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Priyanka Chopra denies to bring dead assistant back home

Mumbai, Apr 16 (): In a shocking disclosure, Jiban Patra, a back-end assistant of Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra,  who accompanied the actress to Los Angeles and on to Vancouver was found dead a week back in his hotel room.

Forty-one year old Jiban Patra’s body is still lying at the mortuary after he could not get hold of a Canadian visa and as a result stayed back in the Los Angeles hotel, where Patra was found dead and  his body was recovered by the police on April 7.

A case of unnatural death has been filed by the police department of Los Angeles, and is under investigation.  While the police in Los Angeles have permitted to send the body back to India, it is also stuck to certain confusions as an initial inquiry recorded the cause of death to be due to heart attack.

Meanwhile, Jiban Patra’s wife who has two children has been contacting Priyanka’s office in Mumbai to make arrangements to bring her husband’s body home which turned futile. It was after the Indian community who interfered and forced Priyanka to arrange for Jiban’s passage to India, the actress paid heed to the matter.

Sources claimed that the death is said to be a misery and also disastrous to his family as Patra was the sole bread winner to his family. The family is likely to face an immediate financial disaster.

Now, the biggest question that remains is, who is going to bear the cost of transporting the body back to India that is estimated at $15,000. No one so far has come forward to address the crisis. While  Priyanka Chopra averted any comment, her close associate said that the actress has arranged her manager to be in touch with the Indian Embassy and to resolve the problem.

As Patra’s family neither knows English nor Hindi, an appeal has been made to Priyanka Chopra to take the responsibility to send Jiban Patra’s body back to Orissa.




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