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Kamal Hassan agrees to edit seven scenes in Vishwaroopam,release date soon

Chennai, Feb 2 (): Kamal Hassan has agreed to edit seven objectionable scenes from his controversial spy thriller, Vishwaroopam according to recent reports.

A five-hour marathon discussion was held between Kamal Hassan, government personnel and representatives of Muslim organizations today to reach for a compromise. Sources say that Kamal Hassan  and representatives of Muslim organizations have signed an agreement to this effect.

Vishwaroopam received a major setback in Tamil Nadu over its release even though the film’s Hindi version, Vishwaroop was released in North India. Earlier on Friday, Chandra Hassan, Kamal Hassan’s brother and co-producer of Vishwaroopam, met with the representatives of the Muslim organizations and government officials to reach for a compromise with the protesting Muslim groups who were claiming Vishwaroopam to be anti-Muslim which resulted in banning the release of the much-awaited movie in Tamil Nadu.

But, the talks held on Friday barely paved way for a mutual consensus between the warring parties as Kamal Hassan was not present in the meeting. He was in Mumbai for the Hindi premiere of his movie,Vishwaroopam.

On Kamal Hassan’s return to Chennai today, the marathon meeting was scheduled between the protesting Muslim organizations and Kamal Hassan. This mediation session was facilitated by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who had earlier justified the ban on the movie for the ‘hot tempers to cool down’ and to maintain law and order situation in the State. She had further stated that the ban on Kamal’s film has nothing to do with any kind of rivalry or political vendetta with him.

Kamal Hassan after today’s meeting told media men that he would let know the release date soon and thanked the state’s home secretary R Rajagopal for his patience. The protesting Muslim groups have expressed their happiness about Kamal’s decision to edit seven scenes from Vishwaroopam.

Meanwhile, reports say that the 95-crore dream project of Kamal Hassan has been well-received in North India but for some minor agitations in Lucknow.




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