UTV-Walt Disney outing in Tamil TV on hold

UTV-Walt Disney outing in Tamil TV on hold

Chennai, Apr 6 (TruthDive) : UTV-Walt Disney outing in the South television seems to have hit a low and Zee Tamizh has intensified its movie buying.

The market leader Sun continues to be way ahead of its rival Jaya and Vijay. TV industry says that UTV which was the top marketing agency for mega serials in the South and mainly on Sun Network has goofed up on a few ventures that backfired. It has decided not to take up any more programs till the mess is cleared up.

Famous Tamil soaps like Kolangal and Metti Oli were UTV’s success stories. These serials were money spinners. It put UTV in the top slot as marketing agency and funding of the soaps. It faced competition from a North-based Pearl Media and New Age.

Eventually, the competitors withdrew from the South. It left UTV with no competition and a virtual monopoly. It took on many high costing soaps but found that with economic slowdown and emergence of social media as a platform, the dream run was impacted.

Advertisement time allotted to the producer or the marketing agency, if not sold can be kept in the bank and used later. UTV was left holding loads of banking time which have remained unsold.

Making a wrong judgement of the Hindi telly buffs, they re-made Kolangal (DOR in Star Plus) and Metti Oli ( Subh Vivah) on Sony TV in an extravagant manner. TV circles say that both the programmes failed miserably. Sowbhayavathi Bhava (Chila Sow Sharavathi) was telecast on Life OK but was yanked off air due to unknown reasons. This resulted in downsizing on the job front with 100 people being sacked as on date.

Director Thirumurugan whose serials were the foundation of UTV success moved over to films. He met with limited success and returned back to small screen. This time he turned producer and also the lead actor. Except for actor Mouli, the entire cast is new. Based on a father-son relationship and set in a Chettinad background, the serial came up for marketing.

On the Sun TV platform and the past track record, UTV should have picked it up. They offered an amount which was much lower than the standard industry rates. The deal fell through. UTV in addition, made a foray into Udaya TV with “Bannada Buguri” at 8 pm prime time show which also bombed and is currently shunted to 10 p.m. The show is not fetching the expected revenue.

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