NASA prepares ‘LADEE’ for launch, the new unmanned mission to Moon

Washington, Aug 26 (TruthDive): NASA is making final preparations for its new mission to moon. In this lunar mission, NASA will be launching a small car-sized robotic Moon probe next month in an effort to answer the fundamental questions about the lunar atmosphere.

LADEE, — Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer — a small unmanned robotic craft that weighs less than 850 pounds fully fuelled, with its weight and the size equals that of a small car, will be launched by NASA for lunar studies.

The robotic craft will orbit the moon and study the atmosphere, including its structure and composition and lunar dust movements. The spacecraft will also attempt to find out whether dust is being launched into the lunar sky.

It is believed that studying the surface and atmosphere of our original satellite will allow scientists to have a better understanding of other celestial bodies and planets, such as Mercury and large asteroids in our solar system.

NASA will launch this newest lunar mission on Friday, September 6, and 11:27 p.m. at the Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, VA. This is the first beyond-Earth orbit to be launched from the agency’s Virginia Space Coast launch facility.

LADEE is making many other first as well, including testing out a high-data-rate laser communications device. It will launch on a U.S. Air Force Minotaur V rocket, which is another first.

LADEE will have a mission lasting 160 days; 30 days to reach the moon, 100 days of scientific exploration, and 30 days to return.

During exploring the moon’s atmosphere, LADEE will collect data using three main instruments to analyse the atmosphere and dust levels. The spacecraft’s Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration allows LADEE to send and receive data to and from the Earth in a different way.

If all goes well then we may see more missions by NASA even at their tight budget.

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