Sri Lanka monk protesting cow slaughter sets ablaze

Sri Lanka monk protesting cow slaughter sets ablaze

Colombo, May 25 (TruthDive): In the sacred city of Kandy, where remains of Buddha were kept in the Temple of Tooth, a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk committed self-immolation today opposing cow slaughter.

Reports said that the monk identified as B. Indarathana Thero of Kahawatta expressed concern over slaughter of cattle and all of a sudden committed self-immolation dousing him with gasoline and set ablaze near the entrance of the temple Sri Dalada Maligawa .

The man was immediately rushed to hospital by policemen who doused the flame. The monk who set himself ablaze was transferred to Colombo National Hospital with 90 percent burn injuries. Police are looking for the man who gave the monk petrol to set on fire.

According to eyewitness, a few minutes before setting himself ablaze, the Sri Lankan monk raised a huge hue and cry protesting the slaughter of cattle. Sources said in wake of the celebration of Wesak, which marks the occasion with two days of holidays in Sri Lanka the monk protested against the slaughter of cattle.

 A group of animal rights in Sri Lanka have been earlier protesting against meat eating seeking a ban, but went futile.. Following a protest by a number of Buddhists and their supporters, who even staged a rally to boycott halal-slaughtered meat as well as other products that carry a halal certificate, came the protest in the island.

Though eating meat has been common in Buddhist culture, killing animals is a sin according to the religion, said Sagarika Rajakarunanayake of Sathva Mithra. “At the same time taking one’s life is also not right,” said the social activist adding that this is also an evidence of many people displeased over the cruelty to animals.

 The monks warned Buddhists not to eat food prepared according to Islamic rites. Since 2009, over 110 Tibetans have set themselves ablaze demonstrating against the Chinese domination in their homeland.

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  1. I am deeply moved to see ven.Bowatte Indrarathane thero’s sacrifice as a great human voice with empathy towards innocent animals.

    As a fact, Cattle slaughter is taking place with the approval and encouragement of the Government of Sri Lanka.
    I hold President of Sri Lanka, responsible to the said fact.

    As people of the country (owner), I have knowledge (in law) and sovereign power to completely stop Government involvement in animal slaughter, by superseding the constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. To counter all petty legal arguments of government officials is very simple.

    I mean no harm to the political stability in my country and do not challenge eating rights of people.

    If you condemn animal slaughter in Sri Lanka, I wish to hear your thoughts as well.

    Name: Lakshan Bandara

  2. Buddhist Sinhala monks and Thugs have killed around 1.5 Lakh TAMILS.

    Let all the Buddist Monks die so that the Evil of Lanka is gone.

    Being a Christian ( sinhala ) – I feel the Extremist activities of Buddhist Monks against Hindus and Muslims have made this sweet country into a Hell.

    Please convert to Christianity and Follow Peace.

    John Fenando Perara

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