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US rancher believes aliens are killing her cattle

Washington, July 31 (ANI): A Missouri rancher has claimed that there is a possibility that extraterrestrial beings may be killing her livestock.

Lyn Mitchell from Henry County said that she has run out of possible explanations for who is to blame for killing her livestock.

Mitchell said that she discovered her first cow in December 2011, claiming that the animal had been cut on the side of her jaw and the tongue and ear had been taken out, Go San Angelo reported.

She said that she initially assumed that the animal had fallen victim to teenagers or was part of a sacrificial ritual, until she made her next discovery on July 9.

She said that her next animal’s tongue had been removed as was her udder.

Mitchell said that the animals reproductive organs had been were gone too, and the char mark that outlined the cow’s body made the death even more mysterious.

On July 19, Mitchell found her third cow, whose heart had been exposed and the teats were cut off along with her tongue.

She said hat the cuts looked surgical with clean, precise incisions but there was no blood despite the gaping wounds of the animals.

Mitchell said though the sheriff’s department and a veterinarian have investigated, they haven’t been able to come up with an answer. (ANI)




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