| 2013 | January | 19

  • Women in Kolkata demand death penalty for rapists’

    Kolkata, June 19 (ANI): Angry women , including a rape victim, staged a demonstration here today and demanded death penalty for rapists. Sudha Dasgupta, a protester, demanded a strong anti-rape legislation that sets a fear in the hearts of offenders and make them refrain them from committing such heinous crime like rape. “. Rapists should…

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  • Kitten, 1,000-mile trip, three-week-old ,Julia Di Sieno

    New York, June 19 (ANI): A three-week-old kitten astonishingly survived after being stuck inside the engine compartment of Honda Fit for a 1,000 mile excursion from Oregon to Santa Barbara, California. The short-haired kitten had managed to crawl into the engine and when the driver thought she heard a cat ‘meow’, but quickly shrugged it…

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