Jagadish Shettar to present budget on February 8

Jagadish Shettar to present budget on February 8

Bangalore, Feb 4 (TruthDive): Emphasizing that the state faces no crisis, Karnataka Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar has assured that he will be presenting the maiden budget on February 8 and there is no threat absolutely to his government even after the resignation of the thirteen BJP MLAs in the recent past.

While talking to media person after the address of Governor HR Bhardwaj to the joint state legislature session, the Karnataka Chief Minister said that there is nothing to worry, as the budget will be presented on February 8. Responding to the opposition criticism, the chief minister also stated that he will always welcome constructive criticism and suggestion given by the opposition parties.

Thirteen MLAs, who decided to submit their resignations to Speaker KG Bopaiah, were left in a shocking stage earlier after Bopaiah had gone on a foreign trip. After Bopaiah’s return from his foreign trip, all the thirteen MLAs who rushed once again to submit their resignations to the Speaker, faced controversies after the Speaker accepted only twelve MLAs’ resignations and rejected one claiming it as technical fault.

One more BJP MLA who decided to resign from the party submitted his resignation to the speaker on February 1, but the decision is yet to be taken, said sources.

Out of fourteen MLAs who decided to resign, only twelve resignations have been accepted by the speaker, that too after nine hours of arguments and protests by the rebels who came to a conclusion that the Speaker was making an attempt to postpone their decision of resignation for the party cause.

Till now the BJP government in Karnataka is safe and its stability is not likely to affect unless five more MLAs decide to quit the Shettar government. After the 12 MLAs’ resignation, the strength of the Assembly has been reduced to 211 and that of the BJP to 108, besides the speaker, a nominated member and an Independent.

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