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Oz the Great and Powerful ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Mar 9 (): Oz the Great and Powerful has been scrapped from L. Frank Baum’s Oz novels and a storyline resembling MGM’s motion picture The Wizard of Oz (1939). The cast include James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weiz as the leads and is directed by Sam Raimi. 

The Wizard and the witches

Oskar alias Oz, a magician from Kansas finds himself lost in the land of Oz by a tornado. The prophecy has it that the greatest wizard of all time with the name of their very own land will come for their rescue, to save them from the wicked witch.

Three witches with two on North proclaim the south witch as the evil while the south claims North ones to be evil. The imposter wizard OZ who initially takes up the task in hand in return for loads of treasure soon finds himself in a series of troubles. Though he wants to back up he is unable as he’s bound to love of the good people of Oz. Will he be able to succeed in bringing down the evil witches is what the remaining plot unfolds.

Quirky Quotes

Oskar: Lets go kill ourselves a witch

Ex: I’ll think about it
Oskar: Men love that answer 

Oskar: How wicked is she?
Theodora: They are as wicked as they come

Glenda: Maybe you are capable of more than you know

Queen Glenda: Your works were great
Worker: That’s workmanship, but what you displayed there was courage, which is greatness.


It’s a visual treat with dazzling daffodils, glittering lilies and flamboyant falls of the wonderland Oz. The way the movie begins in black-white, remains the same for first 15 minutes until the wizard reaches the land of Oz is awe-striking.


The first question arises in mind is – Why 3D? Secondly this is strictly a movie for kids. Thirdly, though it’s visually compelling, logically impaling. What beats all is – the dubious and kids like lies which Oskar says are believed by wicked witches which even a kid would easily know. 


Producer Roth initially sought out Robert Downey Jr. for the titular role of the Wizard in April 2010. By 2011, the actor acknowledged his unwillingness and later Johnny Depp was approached for this role who as well turned down the offer due his commitment on other Disney film -The Lone Ranger.

Worst Rated : 4.5/ 10
Best Rated    : 5/ 10

Oz the great and powerful  – child’s play




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