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Sri Lanka – China nexus : What next? Lanka now woos Chinese travellers!

Colombo, Aug 31 (): Sri Lanka, in its close nexus with China is aggressively working to woo Chinese travellers to the country, as a next step to cementing its relations with China.

“Sri Lanka Shines in Beijing” is the innovative Joint Mega Promotional tourism campaign rolled out in China to woo prospective Chinese travellers to Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lanka Shines In Beijing” the mega collaborative promotional tourism campaign is held under the supervision of Minister of Economic Development, Basil Rajapaksa. Jointly organized by Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and Sri Lankan embassy in China, the campaign started  at China World Hotel with a ‘Sri Lankan Night’ which featured a series of activities focussing on the Island nation’s culture and tradition.

“Sri Lanka Shines in Beijing”, touted as an ambitious promotional tool  by Sri Lankan Tourism Board looks to attract 2.5 million tourists per year by 2016 and this year, it plans to bring in 60,000 Chinese tourists to the country.

As part of this mammoth campaign, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion has launched a mega Billboard advertising campaign, a first-of-its-kind drive executed on such a large scale in the Chinese market. Parallely, Sri Lanka is also promoted through light box advertising, paper advertisements, radio jingles and a PR drive.

Displayed in over 21 strategic locations in Beijing, the LED backlit billboard screens will be showcasing major tourism destinations in Sri Lanka that focus on its history and culture, beaches, wildlife, festivals, ayurveda and spa, gem and jewellery that are of interest to the Chinese travellers. Meantime, top places in 18 subway railway stations in Beijing have been ear-marked as prime spots for the promotion, reports Daily Mirror.

It was reported in May that Sri Lanka went in for bus branding in China in which 50 city buses each in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu  were adorned with landscape photographs of the island to make Chinese learn of the natural and scenic beauty of the ‘paradise in the Indian Ocean’.

The number of Chinese tourists to Sri Lanka has been steadily increasing. Sri Lanka has received 16,582 tourists from China during the first six months of this year, compared to 9,622 visitors received during the same period last year,which is a 72.3 percent year-on-year growth.

With major infrastructure projects booted up by China in Sri Lanka, reports say that trade between China and Sri Lanka  recorded a new high of $3.17 billion last year.

With Sri Lanka having added advantages of strategic positioning, lucrative natural resources, flexible tax policy, an investor-friendly environment and strong friendly relations with China, the dragon-nation could soon be spreading its serpentine legs in the ‘tear-drop nation’ far and wide.




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