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Chinese General warns India ‘not to provoke them’

New Delhi, July 5 (): A short while before defence minister AK Antony was to leave for Beijing on Thursday, Chinese General Luo Yuan is said to have warned India not to provoke them and not create further confusion in the long-standing border dispute.

The defence minister left for a four-day official visit to China to have discussion on issues of defence co-operation between both India and China.

While addressing at a PLA academy, Major General Luo Yuan, deputy-director general of the world military research department said that increasing military deployment at the border will certainly cause unnecessary confusion and will also create new trouble between both the countries.

“It is not appropriate to provoke new problem at the border areas and increase the military deployment leading to disorder, “said General Luo.

In order to have a full-blown Mountain Strike Corp for the eastern sector, India last month cleared the army’s proposal worth Rs 81,000 crore. After the approval of the Cabinet Committee on security, the dedicated Mountain Strike Corp will get cleared finally.

The army is also looking forward in search of infrastructure at eastern border to promote quickly to enable it to operate effectively in the difficult terrain along the 4000 km boundary with China.

Besides the army, the navy is also escalating its offensive competence and its nuclear submarine would be set for eastern sea bed. To protect country’s interest, Indian navy is already in its agenda patrolling the South China Sea.

According to reports Luo said, “India is the only country in the entire world which is saying that due to China’s military threat, it is developing its military power, therefore I believe that India should take care before what is does and what it says.”

Incidents of invasions have been happening regularly, in the absence of clear separation of border leading to difference of opinion between both sides at the Line of Actual Control.




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