnight and there is something they are missing. Eventually after a sequence of funny encounters they do find it, but alas you should enjoy it over cinemas.

Quirky Quotes

Sentrayan: Oru vellaikaran kita tamil’le pesuviyada?
Indha munjiya partha english’le pathu mark mela vaangura madhiriya iruku?

Thief: Naa saga thozhilalinga kitta onum maraikuradhu ila. Job ethics boss!

Sentrayan: Mudhal rathiri pondati kita unmaya solladhavan kuda 3 round ulla pona udane ulariduvan

Vellai: Karpu ellam pombalainga item boss, namaku venam
Sentrayan: Item’ku ellam karpu irukkuma boss!


The humour content is definitely a boosting factor which never fails to elicit laughter from the audience. And it’s even more hilarious when the protagonists do it even without knowing they are doing it!

The movie commences with Sentrayan selling cocaine to strangers and asks for secret code as though it were an international drug deal. Finally after a hoopla when cops are chasing them, Sentrayan breaks-in and hides in their own cop’s vehicle and he doesn’t even know that!


Protagonist Naveen asks brilliant questions and always finds the logical reasoning behind almost everything. However, it’s just stupid how he decided to take up such a task with 3 fools.

Other blunder is when another thief is found in the same house looking for some CD, he hardly cares but locks him up along with others.

If you are a Korean movie fanatic, then you’ll know the way screenplay is scored by the second reel.

Best rated     : 5.5/ 10
Worst rated  : 5/10

Moodar Koodam ~ Mistakes turn out to be miracles




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