Holi celebrated across India (Update: Holi)

Lucknow, Ahmedabad,Guwahati, Mar.27 (ANI): People across India celebrated Holi and arrival of spring by smearing each other in colour with great pomp and splendour on Wednesday.

In Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow, they gathered in large numbers to celebrate the festival of colours.

The festivities included a procession of camels, cows and elephants with men throwing handfuls bright colour.

Hindus and Muslims joined in the annual revelry, forgetting all religious biases.

Percussion and horn instruments were popular as locals danced along to drum beats while smudging each other with colour.

“This time Holi is going to be very enjoyable, because the club has organized a rain dance and side by side the government has tightened security which helps give a sense of security to the women and now days there is rash driving by people this will help to ensure that it is controlled,” said Abhishek, a Lucknow resident.

Another Lucknow resident Rishabh said: “Lucknow symbolizes the cultural heritage of the Ganga and Yamuna. For years now Hindus and Muslims have joined together to celebrate festivals despite attempts to divide the two religions. You can see today that people are honouring our festival; people of the Muslim community are respecting us, playing music to welcome us and indeed I cannot express the feelings of unity and brotherhood that I feel.”

In Ahmadabad, Gujarat, people and their families gathered at clubs, which had organized events such as a rain dance and festive merry making.

Men and women of all age groups jumped into the festivities with reckless abandon as they exuberantly danced and threw handfuls of bright colour powder at each other.

Locals of the area preferred the use of organic colours and urged people to not waste water on the day.

In Guwahati, Assam, the festival was celebrated with great energy.

Dances processions were taken out on the roads by the locals to celebrate the festival.

Men and women dressed up in costumes and walked in a sea of colour in accompaniment of the drumbeats as the procession slowly made its way through the city.

One of the significances of the festival is the victory of the good over evil.

However, Holi is primarily associated with Lord Krishna. (ANI)

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