Hina Rabbani Khar tops list of most glamorous women politicians

Hina Rabbani Khar tops list of most glamorous women politicians

New Delhi, Mar 14 (TruthDive): Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar topped the list of most gorgeous women politicians in the world, a survey conducted by an Indian newspaper, India Today said on Wednesday.

Khar, who is also Pakistan’s youngest and first woman foreign minister, is always talked about for her perfect aesthetic style sense seen in all her costumes. She is extremely stylish in wearing attractive and fashionable outfits with expensive accessories – she used to carry Roberto Cavalli shades, pearls, and a Birkin bag speculated to be worth Rs 17 lakhs. Her handbags and dresses remain the focus of the media during her foreign trips.

Khar is elected member of national assembly from the seat of Pakistan People’s Party and has served as Foreign Minister for two years.

Another Pakistani lawmaker Kashmala Tariq took the eighth place in the list. Kashmala, who is also a lawyer and a member of Pakistan Muslim League-Like Minded, is famous for her outspoken statements and dressing.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is best described as functional, energetic and bright, took the ninth spot on the list of most gorgeous women politicians.

Other women politicians who made it to the top 10 gorgeous women politicians’ list include, Sonia Gandhi, the head of Congress Party, Priyanka Gandhi, daughter of Sonia Gandhi, Ruby Dhalla, a Canadian politician and Yulia Tymoshenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Sonia Gandhi is known for her fine and subtle fashion sense, while Priyanka Gandhi usually prefers chic cotton saris. At one occasion, Priyanka stunned everyone by appearing in the Parliament in sharp black trousers, crisp white shirt and broad belt.

However, Jordan’s Queen Rania Al Abdullah, who is chic, stylish and hot-and almost always perfectly dressed, holds the 10th rank, while United States’ first lady, iconic lady Michelle Obama is placed at the 12th slot.

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