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Groupon portal onion sale at Rs 9 per kg a hit

New Delhi, Sep 7 () : Groupon website’s offer to sell 3000 kg of onion every day at Rs 9 /kg is a hit.

As soon as the deal was announced, more than 5000 registrations came in. With prices in the range of Rs 60 /kg , onion which Groupon says is as costly as Donalds Trump wig, diamonds and caviar that are home delivered in 78 cities within ten days of booking.

The offer that started on Thursday gives only kg of onion to a registered member every day. Groupon has put this offer for 7 days. Groupon portal offers discount deals for eating out, on movie tickets and fashion accessories. This is the first deal of the portal involving onions.

The Chicago-based Groupon bought SoSasta, an e- commerce portal in 2011 and started operations in India. It has put 21,000 kg of onion on sale spread over 7 days. Groupon CEO says it was a crazy idea that they thought of and fixed the price at Rs 9 which was the price of onions in 1999.

Hundred trucks with each truck carrying 10 tonnes of onion comes to Delhi everyday. If one adds transportation and shipping to houses charge, the website could be losing around $6000 in its strategy to get members. This is a small price to pay for getting traffic, feels marketing analysts.

Since August, the price of onions has gone up as arrivals from Maharashtra and Karnataka were less due to rains. Delhi Government started procuring directly from markets and sold it at Rs 50 through their outlets. Even as monsoon eased, the prices are still at a high.

NCP, an ally of the UPA and Food Minister Pawar have opposed the move to stop exports as prices were high. Hoarding is said to be the reason behind the price hike. The price rise of onions cost Sushma Swaraj ministry in Delhi being voted out.




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