Maaza is with Coke in India

Maaza is with Coke in India

New Delhi,Feb 1 (TruthDive) : Bisleri cannot sell fruit drink Maaza in India says Delhi court. This was in response to a petition by Coca Cola. The Coke-Bisleri war has been going on for 15 years over use of trademark of Maaza.

In 1993, Coca-Cola re-entered India and started operations of its own product and bought out Parle brands Citra, Maaza, Gold Spot, Thums Up and Limca. The problem started with Coke moving certain patent authorities abroad to register the trademark of Maaza. Bisleri which is marketing Maaza in several countries contested this claim.

Bisleri’s contention was that Coca Cola was given the trademark of its carbonated drinks and not the fruit drink, Maaza. Since Coca Cola was not the owner it had no right to patent the trademark, says Bisleri.

Bisleri wanted Coke to destroy all Maaza drinks it produced and stop selling it. Bisleri got an order saying that it can manufacture the mango drink in India and export it but not sell within India and that Coca Cola has rights to do so. Bisleri challenged this order. The issue was back in the court. Shuttling between courts, the case finally ends up now with the present order. Coca Cola did not sell Maaza in any other country like Bisleri but if it does then another round of lawsuit will follow.

Those familiar with patent suits says intellectual property rights are both owned by Bisleri International and Coca-Cola and in markets abroad both can market it. 

The argument being that Coke bought the rights to Maaza in India which Indian court has agreed. With this it can go into patent it in other countries while Bisleri too can do the same since it has sold Maaza only for India region.

Both sides claim victory saying they have been justified. Bisleri owner Chauhan says that he is the legitimate owner of Maaza and his international operations will continue. Coca-Cola says that it was looking to its operations in India to sell Maaza and that has been ratified by the court.

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