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Modi right for PM, says India Inc CEOs

New Delhi, Sep 6 () : Modi has three-fourth of India Inc corporate honchos rooting for him while Rahul trails far behind.

The Economic Times Confidence survey shows that three-fourth out of the 100 CEOs who were surveyed felt that Narendra Modi as Prime Minister was the right person while only 7% felt that Rahul Gandhi as PM would deliver. BJP is yet to formally declare Modi as its prime ministerial candidate, it is caught in an internal squabble with anti-Modi faction backed by Advani, Chauhan and Sushma not keen on Modi as PM candidate. However,the country’s top business leaders are convinced that Modi is the best man for the job.

India Inc leaders’ message is clear that they are fed up of the policy paralysis and coalition politics that has taken a toll on the economy. In this context, they feel that Modi can take bold decisions and quick action. His ‘Vibrant Gujarat’ has probably influenced the CEOs.

A time-bound clearance of projects has endeared Modi to the industry. The lack of decisive action has reflected on Rahul who the Congress is trying to project as next PM. Rahul has not shown any action that has endeared him to the industry and his speech at FICCI was slammed by many.

Modi’s quick decisions like in the case of Tata Nano plant episode and his dealing with land acquisition has come in for praise. This puts him ahead of Rahul. Yet another result shows that these CEOs want a stable government even if it is Congress or BJP.

Leadership and stability are two factors that are the need of the industry. 58% voted for stability irrespective of the party which shows that their choice of Modi as PM did not mean that it was also an acceptance of BJP . CEOs are tired of the disruption in Parliament and the UPA bowing down to demands from regional players as it does not have the numbers.




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