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May 17 movement to take siege of UN offices on Feb 12

Chennai, Feb 8 () :  In memory of Murugathasan, representatives and volunteers of the May 17 Movement have planned to take siege of UN office at Kasturi Bai Nagar, Adyar,Chennai on February 12, 2013 at 10 am.

May 17 Movement has also brought to light the solid evidences against UN officials who betrayed Eelam Tamils during the bloody war in Sri Lanka.

Murugathasan Varnakulasingham, a Tamil, self-immolated himself outside the United Nations complex in Geneva in 2009 accusing UN for its inaction and sought  a solution for the suffering Tamils in Sri Lanka.

Leaders like Thiru Pazha Nedumaran, Thiru Vaiko, Thiru Jawahirulla, Thiru Kolathur Mani, Thiru Maniarasan,Thiru Kovai Ramakrishnan, Thiru Panruti Velmurugan,Thiru Tehlan Bagavi  and Thiru Thiagu are participating in the massive agitation.

Also, volunteers and representatives of the May 17 Movement, Tamil activists  from across the world – from Malaysia, America, France and Britain are joining hands to take siege of the UN offices in their respective cities expressing solidarity for the cause of Eelam Tamils.  Many more are expected to join this worldwide massive agitation.

May 17 movement demands to punish the UN officials who blocked offering independence to Tamil Eelam, and also had a fair share in the killings of hundreds of thousands of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

The movement has also brought to light the evidences against the UN officials – Ban Ki-moon, Vijay Nambiar and John Holmes who have obstructed passing the referendum at UN for creation of separate Eelam in Sri Lanka.

Evidences against UN officials as quoted by pathivu.com are:

–  UN stopped supply of food and medicines to Tamils caught stranded in war in Sri Lanka in 2009.

– Instead of food and medicines, UN sent cricket bats and balls to war-torn regions of Sri Lanka.

– UN allowed the bloody war to continue by refusing to release the number of Tamils killed by Sri Lankan Army in the war.

–  UN pressured the junior  officers to indict LTTE with charges of inhuman killings and war crimes rather than Sri Lankan Army.

– Vijay Nambiar, former Chef de Cabinet to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sent to stop the killings of ethnic Tamils, rested in Colombo instead of handling the issue head-on.

– Ban Ki-moon took part in the felicitation function organized by the Sri Lankan government to celebrate the killings of ethnic Tamils.

– Ban Ki-moon opted not to screen the Channel 4 video on war crimes committed by Sri Lanka to UN officials; instead, Ban showed the film produced by the Sri Lankan government itself.

– Ban Ki-moon rejected the suggestion of international investigation put forth by UN officials and in its place suggested “Let Sri Lanka enquire itself.”

– Ban Ki-moon offered enough time to the Sri Lankan government to erase out the evidences of its numerous civilian killings.

May 17 Movement appeals to all Tamil activists and volunteers to join and support them for the cause of Eelam Tamils.




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