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Google Motorola loses ‘sensor patent challenge’ against Apple in US

London, Apr 24 (ANI): Google lost its latest attempt to convince US trade authorities that Apple has infringed its intellectual property.

The case centred on a claim the iPhone maker should have licensed a feature that lets its handsets ignore touches when held close to users’ heads.

Google had acquired the contested patent as part of its 12.5 billion dollars takeover of Motorola Mobility.

Motorola accused Apple of infringing six of its inventions when it launched the case in October 2010 the BBC reports.

Since then, the US’s International Trade Commission has ruled three of the complaints were illegitimate and Motorola willingly dropped another two.

The Google-owned division pursued a further seven claims against Apple in a separate complaint filed with the ITC in August 2012, but it dropped the case without explanation two months later, the report said.

The ITC dismissed the final outstanding claim on Tuesday after accepting Apple’s argument that the sensor technology used to touch-protect its phones was “obvious” bearing in mind other earlier efforts by tech firms to tackle the problem of accidental dialing, it added.

Apple could have faced an import ban on its mobiles had it lost. (ANI)




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