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Ranbir Kapoor sings Love ki Ghanti in Besharam (Lyrics)

Mumbai, Aug 18 (): The much-talked about song ‘Love Ki Ghanti’ from Ranbir Kapoor starrer Besharam is out. Ranbir himself has lent voice for this funny musical track.

The song features Ranbir Kapoor singing to his friends about his love life as he attempts to woo his lady love Pallavi Sharda in the film.

Jatin of Jatin-Lalit duo has composed this number and Ranbir Kapoor is accompanied by Sujeet Shetty and Amitosh Nagpal to lend voice to the song.

Love ki ghanti is a funny musical track in a conversation form and when this concept was decided, director Abhinav Kashyap was very keen on having Ranbir to sing the song.

Abhinav Kashyap said when the concept was formulated, there were no second thoughts about Ranbir singing the song as it was almost in verse form and any other sound would not have worked. It was the most appropriate thing to do and said the team had a lot of fun while doing the song.

Love ki Ghanti is the introduction song of Ranbir in the film where the audience will be introduced to the wit and attitude of his character.

Along with the pleasant voice of Ranbir, the audience will be impressed with the exclusive dance moves of Ranbir. The song shows very funny and energetic moves accompanied by very strong visual expressions.

The song is shot in the Film City, Mumbai, but the song has the backdrop setting of Delhi. It depicts the by-lanes of Delhi which captures the essence of the capital. Kashyap wanted the perfect mood for the song and suggested few moves for the song which could highlight the naughtiness and also showcase rowdy tapori character of Ranbir.

Love ki Ghanti (Lyrics)

Love ki ghanti..
Baj gayi meri..
Dekha usko pyaar hua..
Aankhen phat gayi
Tabyet bhi pat gayi
Dil mera kud pada..
Pahle ladki.. (Aah..)

Thoda sa bhadki.. (Yahan kyun aayi)
Boli aaye ho tum kyun yahaan..
Main bola..
Mera hai good luck..
Mujhe laayi yahan teri Maa..

(Maa ki aankh hai re
Jise dhunda gali gali
Woh iss maan ke ghar mili)

Haan uski baatein
Nukkad ki chaaye
Thodi meethi thodi garam..
Jaise teekhe
Pyazi pakaude..
Mirchi dhaniya ka dam..

Gusse mein chamki..
De mujhko dhamki.. (Ab nikal jao yahan se)
Main tass se mass na hua..
Gaalon pe uske
De daali pappi..
Dil uska cool hua..

(Chal phenk mat
Pappi de daali
Nahi dunga.. Hero hooon mai
Haan wo to tu hai
Aage kya hua…
Tune change…
O teri..)

Woh khadi thi main khada tha nazrein takraayi..
Paas aayi baahein thami thoda sharmayi..
Pyaar se phir usne mujhko shirt pahnaya..
Touch kiya to dil mein jaise gudgudi chaayi.. hhihee..

(Shirt bhi badal daali..?
Yeh toh setting ho gayi hi re)

Seene se mere phir woh lipat gayi
Aisa zor ka jhatka laga
Mere dil ke radio par
Sa re ga ma pa bajne laga..
Kaanon mein mere

Dheere se boli..
Mere hero the ab tak kahan
Main rapat gaya
Wahi salat gaya..

Chali pyaar ki mast hawa.. phurrru.. huhhuhu..
Dil bhaaga bhaaga dil bhaaga bhaaga dil bhaga..
Dil kooda mera dil jhooma mera dil bhaaga..

Love ki ghanti..
Baj gayi meri..
Dekha usko pyar hua..
Aankhen phat gayi
Tabyet bhi pat gayi
Dil mera kud kud kood pada..




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