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Mahinda Rajapksa effigy burnt, Chennai UN office taken siege, 500 arrested

Chennai, Feb 13 (): In a first time of its kind in Chennai, UN office at Adyar in Chennai was taken siege, and effigy of Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa was burnt by representatives and volunteers of May 17 movement, headed by Thirumurugan of this movement.

This agitation  was taken out in Chennai on February 12 seeking justice for the killings of ethnic Tamils in Sri Lanka. After evidences against India and UN are brought to light over the killings of Eelam Tamils in ethnic strife of Sri Lanka, such a massive siege and demonstration had taken place in Tamil Nadu for the first time.

This agitation was carried out by May 17 movement condemning the UN officials, Ban-Ki-moon,Vijay Nambiar and John Holmes for their complicity in genocidal killings of Eelam Tamils. May 17 movement demanded to conduct a UN referendum for an independent Tamil Eelam and order international independent investigation into the war crimes committed by genocidal Sri Lanka.

Representatives of 39 movements including leaders like MDMK leader Vaiko, Jawahirulla,Pazha Nedumaran,Velmurugan, Maniarasan and Viduthalai Rajendran took part in this agitation and lent their support for the cause of Eelam Tamils.

People who took part in the agitation were arrested by police when they tried to take siege of UN office. Led by Thirumurugan, about 50 members ran through the Canal Road to cordon off the UN office, breaking the barricades put up by the policemen. A violent  clash erupted between policemen and volunteers of May 17 movement, turning  the area into a battleground.

When the volunteers of May 17 movement still tried to break free and cordon off the UN office, they shouted condemning the UN officials, asking to penalize them. They were restrained by police and 500 of them were arrested.

Meantime, other members of the May 17 movement burnt effigy of Mahinda Rajapkasa and garlanded a person wearing a mask of Mahinda Rajapaksa with chappals.  




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