Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary results 2013 to be declared today

Bangalore, July 23 (TruthDive): Karnataka Secondary Education examination board is likely to announce the Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary results 2013,today, July 23, 2013.

Students who have appeared for the examination are advised to check the results on the official website http://karresults.nic.in once the Board declares the results.

The board declared the PUC main examination result on 6 May, 2013 and now it is time for releasing the Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary Result 2013. Earlier, the result of the Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary exam were expected to be declared on July 20, 2013. Due to some issues the board could not declare the Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary results 2013.

The board has now resolved all the hurdles and is about to declare the results any time from now. Candidates therefore are requested to be in touch with the site as the result will be declared soon.

It is true that candidates, who have been waiting for long expecting the results, might have been disappointed after the results were not declared on July 20, 2013.The long wait however  has come to an end as the Board has decided to break the hurdle and announce the results of the Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary exams. The Board however has not mentioned the exact time.

The supplementary exam was conducted from 3 July, 2013 to 12 July, 2013. Examinations were conducted together for all streams including Science, Commerce and Arts during this period. As far as the PUC main examination result was concerned, 60% of the students had passed and 40% failed, therefore the board organized supplementary exam for rest of the 40% students.

Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary result 2013 will be declared online.  To check the results online students can follow the method as given below:

- Log on to the official website -http://karresults.nic.in

- Click on the PUC supplementary exam result 2013

- Enter the roll no after choosing the required stream

- Submit the roll no by just clicking the submit button

- Results will appear on the screen.

For more details, students can log on to the official website of Karnataka Secondary Education examination board - http://karresults.nic.in

TruthDive.com wishes all the best to all candidates!

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  1. vinay

  2. when was cet supplementary result

  3. good bye guzzz best of luck for ur future

  4. when re exam sep oct thanks truthdivi bye

  5. what is the link required to view the supplementary exam results???? its not released in the official pu website!!

    • Karresults

  6. Hope everyone did good. Best of luck goodbye guys

  7. hi puneet exam in march in too late…

  8. I scored 270 but i failed in chemistry in supplementry also, so will there be re-exam on september-october or March next. Plz reply me [ REPLY PLEASE]

    • no u have to repeat

    • hey buddy mine also same but i don’t know when were the re-exams

  9. hey ppl i got 63 marks

  10. hey guys please let me noe the CET details as wat to do now ?

  11. hey today result confirmed

  12. result on aug 3

    • what’s the tym result will announced

      • thank god i am pass uffff

    • on 3:00 pm jst wait for half an hour. ..:)

  13. all the best guyzz and thank you ma’am for posting fake news on dat day yo fake news made us to keep in touch n made us to know the ryt date of annoncmnt.. :-)

  14. guyzzzz alll d best…..

  15. finally the pu board is goning to announcing the supplementary results at 3pm in the website

  16. hey guys today results ll be declared! All d best! Lets pray all av passed! God save all cheers!

  17. https://m.facebook.com/ahamed.shumais?refid=7&ref=stream
    keep in touch guys.. had awsm unforgettable days wid u guys…:)

    • Hey guyes don’t say lie. Please publish correct date of puc supple result

  18. hey friends and finally our waiting tym z over! Today r the results,frm 3:00pm onwards! I wish everyone the best! Hope we will all secure good marks! Pray to god n hv faith in his eternal abilities,he will never let his children down!!!! Lots of hopes n encouragement frm me!

  19. actually they are not revealing when is the result ! ! ! btut is the result sure ? ? ?

    • check in newspaper its today at 3pm dude

    • All the best fa all ma dr frnd’s….:)

  20. tommorrow declared to 2:pm sure

    • @jeevika…. which world are u in ….check in newspaper its today at 3pm dude

  21. Me too. . . . . Those idiots wont do this. . .

    Guyz a last. . . . . . .
    Hope fo the bst. . . .

  23. @ sachin ennu varooo adhoo ennum elladh poole thoopikoo

    • Shumaiseee mikkavarum eee naaayol thopppikuda. . . .

  24. Best of luck friends today result conformed…..

    • I don’t think sooo..

  25. result is today 3pm un belive this

    • I don b’lve til i got my result. bt i hope it will be todae

      • its on times of india

  26. yes its today friends.we…all shd pass……lets pray for god….to give good result to everyone…

  27. Finally its today bol

  28. Read Times of India July 30, 2013… Page no 4, Under news Item- Confusion reigns over seat surrender at KEA , there is announcement about PUCII supplementary exam result. It reads result will be out on Tuesday at 3.00 pm…Best of luck all

    • can the supplememntary students apply for the option entry which is held today

  29. ppl results will be anouncced today at 3 pm its given in THE HINDU newspaper and u can also try for cet by option entry from today morning 10am to nite 10pm and the cet result will be anounceed tomo 5pm
    ALL THE BEST …:)

    • V didn’t go to verification then hw com v cn go fr option ent

  30. sir when is the result to be decleared

  31. Frnds…likely tmr will announce or aug 2 from tv9&also Be vacant seat more than 10k….

  32. Hi friends don’t worry, exam result will be announcing on first week of august so wait for only one week. all the best

  33. WTF………. when is the supple results…. they said tat dey will announce on 29 july 2013 …. but der is no results in website………..WTF is doing by KSEEB……

  34. I think this website is not updating any news on publication of result. Students should visit this website and post remarks nicely….http://www.schools9.info/2013/07/karnataka-puc-supplementary-results-2013.html

  35. publish the results soon are u going to publish it after all the seats become full ha kea is not serious giving a date and doing the work on other date its our life u mind it u r responsible

  36. .@jeevika r u sure result is on 31 july

  37. 31 july sure announced ..2.00 pm sure…,.

  38. Please tell the exat date when results coming…….

  39. snehit. time please today sure…

  40. august 3 or 4 result announced

  41. sir whn r the results been declared

  42. when the actual result come on………………………….. its too late please make it soon………………………..

  43. banglore nal yarar idiro hogi tv9 or public tv hatra hogi complent madi avr tv li enadru anounc madbodu ad nam parents matte elrugu gottagli hegella ata adstidare anta

    • .Frnds wait only 2 day our result will be announce …

      • when today?

  44. Frnds today evening or aug 4 result we announced,.100% sure from udayavani news paper

    • Please tell the exact date….

    • Please tell the eat date when results coming…..

      • hi can u give a link to the newspaper and date and page number where you found the news in udayavani?? udayavani have epaper on their website, i cant read kannada so please help with location and page number.

  45. Please atleast post,conform date of result announcement,already too late….

    • Please tell the exact date…..

    • its on 3rd sure it seems it is given in d news paper

      • which paper Pl dont bluff

  46. R u joking u fool’s itis matter about our students life’s turning piont

  47. Its on 4aug..
    This info is 4m board

  48. hay pleaseeeeeeeeee tel us wen is the results???????????

  49. Result yavag anta correct date helro bosudi makla

  50. All of you people, call up the PU officials instead of posting here. The people who run this site have no clue and can only speculate! One of the officials told me its on 31st of July. At least if we put some pressure they might act more efficiently.

  51. puc supplymentry result yavaga

  52. hey loffer say correct date lovdakball

  53. sir / madam
    please announce our result early as mch as possible…. even engineer clsses starts from 1st…… plz plzzzzzzz mention correct date n post dont play in our life.

    • Shorty announce wait.

  54. Hey, please tell me the exact date of result.

  55. Guys who av thought to get into engineering n waiting fa results can easily join! Der ll be CET supplementary results after pu n den u can verify ur documents so weneva results come u can join don worry! Jeez! Chill :-)

    • Lol there aren’t any seats left in good colleges!

    • dude dis year der is no cet counceln for supply stdnts.. dnt post last year’s news..

      • This tym 3rd round of councelling will be held and announced by education minister today….

        and the supplimentary students will get the engineering seat

      • its nt 3rd round cnceln,its an extendd 2nd round cnceln.. n its 4 d stdnts who dint gt a satisfctry seat altment in 2nd round..

    • 8K+ seats left n thing is not in good college!! N der ll be few seats left fa supply students this is not last year news!

  56. 31 july 2pm final

    • Has to be. Board officials are also saying the same thing.

  57. Called up Mr. Narasimha Nayak, joint director, PUE. He says they are going to put out the results most probably on July 31st. The results are not going to be out before that. That’s the official word.

  58. the result will be announced on monday @ 10:am final

    • False news.

    • dont gv wrong infrmation plz…… dy going to announce after 2nd……

  59. Really pa? my class teacher told to nd

  60. Hey mounesh result will be announcing on 2nd date of august so wait for only one week

  61. When is 2nd puc supplementary result date

    • Are you sure? Shwetha

  62. B.E classes are starting from 5th August. Desperately need results now!! Been calling then PU board a lot but no ones picking my calls!! Anyone got real Info here? Please share. No false news please!

    • no dear engrnin cols r gonna start 4rm aug 1st..

      • Really? Well some are starting from AUG 5th.

  63. plzzzzzzzzzz can u say the results, from this we r suffering a lot here….already its 28 then when u ill annoce the results…………..

    • hi preeethi

  64. kya yaar aur kitna din chahiye
    aaplogonko sharam nahi ata hai kya

  65. hey guys results probably on Monday at 5 pm o sure on 31st but not yet confirmed with timings on Wednesday!!
    Source:- http://www.sitieje.com/exam-results/karnataka-2nd-puc-supplementary-exam-result-2013-karresults-nic-in/9884/

    • R u sure result on 31st.

    • All speculative news. Need some official word.

    • the link u have provided has bloody virus

  66. As per the PU board the results vl be declared on 31st aftrnun……..All the best .gudluck frndz

    • Your source?

  67. july 31 at 2.00 pm sure guarranty 100%

    • from were did u get dat info…

    • dude r u sure? who tld u?

    • Kalmari tagondu hodibeku bebarsi nanna maklige, istu dina late madoke senta harikattirenle bosudi nanna makla, vlvtn madakattirenu en senta harikattirle randi makla, hottige en tintirle,

    • loo pakana ela adare badi magane hootobadhodithne mam

  68. rslt will be announced in 3 to 4 days……………

    • no its on 31 july

  69. result will announce or not that one tell me pls…

  70. Pls Can u announce the result time……..

  71. Yavaga baruteri result nimvan

  72. whn is the results , update the correct date nd tym

  73. Please tell the exact date please…….

  74. plz say br’s today evening result wil announcing r nt

  75. Puc is constipated

  76. i wrote supply for math so tht my rankin will increase … I called puc board they told results will be out oly after august 1st . . suree :( :( so nobody xpect results befre tht . . ( FROM A TRUE CITIZEN OF INDIA )

    • Looks like my engineering dreams are over.

  77. why is it taking so long

    • its not taking long . . the process is going on in a correct and perfect manner . . jst think how long did it take to release our norm pu board results ??

      • the reason everyone is complaining is because they said it wld come on the 20th they failed to give its on that date if these morons cant deliver on that date then why give us false expectations they should have just tld it will come on the 31st

      • and im sure its not going in a perfect manner

  78. relax guys 31 july sure announced

  79. Please ……. Tell me the correct date when results r coming…….

    • Frndz….pu bord cheating to supply students. nearly one month is over..but pu bord not declar the supply result…plz plz tell the correct date and time we all are waiting…plz plz

  80. hey comeon u stupid kar board how long to wait for d results? im sick of dis.. colg has strtd ovr 1 month! n yet no results….?? wats wrong wid u people? is correction finishd rite???????? i hope today results comez!!!! :)

  81. Plz result announce madri bega

  82. any ways wre u can get ur results through cell ophone ??
    plss sugest !!

  83. ….pu board pass all d students how hav appeared fr supplemantary exam …..evn me k

  84. result perfect tym ?

    • is the valvation over atleast ??????

    • hello shreya wat about ur 2 puc suppl. results

      • I dint get

  85. Can u release the date and time pls we r waiting for ur reply….

  86. pls announce result date….

  87. plz realise supply result a”m wait for result otherwise submit to realese date

  88. can i get good college after passing supply exm !???? ? Im confuzed????

  89. Le bosudi makla, ella kade ella clg clas start agyavu,result en next year bidtirenle randi nanna makla, valuation agi result baroke istu dina bekenrle, en senta kittata idirenle chodi makla

  90. En next year bidtirenle randi nanna makla, valuation agi result baroke istu dina bekenrle, en senta kittata idirenle chodi makla


    • hey good for you …. ask your tution teacher will every1 pass as the syllabus is changing next year .

  92. its on 7th i asked pu board i asked akkil and qrrrttttt
    qrrrrtttt is a sucker he dont know any thing guys…….

  93. hi tommorow there is no result..

    • Aare yaar really tensed abt ths results..kab declerd karoge..i mean every clg s gettng opend by aug1 ..n still admission is pendng …ab upper wala he rahem karye…hey guys thy hav nt yet updated thr website..atleast thy might hav giveen a day,,aare yar kab aayega results…

    • hi yoooooooooo

  94. sari yagi heldhe kano ..

  95. nin thika nayi keya ..nake result hakidre sari illaandre ni tika keythini..

  96. thu boli

  97. guyzz….itz on 31st at 2 o clock ….sure………

    • are u sure abt the time timing

      • Oh common..
        31st at 2.
        That’s the previous years date and time of announcing the supplemantry results.
        If you have a correct data than post it or else don’t fake people.

    • dude are you 100% sure that result is on 31st only ……u also dont play with us dude …………….tell correctly

      • who is this pu board ??? plss send me regular updates

    • dude they will say 31st but it wont come this pu board suxxxx

      • yeah 2day pu board told lyk dis

      • we have to see

  98. kya re baba kab aata rey result
    ramjaan hai tension hora rey baba
    patt bol ke chod rey miya……………………………

  99. Guys 1 of ma frnd dad s workin n board so he said tht 2day it should be out but due to technical they said it will be out on 31st fa sure don’t worry frnd’s all s well….:)

    • thank u bro if nt means wat the h**l

    • u said it wld come today

  100. Hey guy’s here is a good Idea to get our results soon…
    Let’s go and strike in frount of PU board without food and shelter untill we get our results… at least after then the stupid,Idiot PU board may announce the results…
    hw many of u agree with me..?? &&
    hw many of u’ll disagree..??

    • weather this tym 3rd round of councelling are held or no?
      if it is wen dey will held and they will announce the college?

  101. guys i contacted the HOD OF PU BOARD they told its 31st of july evening or 1 aug morning or afternoon

    • dude is ths true ??? Em frustrated.. Plz tel correctly :(

      • yeah it is

  102. Results on 31st at 2 o clock ……sureee……..

    • who told you??! :D

  103. Called college. They are saying next week result may come. So it may between 29th July to 2 Aug. May be 2nd PUC Board has delayed the evaluation work.

  104. july 31. 5.00pm

  105. When are the results coming.
    Eagerly waiting.
    Anyone knows the exact date.

  106. i think kea is not in the mood to announce result today also ……worst authority i had ever seen

  107. plzzzzzzzzzz post d results…… we r waitng.

  108. guyzz listen results will come on aug 1st week i’m damn sure..i called pu board they told lyk this

    • pu board ppl suck. they dont know wat tey r saying half the time. they told me 27th n now tey tld u august 1st week

      • yes dude..!

  109. Please give the correct date please……..

  110. tel na r u sure………..

    • hi kanchana

  111. need a perfect result

  112. the valuation had finished on 20th july the rslt will be on 28 july

    • r u shore…………

    • 28th is Sunday.
      Are you sure.

    • it cant come on the 28th its sunday

      • then it will be on monday

  113. wen 2nd pu results are announced

  114. Plz sir curect date

  115. Dear miss rajeshwari, if you don’t know the exact date then why the hell you mention its on 20thjuly.Please confirm with your seniors and then take a proper decision,don’t blindly sit and update,do not never ever play with students life I humbly request you to announce the result at least today because admissions are getting closed,the last date for the admission is on 31stjuly and the reporting date is 28thjuly.

  116. hi friends call to ur colleges… boz result ll be updated for all colleges today….tomorrow in website means i just seen deccan hearld ……plz check n update us…..

    • hd u cld ur col?

      • r u sure………………….?

      • Are the results declared in collages.

  117. Hi guys please tell me the correct date….

  118. Anyone know when result came? suppose u know then tel plz frnd i request u

    • it wont come for atleast 6 more days

  119. Please tell the correct date…….please….

  120. july 31 2:00pm sure announced

    • where is it announced?

      • hhaha vinod bhai : dat was last year’s news

      • Plzz tell the correct date of result sir plzzzzzzzzzz

  121. hi may i know wat time n date of result

    • reslts will announce 2day

  122. Whn results gng to declare yaaaaar, if u guyz did late to declare results means whr v shld join college ha, u must declare results sn plz

    • hi smitha………….

  123. if it was today wouldnt it have come in times of india?

  124. hey frnds today definately announced supply results?
    Reply me

    • when i went to the pu board they said it will come on the 7th

    • yes………….! sure its today

    • Where it is announced???????????

  125. today 100% result 5pm promis not conform call me 7411335455

    • R u sure results will announce today…!

    • dnt tl fake news dude..

    • july 28 result

  126. Hey pls wen result wil cum?:-(

  127. Results announced in 27th Pakka

    • Hey man is it true. . ? Whthr they’l announce on 27th. . . ?

    • hey r u sure its on 27th….pakka na

    • r u sure abt it?

  128. “It is true that candidates”…dont post fake news ..without proper source of communication.

  129. Hey Guyz letz wait fo few mo days. .
    Karnataka Pu bord. . . Pppppppph.
    A group of feelingless idiotz. . .
    F**K OFF U. . . . .

    • haha sachi mon emotional aaya result eppo baanangum bert daa belye mark baariyadhalle..
      inn collgil poona or call aakunna

    • hello friends don’t ve soo tensed result will be with in 2 ,3days

  130. finally PU board made us not to get the seat for BE…
    i dont think wt they’ll get by spoiling the life of students….

  131. hey frndz m feeling so bad,y r dey announcing the result so late,the classes r already started,its nt fair…we shud protest against it! And one more thing,30 marks vl be exempted in supplementary!

  132. Guys jst nw i calld the pu board official number i asked dem wen wil be d result dey said on aug 1st week … Den i asked tat sir if u announce d results tat time den hw can we get d engg seat den dey said ur no. Is getting recorded and if u talk more den i’ll give complaint on ur no so shut ip dey said lyk dis guyzz :(

    • that’s not the way they talk to the students. y did u keep quite u should have told them nicely. finely they are very happy spoiling our life. GREAT U STUPID PU BOARD PEOPLE……. CURSE YOU………

  133. in the morning they said 31st now 7th

    • Be happy no bp

      • How can u tell u s to b happy. v r all scared of weather v will gt engineering college or not……. i am sorry to speak like this to u. i am very angry on that pu board people…. anyways ALL THE BEST TO ALL MY FRIENDS…..

  134. i called the they said on the 7th OMG why the 7th its so late these board ppl dont have any brains

    • seriously on 7th???? What d hell?

  135. Please tell the correct date .. When result coming.. …….. Pleas…………..please………

  136. Please tell the correct date .. When result coming..

  137. y dis board is doing sooo … wats wrong wid dem..?? insha allah I will wait for 2more days… den… f**k off

  138. The news appeared in Deccan Herald shows result will be on 26th july. (www.deccanherald.com/content/15768/ii-pu-supplementary-results.html)

    Board officials are saying 1st week of Aug. ist week is 1 to 3rd july .

    Now , it is posted as 7th Aug here. Earlier web news showed us that it should be out by 20th July. Which one is true???

    Can all the students following this , please check with PU board and report??? Contact number.080-23361854, 23361855, 23361856, 23361857, 23361858, 23361860


    • the board told me the results r coming on the 7th of august

    • it is on 7th i called

  139. guys its coming on the 7th i went to the board and asked

    • Dude 2mrw s tha result… All s well…

      • no tmr is not the results you will seee

  140. Please tell the correct date ……

    • Dude 2mrw fa sure coz ma frnd dad work n tha board so he oly said…all s well frnds..

      • R u sure dude?

  141. Give me the perfect date when is puc reasult i cnt wait more

  142. plz tell d correct day wen u gng to annnouc the result….y u killing us this….what wrong we did..huh…plz dnt play in our life


  144. the pu board will give the results on the 7th of august all the engineering college admissions will be over by then

    • hw do u knw? r u sure abt it?

      • yeah im sure i called the board official

      • so we will most likely have to wait for a year to get engineering

    • no dear u cn get into engrn by management seat.. u cn jst block ur seat nw.. evn i did d same..

      • which college

      • tell me also how to block a seat I too want to do be but dont knw how to get a seat plzz help me out

      • can you suggest me how to block i will also block

    • maharaja institute of technology(MIT)

      • cool best of luck :)

  145. plz announce the date and time of 2nd pu results……

  146. plz do announce d results……… clgs have been started, we r lacking our portions.. plzz dnt play n our life

  147. be clam freinds

    • if ur calm nw later you’ll be so warm….!!!!!!!
      do u know…???

  148. All the dear friends just nw only i called pu board they said the result will be on 1st week on Aug pu board no is (080) 23361854, 23361856,233618567

  149. All the dear friends just nw only i called pu board they said the result will be on 1st week on Aug pu board no is (080) 23361854, 23361856,233618567,233618568

  150. wt the dam problem is with u gys ha atleast say we will get the resuly or not we ar eagerly waiting for that plzzzz don’t ply wit us i beg of u announc the result soon the addmesions r up to close plzzzzzz

    • hey bro dnt wary hope 4 the best

  151. All the dear friends just nw only i called pu board they said the result will be on 1st week on Aug

  152. wn d f vl v gt r reslt? plz annce it soon..

  153. Hey guys can you plz tell weather v will get an engineering college or not plz……

    • Be happy sister no bp

  154. y ru playing with student life dont play say soon

  155. Board official was contacted through this number 080-23562033. He said supplementary result will be published only in 1st Week of August. However, he refused to say the exact date. Please visit the website of 2nd PUC board and find the contact numbers. You may able to talk with the officials directly. It seems neither board not these websites are taking care for publication of result or sending out correct inf. Hard luck students!!!

  156. Hello, sir/mam…. Can u tell us when is the result……&mention an carate date to us…….

  157. pu students scared about results .. but , pu board doesnt care …i dont know why ?? already degree classes started ..still results yet to be declared .. 1′st sem degree exams will start within 3 months i.e 90 days …. pu students written annual exams only , but they have to adjust with semester exams …pu board knows all thees things …. although it sleeps …why????????????why???????why????????

  158. please wen s result …tell us na….we beg u…..

    • what ever the output be we have 2 face the result whether ist 2day r 2moro. so lets hope 4 the best. all the best friends

  159. plz annce d reslt:-(already its 25th 2dy,31st iz d last date 4 admsns:-(

    • when will 2nd pu board result will publish………..

  160. does anyone noe when the results would come/

  161. hey guys is 30 marks considered as exemption in puc supplementary?? Plz tell

    • yeah ull get exempted

      • are you sure? Coz i hv passed in every subject except math,and i hv written the paper of 30marks only…really scared i m

  162. hi idiot sir and madam’s u should be fine one date ………………..other wise student will sucide…………..but it is not sucide it is murder…..so they are ur children so plz fin’zed today…………………..

  163. plz tell me when is puc 2nd supplimentary exma result

    • hi anitaaa

  164. : Karnataka Secondary Education examination board is likely to announce the Karnataka 2nd PUC Supplementary results 2013,today, July 23, 2013 why it is not came tell when is the results coming??????????????????

  165. Dear Sir,

    Plz one correct send the puc supplementary exam result date

  166. Please… Tell correct date I’m scared about the results……

  167. when do we get our results please tell us i wanna get into engg ….. can we still get into engg??? u really suck

    • hi harshika

  168. when do we get our results please tell us i wanna get into engg ….. can we still get into engg???

    • surely dear u can get… dnt worry

  169. Corretc Date give me

    • It is on 31 July as per pu board bcoz valuation is not compled still

  170. please tell us wen s result we r eagerly waiting..

  171. wen’s d results ? r u sure it’s on 27th ?

    • wat u r saying really everyone r passed…n wen be d result..am eagerly waiting ……plz tell us d day…..if we call to board…. there all r saying different dates…..wat we hve to do….

  172. Can you please check with PU board and report??? Contact number.080-23361854, 23361855, 23361856, 23361857, 23361858, 23361860

    Why beating the bush?

  173. mam could u plz tell us wen is the result

    • Hi frnds me too waiting for results from 18th still now it didn’t came .so sir or madam, plz say when is the results.don’t put unuseful things and make tension

  174. when will results announce…

  175. All the dear frndz i hope u all will be pass in supp exam if i passed in main exam also my frndz are waiting 4 result all the dear frndz when is result in my coll next Monday is last date 4 admission

  176. M’lore chernit Oru jeevidam kalanh irikua appazha avanmarude Kaana kona. . .madhiya naaayole. . . Result eppo venelum varattte. Bt immmadhiri dailog paranh tnsn adipichalundallo adich paripilakku nayooole. . .

  177. hey guyz z 31st d last date fo admissionn evn fo managemnt seat? :(

    • do u think supplementary students can get engineering seat? plz tell i am really confused…..

      • ya.. u cn gt managmnt seat… bt u shud av aggregate %

  178. Duds dont vari result will be 27 uning my think if you all the time thinking is result plez tell you i no wari wall i dont on crit date and time its ware forget to plez my result informeshan

  179. HAY Frends get result in puc result all the best i tink is all frends or pass exames dont vari banglure bord info to manday is all value veshan is finesh result will be cameing zone dudes to uplod a an lin wepsites ..

    • are you sure that the results are announced today?

  180. Mone Chueeee not only U . . . . Wot abt ua frnds. . ?
    The gr8 riskan , s@,shu,amj,lai . . ?

  181. im from kerala I hav waisted my 2 years in mangalore .. now I feeel kerala education board is much better than karnataka pu board.. :( in kerala almost all students passed der +2( puc) . it was great mistake of my lyf..:(

    • Mone Chueeee malayalathi parayeda kopppe. . .neee aru saippp inte koch mono. ?

  182. @Sachi, wat about ur pu pcmb %?

    • I hav supply. . . .

  183. u bloody pu board……dont u ppl understand so many studnts r requesting u ppl so mch………. mention correct date n post………. dont play in our lyf…….. wt the hell that education minister is doing sitting in vidhana soudha…………i thnk e s taking rest in AC room…….
    plzzzzz understnd our condition evn v hav to join for BE alrdy bsc classes r strtd….. this s request from al parent n supplementry students from my side……….

    • i dono y diz ppl r doin lyk diz…goinmad…nd admission r gettin off nd evry …plzzzz i request u to ann sooon.. Plz

  184. da sachine nink onnum kittan poonillla berdhe puc padchit life kalinjooo

    • Adheda. . .aaake petttirikua. . . . Puc nayi. . . . . . .ko ingane cheyunn vicharichilla.

    • Da shumaiseee dee link nok. . .:-

      • adhe da pu thendigal engane aakunn vijarichitta .. aa site kandin 26thin berooo

    • Be Cool…..? Kea v’ll announce result very soon….!

  185. Hey guyz i wrote cet n i got 58 marks bt ma rank is not displyd. . . .wat may be the reason. .?

    • 58 s ur pcm’s total or pcmb’s total??

      If it fr 4 sub % s 24% n if it s fr 3 sub% s 32%..
      To get ranking n cet minimum u must hv 40% or else u won’t get….

  186. reg yavaga ida plz hale

  187. Madam yak madam nam life ali e tara ata adistidira nivu?nav fail agide thapa?nam maneli bere novu,ili niv bere ivathu nale anta idu 3ne sala publish madidira.nav yn madidvo nimge.ha pu board nodudre 1nd news papr ali agli ,tv ali agli publish madala hogli ant net nodudre ili nim golu nav nimge madid thapenu yak e tara himse kodtidira namge madam?kelavru nimge bydidare papa bt nim age ge nav maryade kodona.yak e tara madtidira?

  188. i dnt thnk so v vl any cet councelling cz 31st is d last date 4 admsn n 29th iz d last date to report to d respctv col.. its better v go 4 management seat n block a seat..

    • Hey neha do u hav cet councling?
      Whtr ua rank displyd. . ? Bt ma rank is not displyd yaar. . . Wot may the the reson. ?

      • marks r displayd oly fr d stdnts who hv scrd wel in pc..
        n ranks vl b displyd aftr d supply reslt..

  189. madam nimge exam date gotthilandre muchhokondu iri.adu bittu sillu information kodabedi.student life nali ata aadbedi. Becare full.

  190. i think pu department taking care less about supply student they want only the rank student then what about failed student jut think of it…!

    • By this we learnt a lesson that we should never fail in exams

  191. Dean herald announced the result will be on 26th.. You guys are saying on 27.. Please confirm date…

  192. All the dear friends i passed in main exam but I’m waiting for my friends when is result i do no but still am getting tension teachers are not taking care supp students the lesson’s are going am a b.com 1st year student i hope all the students will pass nd my dear friend also will pass

  193. Ley rajeshwari next time enadru sullu mahithi kottre ninna address koduallige bandu hakthini gothilla andre muchkond irbekappa adanna bittuuu 20 ge garranty 23 garranty antha helidre ee sali neenu supplementary bardidre fail agogu idu nanna shapa

    • Rash agbedi madam 27th pakka bidthare

    • yee very gud said

  194. what the hell is going on with our life future…if u dont publish the result as soon it to be ..then watch what it could be with u ….yenappa kannada dalli hell beka

  195. tey tld us d results will be coming on d 20th bt it dint. all of us r waiting for the results n i hope its on the 27th. tese bloody pu board ppl cant bloody ans the fones n ans 1 ques properly n even if they do they refuse to talk any oter lang oter tan kanada. i tout hindi ws the national lang. im nt asking tem to speak eng bt atleast hindi will be gud. tey act like kanada is a universally known lang…..

  196. Plz I reQuest U To NOt to play wid studEnts lyf.. Dnt knw wats wrong wid pu board stil Hw Much V Hav To wait 4r Result?? Plz Gve ExaCt date N time

    • kannada may not be universal language but since you are in karnataka you must know kannada get it

    • m.deccanherald.com/content/15768/ii-pu-supplementary-results.html/?maneref=http%3A%2F%2Ftruthdive.com%2F2013%2F07%2F23%2Fkarnataka-2nd-puc-supplementary-results-2013-to-be-declared-today.html

  197. Hey shreya result on 27th pakka na?

  198. please tell the date that wen you r giving the result it is request please give the proper date

  199. hey friends . . results are on 27th . . pakka !!! I visited pu board malleshwaram . . . don’t worry if u ppl have a faith of passing . . all will pass for suree :))

    • Are you 100% sure shreya
      confirm that results is on 27 only

      • pakka 27th a result…………………?????????

      • Seriously? Wow :-) That sounds great shreya. Thanks for that information. :-)

      • please dnt believe any news….. v should wait for the day….. no1 is able to tel the proper date r time

    • ya realy did u visited pu board…?

    • thank u friend

  200. plz tel when supply result

  201. bevarsi sule maklu

  202. chodimagal result jaldi bida nimavan

  203. Ree swamy shaata yavaga barutri result

  204. hey frndzz …..result is on 27th …..sure.,…………akilviper.sniper.9@facebook.com .
    Contact me n fb .i vl get u updates
    These websites r nt sure wid pu board thats y they r announcing wrng date daily

    • Sure, dat d rslt iz on 27th bro?

      • yeah sure ,.on 27

  205. Nimmowna correct Result date update madu

    • ree monika avre astondu sittu agbedi bcos ha rajeshwarige bayalli helidre artha agalla ansutte kano so student life nalli play maadtiddale but avlu hige sullu date update maadtirli avlige hoge akosanthu pakka kano……

  206. plz annce d reslt asap..dnt play wid us lyk dz.. cols r gonna strt 4rm aug 1st n 31st iz d last date 4 admsns..n wn vl v hav r cet councelling..

    • yes neha ur right we have next cet counseling bt thy r nt ………….

  207. Wtf……….
    If today the result is not out ..
    I swear I’ll shit the department(Malleshwaram)

  208. akhil is it true???

  209. hello sir . Yak regelt kodthira next year kotbidi amele ange college ge hodhre aythu . K na thindhu sussu madi malagi…good night

  210. @akkil, but foolish peoples why daily update wrong information, che wasted fellows,
    hey frnd my native place was bagalkot district pa

  211. ee halad puc board ge ten thagondu hodudru salalla,naanu thago bekada study august first inda classes start agtide ,aadre result 31 barutte anno ondu information kooda inn U namge sikilla .thu name life nalli kabadi adtidare .crct aagi ee month olage result barutta ilva??????????? .keludre yargu gotilla!!!!!

  212. hey u mr.cobra look here .if u hve doubt meanz go and ask pu board i.e malleshwaram .papers r still evaluating .until 27 u wnt get results ……i visitd pu board

    • Akkil really did u went to pu board,thn whn we get our result :P

  213. wtf man….everyday its been a hell…everyday waitin fu results iz nonsns man…y a u ppal doin dis wid us, its gettin late fu addmissions man, y cnt ppal giv a desired date n fish dis shit…huh…!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :X

  214. Hello sir/madam when u release the result tell me fast

  215. Hello mr akkil 1st tel, where u got information about result on 27th?

  216. Hey frnds just wait 2days why u take more tension, 2maro or day after 2maro result will came, me also student nd me also waiting for result, but unfortunately some idiots giving wrong information, dt worry my dear frnd be cool dt excite still result

  217. wt the damn stupid u r takng@pruthvi …i gaven the correct information…..till 27 no result vl announce ….

    • @akkil from wer did yu gt dat information??let me check ..

  218. Plz inform correct date

    • when is the results

    • when u release the result tell me fast

  219. Hello…..don’t act too smart simply….don’t creat such nonsense…its not good

  220. hello i am Akkil ..i am alzo a studnt who wrote supply for maths..,as per the board the results on 27th …….aftr the results there is sme procedure to join engg or othr .dnt get tensd ….,..

  221. the worst part is the delay in announcing result….. it can happen only in corrupt karanataka….. government is least bothered about people and officials are least bothered about students life….. (yata raja tata praja.) horrible it is……

  222. hello. madam/sir when u announced your result reply….

  223. nin avan bega hakri result en dodd cm ivlu

  224. please inform correct date

  225. yes we accept that we have failed…… it may b any reason sir………some of them will fail because of their health and some by playing…… admisions are getting over…….. we have to get the seat… many engeniering and degree seats are getting over…. plz announce our results…….

  226. oky dude .i knw your intention …aftr results there is sme procedure to join fa engg…i too wrote supply….,dnt wory

    • bt we can go to cllg without any delay ryt i mean wid thse students who passed in march exam

  227. sir correct agi ond date heli sumne fail agidivi anta ata adsbedi……..

  228. if the result s on 27th hw cn it b cool wen v r gng to join nxt course for engineering 31st is the last date fr admission

  229. i think ma’am has no child dats y she s playin wd the emotions of others chidren
    am i ryt ma’am wer are yu ?? are yu sleeping?? o enjoyin by seein us commenting on yo post wer the hell are yu??

  230. hey thu yn tilkondidira nivu nav fail agidu tapa sir? yak e tara himse kodtira.eneno sulu sulu heli hogli ivath namtivi haklila reslt andre yn madodu ?

  231. frndzz dnt wory ….Result is on 27th ..these website are nt sure …..so be cool .hope for a better results .,if u want more updates contact or follow me on facebook

  232. Hello Rajeswari,
    What is your designation yar, why are you giving non seance commitment, you are playing with students right, this is not a proper, give the proper commitment otherwise you can go and tell i am not a right person to this like, you are all are idiot people once you given 20th next 22nd today 23rd today is also gone, next tomorrow also you will give another commitment date a a ah ???? what is this non-seance, you can give proper date, you should be mention proper date. worst people shutttt !!!!!!

  233. hey frndzz Result is on 27th …sure……for more information contact me 9972654109 or akilviper.sniper.9@facebook.com .add me .i vl get u updates

    • yu r fake broda

  234. yuuuuu idiotzz…. Iff yu dnt crct date… Den y u peplz smplii postn lyk dzz datez huh…. Y ua play wid studntz… Em dam angryyy on dz postz… :@ If ua nt sure smplii dnt post suchh bakwazzzz date …. hmmm :@

  235. Yena punk marre,Result Announcement malpare apuja…

  236. Dear P.Rajeshwari you’re giving useless updates for all students .we are egarly waiting for results… if u you know the correct time n date means update no means leave to announce the admin oki… unless you dont update anything.

    • damn correct…

    • Thu nachike agbeku nimge.


  238. any idea when the results will come/

  239. results came

    • results came in yo ass

  240. mummmy resultssss not yet come hummmmmmmmmm
    i wnt result

  241. you tell three dates plz tell me exate date sir

  242. mam plz tell wen the results will be announced im waiting for my frns result plz dnt delay


  244. Hello madam reply, why u giving stress or emotion or tension

  245. wtf

  246. we r waitin frm past 4 days

  247. your post is s BIG-LIE. i request please dont do this if you are not sure 100%

  248. if this ma’am is playin with students emotions then i’m gonna complaint about this post..!!

  249. plzz tell me the correct date,…

  250. ma’am plzz tel hw yu cme to knw that KSEEB is going to announce
    the results today who told you ?? ans please …

    • it is on 25th

      • hw yu knw man!!!

  251. hello madam plz inform exact date, why u silent, already 12 replies r coming so plz response early

  252. Ban all this websites . What nonsence ya you people playing with students life . Yesterday alsosame matter typed on the web , and now also same ,,,,,,,,, . Please display correct date …….

  253. Plz inform correct date

  254. update our results yar we r in so worry for our admissions plzzz

    • yup u r ryt bro…

  255. Beauty

  256. We’re so worried about the results. Pls, we beg you, Do not mock us.

  257. Ivargella kalmari (sleeper) tagondu hodibeku, only giving wrong information still now

  258. Wt u guys r playing wth our lif… From past 4 days tiz story oly u guys r announcing…. If u knw tell the date correctly if not don’t update anything…..

  259. Hello u know correct date then post, otherwise why u game wid student heart beats? Nd why u giving again nd again tension, so plz correct date submitt otherwise leaved

  260. Ley thikamuchkondu irakkagalva. Navilli bayapadthaiddiri neen maja thogondtha idia.

  261. yes i agree , nobody knows when would be the result , it neither comes in news and nor in paper , this is very sad that students keep waiting for results.
    Even board is not considering students pain as CET and COMEDK coundelling started and students may loose out the opportunity , Literally nobody is worried , that is the sad part

    • nim ge gotre post madi illa adre thika muchkondo irri namge heart banbititu they where playing to the life of student

      • sahe kaha yar saale chuutiya banarahe hai sub ku

  262. Ru ppl playing wit the life of students.. Ur the ppl wil bull shit.. Give the proper info or shut ur ass n sit… Dont make students to wait all the time.. If ur sure about the results den post it on.. Dont do the shit sitting der…

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