Ex-Pak serviceman files complaint against Musharraf for ‘misusing authority, position’

Islamabad, Apr. 5 (ANI): A former Pakistani serviceman has filed a complaint with the National Accountability Bureau against former president and retired army chief Pervez Musharraf.

The complainant, Colonel (retired) Inamur Rahim, has accused Musharraf, who took power in a coup in 1999, of misusing his authority and position, and of violating both human rights and the laws of Pakistan.

Rahim claims that the NAB can take cognizance of many of Musharraf’s actions under Sections 9, 10, 11 and 12 of the National Accountability Ordinance of 1999, reports The Dawn.

Rahim said that as a government employee, Musharraf received hefty pay and allowances during his tenure. As a member of the Army Welfare Housing Scheme, Musharraf had been entitled to one residence only, but he was allotted another one when he became a general.

He also alleged that Musharraf had illegally allotted both residential and commercial plots, as well as “huge tracts” of agricultural land.

The complaint said the former military dictator extended favours to chosen subordinates.

Rahim claimed that Musharraf allotted over 85 plots, both commercial and residential, to his Vice Chief of Army Staff, General (retired) Yousaf.

Rahim stated that during the “illegal tenure” of his government, Musharraf twice suspended the Constitution; removed and detained judges; ordered the assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti; ‘master-minded mass murder’ in Karachi on May 12, 2007; and proclaimed a state of emergency in November of that year, which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in July 2009. Rahim also includes the Lal Masjid operation in his list.

He further alleged that Musharraf, with the support of local and international spy agencies, handed ‘scores’ of Pakistanis – including Dr Aafia Siddiqui – over to foreign authorities. (ANI)

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