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Bigg Boss 7 launches on September 15, 2013

Mumbai, Sep 11 (): The seventh season of India’s most loved reality show – Bigg Boss starts on September 15, 2013 on COLORS. With Bollywood superstar Salman Khan as host, this season of Bigg Boss gets bigger, better and bolder as Salman is taking the avatar of Angel and Demon.

Bigg Boss is a reality show based on the original Dutch Big Brother format developed by John de Mol.

The makers of the show and the host assure the audience can expect a lot of fun from the show. Previously, Salman has appeared in three seasons and in all seasons he was seen adding charm to the show with his wit and humour. However, in this seventh season, he will be seen in new light taking the twin avatar of Angel and Demon.

The seventh season of Bigg Boss will be launched almost fifteen days earlier than previous seasons. A number of contestants (known as “housemates” or “inmates”) live in a purpose-built house and are isolated from the rest of the world.

A Bigg Boss House is specially built for each season. The house is well-furnished having all kinds of modern facilities, but just one or two bedrooms and four toilets. The House has a garden, pool, activity area and gym. It has a special room called a Confession Room, where the housemates may be called in by Bigg Boss for any kind of conversation, and for the nomination process.

The inmates are isolated from the outer world; the House has no TV connection, no phones, no Internet connection, clocks, pen or paper. Housemates are watched by a mysterious person known as ‘Bigg Boss’, whose only presence in the house is through his voice.

The rules for the housemates are not clearly specified, but the most prominent ones are the inmates are not permitted to talk in any other language other than Hindi. They are not supposed to damage any of the electronic equipment or any other thing in the House. They cannot leave the House premises at any time except when permitted to. They cannot discuss the nomination process with anyone. They cannot sleep during day time.

Each week, housemates suggest two of their inmates for eviction and the housemate who receives the most nominations would face a public vote. Of these, one would finally leave, having said “evicted” from the House. However, there are some exceptions to this process when Bigg Boss interferes.

The show has been winning awards consistently, with its latest additions being ‘Best Reality Show’ and ‘Best Art Director’ in the ITA last season.

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