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Reliance bid for .(dot) Indian domain blocked

New Delhi, July 20 (): The Reliance bid to get the Internet domain name .Indians has been blocked by India government.

Thousands of corporate entities including Reliance Industries and Bharti Airtel have joined the list of applicants to get internet domain names with their own brand extension. India also asked the sanctioning authority Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) also not to allot the domain name with extension .Ram as it has a religious background.

Chrysler which makes RAM trucks had applied to the .Ram domain name. Currently, the BJP has once again revived the need to construct Lord Rama temple in Ayodhya. India had earlier informed that it will not allow domain names named after cities or towns in the country.

Sources say that Reliance had applied to the .Indians domain name for its Mumbai Indians Indian Premier League cricket team. The new domain name will come in the web address like .com , .org and .in. Now, only 23 categories like .edu.org or .in are allowed.

A detailed account has to be given as to what the domain will be. Globally, a Government committee accepts objections from State.

China has objected to issuing .shenzhen and .guangzhou. Similarly objections were raised for internet domain names .amazon and .thai. At the meet in Durban South Africa, the GAC could not decide whether to allow .vin and .wine.

Majority of the Indian corporate houses have made their applications to the ICANN to get domain names with their own brands as extensions. ICANN has signed the contract for the first four new Top Level Domains (TLDs). The sale of the new TLD, all in four foreign language scripts, would be up for sale to the general public only by January 2014.

It has to go through several steps before making registry agreements, like bidding by corporates for a domain name if it has more than one applicant. Amazon wanted the . amazon name but ICANN did not allow it probably because of the Amazon river.

International registry, Springfields and Core association are the three companies that now operate these TLD. TV websites are paying rent for using the domain name extension TV to the home domain of island Tuvalu. The island gets $50 million each year. The rush for new TLDs will set off another gold rush.




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