Pakistani girls are the first Muslim gay couple to get married in UK

Pakistani girls are the first Muslim gay couple to get married in UK

London, May 28 (TruthDive): Two former Pakistani girl students have made history as the first Muslim lesbian couple to get married in UK. Rehana Kausar, 34, and Sobia Kamar, 29, took their vows at a registry office in Leeds earlier this month, defying all death threats. They immediately applied for political asylum in the UK, according to local media reports.

Kausar, originally from Lahore, told this country allows them rights and it was a very personal decision that they had taken. She added it was no one’s business as to say what they do with their personal lives. The problem with Pakistan is that everyone believed that they are in charge of other people’s lives and could best decide about the morals of others but that was not the right approach.

Kausar, a master’s degree holder in economics from Punjab University, and her new partner both came to the UK to study business and health care management.

Kamar, originally from Mirpur in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, described her partner as her “soul mate”.

Reports said during the wedding ceremony, the couple told the registrar about their love story. They said that they had met three years ago while studying business and health care management at Birmingham, adding that they had been living together in South Yorkshire for about a year now.

A relative of the couple in their native said that the women, who studied in Birmingham, had received death threats both in the UK and Pakistan. According to Pakistani law, same-sex sexual deeds are illegal and go against Islamic teachings. There are also no laws prohibiting discrimination or harassment on the basis of sexual orientation.

Homosexuality is strictly prohibited in the Islamic faith and the idea of same-sex marriage is hateful to many Muslims. Before the service, even the registrar advised the couple to give serious thought to their decision to marry because of some Muslims’ views on homosexuality.

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  1. May greatest supprise is that up to now most people think that these two Pakistani lesbians are muslims. Why didn’t the get married in an Islamic way?

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