British Raj officer killed in 1858 ‘smokes’ cigarettes left at his tomb in Lucknow

London, March 18 (ANI): A British cavalry officer who was killed at a battle with nationalists in Lucknow in 1858 has been declared a saint in India with worshippers claiming he smokes cigarettes left as offerings at his tomb.

Captain Frederick Wale, or Kaptan Shah Baba as he was known to his 1st Sikh Lancers, died aged 36, the Daily Express reported.

Now, devotees tend his grave in Musa Bagh cemetery and offer him food and cigarettes as tributes.

One believer claimed the cigarettes glow like somebody is inhaling them.

“We know Shah Baba smoked so there can be only one answer…he is smoking the cigarettes,” the devotee said.

Captain Wale took command of the 1st Sikh irregular cavalry and he served in the siege and capture of Lucknow.

His brigadier reported: “Wale showed great zeal in command and led most successfully in pursuit of the enemy until he was shot.” (ANI)

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