Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi

The Bharatiya Janata Party and the All India Congress Committee may not openly announce their Prime Ministerial candidate. But the media have already concluded as if it is a definite conclusion. It is Narendra Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi.

The surveys are taken and results are analysed. The fans and followers of both the leaders are interested to read about and discuss such a comparison. India is not a  democracy like America. But, for a long time since independence, a leader -centric politics is possible in India.

There are so many senior and experienced leaders in both the political parties. Some of them are well qualified, experienced as cabinet ministers in the Government of India. But their names are not popular when compared to these two leaders.

Without any survey we now compare them based only on perception. This is just opinion considering certain factors and qualities expected from a political leader to become a Prime Minister. We just mention the name who scores high in each factor. The valuation showing” Equal” means both leaders are status quoists and they cannot bring better results than any other senior leaders.

Popularity  : Rahul Gandhi

Experience : Narendra Modi

Organisational capacity : Narendra Modi

Inner party acceptance  : Rahul Gandhi

Acceptance with alliance partners : Rahul Gandhi

Propaganda power : Narendra Modi

Election work         : Narendra Modi

Votes of religious minorities  : Rahul Gandhi

Money power  : Rahul Gandhi

Conventional media support : Narendra Modi

Social networking : Narendra Modi

Respect to human rights : Equal

Corruption : No evidence against both

Intention to eliminate poverty   : Equal

Intention to improve education : Equal

Intention to provide health care : Equal

Roadmap for progress : Narendra Modi

Leadership qualities : Narendra Modi

Problem creation     : Narendra Modi

Problem-solving      : Narendra Modi

Contribution to national integration: Rahul Gandhi

Relationship with neighboring countries: Rahul Gandhi

Empowering dalit people : Equal

Empowering women       : Equal

Control of terrorism        : Narendra Modi

Control of communal violence: Rahul Gandhi

Pro-rich : Narendra Modi

Pro-poor : Rahul Gandhi

Support of corporates : Equal

Chance to become a dictator : Narendra Modi

Chance to become a puppet  : Rahul Gandhi

Chance to become the next PM : Nil for both


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