Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi

Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi

The Bharatiya Janata Party and the All India Congress Committee may not openly announce their Prime Ministerial candidate. But the media have already concluded as if it is a definite conclusion. It is Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi.

The surveys are taken and results are analysed. The fans and followers of both the leaders are interested to read about and discuss such a comparison. India is not a  democracy like America. But, for a long time since independence, a leader -centric politics is possible in India.

There are so many senior and experienced leaders in both the political parties. Some of them are well qualified, experienced as cabinet ministers in the Government of India. But their names are not popular when compared to these two leaders.

Without any survey we now compare them based only on perception. This is just opinion considering certain factors and qualities expected from a political leader to become a Prime Minister. We just mention the name who scores high in each factor. The valuation showing” Equal” means both leaders are status quoists and they cannot bring better results than any other senior leaders.

Popularity  : Rahul Gandhi

Experience : Narendra Modi

Organisational capacity : Narendra Modi

Inner party acceptance  : Rahul Gandhi

Acceptance with alliance partners : Rahul Gandhi

Propaganda power : Narendra Modi

Election work         : Narendra Modi

Votes of religious minorities  : Rahul Gandhi

Money power  : Rahul Gandhi

Conventional media support : Narendra Modi

Social networking : Narendra Modi

Respect to human rights : Equal

Corruption : No evidence against both

Intention to eliminate poverty   : Equal

Intention to improve education : Equal

Intention to provide health care : Equal

Roadmap for progress : Narendra Modi

Leadership qualities : Narendra Modi

Problem creation     : Narendra Modi

Problem-solving      : Narendra Modi

Contribution to national integration: Rahul Gandhi

Relationship with neighboring countries: Rahul Gandhi

Empowering dalit people : Equal

Empowering women       : Equal

Control of terrorism        : Narendra Modi

Control of communal violence: Rahul Gandhi

Pro-rich : Narendra Modi

Pro-poor : Rahul Gandhi

Support of corporates : Equal

Chance to become a dictator : Narendra Modi

Chance to become a puppet  : Rahul Gandhi

Chance to become the next PM : Nil for both


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13 thoughts on “Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi

  1. Sunder,
    I don’t know if you really “live” in India.
    I am an american and can still sense the mood of the nation half the globe across.
    It’s “MODI” written all over…
    In case if you still want to be in denial then be so.
    By the way how bout your media guys do a appropriate survery of 10 largest indian cities and ask 10,000 randomly selected people about their opinion..?
    Can you do that ..then you may have something different to write..or may be nothing in case if you are on Congress payroll..
    Just an observation..
    BTW, I am not an PR representative of any politician..I am a working physician who just keeps track of my country or origin..
    Jai Hind..

    1. You must be out of your mind or just poorly read. Katju is an unmitigated idiot unless you like him believe that there should be two sets of law one for the rich like Sanjay Dutt and the other for the poor

  2. Really ? how much were you paid to squeeze Rahul Ganghi’s name in there ?

    Its people like you who bring lot of shame to journalism.

  3. American Indian does not know why Narendra Modi is not granted Visa to enter America. Without knowing this how American Indian is living in USA?

  4. This journalist is a lump of shit. He declared Rahul Gandhi more popular. He must hv been out of his senses while writing. Comparing Modi with Rahul Gandhi is the acme of insult to Na Mo.While one is self made, effecient administrator and the most lusturous and illustrious star on the horizon of Indian politics the other is grossly incapable, ineffecient, sans vision, born out of sycophancy.

  5. The comparative analysis is really good. The author has judiciously depicted character and behaviour of both the leaders. But it should be noted that Narendra Modi is yet to become a national leader. He may not be even known to more than 80 percent peop[le south of Vindhyas(except Masrashtra). Modi has no basic qualification i.e. parliament experience. He wants to thrusty into the parliament by keeping the money rich Gujarathis behind him. Ruling a rich businessman state like Gujarat is entirely different from ruling a nation like India. Rahul may consult,hear,coordinate and take decision like his mother whcih is very necessary for a nation like India. The fissifarous and profit making organisastions may like loud sound Moody instead of a humble, cheerful and tolerant Rahul, who may not create sensational news and behave like a villain. In India villain actor is ,more popular than the hero and enjoys most of the scenes in the movie. Rahul underwent terrible ordeal in his life. Moody may create terrible ordeals for others to keep in power and lime light. Rahul may know the pulse of the human feelings better than arogant,less humane, disrepector of senior leaders and less fortunate people. B.J.P. can better choose a leader who can be a better leader of people of India and a match for young and cheerful leader, Rahul Gandhi..

  6. How can you give equal ranking in the following parameters for Modi-Respect to human right,Intention to remove poverty,Healthcare and Empowering Women?A person telling malnourished women as figure conscious,making village women walk for miles to get drinking water,not bothered to provide electricity to 11 lakhs houses and selling electricity to neighbouring states and earning profit of 1800 crores,and a person accused of mass murders.If giving lands and electricity at subsidised rates to big industries is progress only,you can give good marks for Modi.If Hitler is a good leader then Modi is also having that leadership quality.Do not insult your readers with this sort of silly survey.

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