NASA’s Cassini pictures bright Venus from Saturn orbit

NASA’s Cassini pictures bright Venus from Saturn orbit

Washington, Mar 7 (TruthDive): NASA’s Cassini robotic spacecraft has captured an amazing image of Venus through the rings of Saturn.

The deep space probe Cassini, the NASA, the Italian Space Agency and European Space Agency robotic spacecraft have been exploring Saturn and its moons since it was launched in 1997 and arrived at the Saturn system in 2004. The spacecraft keeps recording the celestial bodies around Saturn as well as the ones besides it from time to time, whether intentionally or accidentally.

The Saturnian system is large. There are 31 moons, 13 of which were discovered after Cassini was launched. The probe has watched a variety of chemical, geologic, and atmospheric processes like suspected water ice, cry volcanoes, and atmospheres rich in organic material in the Saturnian system.

Recently, on January 4, the probe has shot the image through the rings of the gas giant, across interplanetary space and has captured the bright, cloudy terrestrial planet Venus.

Cassini captured this image, when the probe was approximately 371,000 miles (597,000 km) from Saturn. Venus appears near the top of the photo, sandwiched between Saturn’s bright, curving limb and its G ring. The scale in this view is 20 miles (32 km) per pixel.

Cassini was behind Saturn when it took the images; that is, the Sun was on the other side of the planet, so all Cassini saw of Saturn itself is a very thin illuminated arc.

Previously, last November Cassini took a special image of Venus and Saturn when it was placed in the shadow of Saturn. This allowed Cassini to look in the direction of the Sun and Venus, and take a backlit image of Saturn and its rings in a special viewing geometry called ‘high solar phase.’

In 2006, Cassini snapped an amazing view of Earth as it appeared from the ringed planet. That photo was called “In Saturn’s Shadow”. Researchers say that the image of Earth is one of the most popular Cassini images taken to date.

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