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Sonia Gandhi completes 15 years of her political career

New Delhi, Mar 15 (): Completing a landmark fifteen years in political career, Congress President Sonia Gandhi showed her appreciation to party workers on Thursday and expressed her gratitude in helping the party to climb the peak within a short period.

While talking to party men who thronged in large numbers at 10, Janpath, Sonia Gandhi said that the real credit goes to millions of her party workers, who worked hard and succeeded in winning the faith of the poor and the vulnerable in the party and did not fail once even when the party was not in power.

Sonia Gandhi congratulated party men, whom she claimed to be the most extraordinary cadre any party can ever have and also considered them to be the most priceless asset of the party. Underestimating her own achievement, the Congress president largely credited her party’s fate in the past fifteen years that got diluted after the regime of Narasimha Rao government.

Feeling pleased over son Rahul getting into the party’s second position without many difficulties, Sonia looked much relieved, meeting party MPs and senior office-bearers and discussing with them about the party strategies.

Meanwhile, praising party president, Congress workers too thanked Sonia for bringing the party back to life after the unfruitful years post-1995 when the party came across a number of hurdles during the dominance of rival BJP.

Staying stubborn in spite of the sneering attack by the rivals on her “foreign origin”, Sonia contested elections from Amethi, taking the challenge and succeeded in pulling the party to the front, playing the role of party president.

Believing Sonia to play a key role in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, the Congress workers highlighted Sonia’s toughest challenge since 2004 and added saying Rahul who was elected as the party’s vice-president at the Jaipur ‘chintan shivir’ a couple of months back will also play the leading role in the coming elections.




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