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Sarabjit Singh still critical, India asks to release him

New Delhi, Apr 30 (): Suggesting humanitarian consideration, India today requested Pakistan to release Sarabjit Singh who at present is in a state of deep coma after the brutal attack by some inmates in a Lahore jail.

India has asked Pakistan the option of transferring Sarabjit to India for his treatment if it thinks it is medically possible. Considering the present situation as a disparity between India’s hope  and Pakistani liberation, Minister of External Affairs Salman Khurshid stated it was so heart-rending and significant for “us as a nation” and human beings for frolicsome criticism particularly by the media and the opposition BJP. This is the time for all to speak in one voice, said Khurshid adding that the government will be ready to mull over any constructive criticism while pulling out all the diplomatic resources.

Replying to a question whether he will travel to Pakistan just like the Italian Minister who travelled to India in the case of Italian marines, Khurshid said that the Government did not expect and need any recommendations from the media as it can put all its resources in ensuring the best medical treatment for Sarabjit.

The External affairs Minister claimed saying that the government has been taking all steps and will continue to do its best. At the present situation, the government is expecting proper medical aid  to Sarabjit and if his body condition permits, the government can take him here and provide with best treatment, said Khurshid.

Meanwhile, the BJP today criticized the centre and condemned the government’s stand on Sarabjit’s issue saying that even after his family has informed Sarabjit receiving threatening calls and his life was in danger, the government did not take notice of the issue. Had the government acted on time, the incident would have not taken place, said the opposition.




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