Men pass DNA to women while kissing

London, Jan 27 ( TruthDive): What DNA has to do in a kissing? One should wonder why we have this title of “ Men pass DNA to women while kissing” instead of the other way around or you call it vice versa? It is just common sense. Just think about the recent reporting of rapes and gang rapes in Indian capital New Delhi. There is a difference between passionate kiss of intimate lovers and stolen kisses of sex offenders.

What many people already know is that a DNA test will confirm who is the father of a child. Indians know that a senior politician N.D.Tiwari was compelled to undergo DNA mapping following a paternity suit in the court. It proved that he was the biological father of the son whom he disowned.

But the present finding by woman scientist Natália Kamodyová from Slovakia, is of different nature. She asked 12 willing couples to passionately kiss for at least two minutes. (The report of how many continued to kiss more than two minutes and went on further is not revealed). After the kissing process was over, she took samples of saliva from the women kissed by their willing partners. The saliva samples were tested at intervals of 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes.

During a kiss, bacteria and mucus are exchanged. The scientist detected Y Chromosome which identifies men. This was done through amplification. She discovered that DNA of men last at least an hour after kissing.

This finding in the field of genetics could be useful in forensic science to identify the profile of sex offenders. A test on saliva of the woman subjected to forced sex can detect the man or men in the case of gang rape. Of course there is an established test for testing samples of semen in such cases.

Whether it is possible to identify the men after an hour of sex offence or whether the test can be conducted from the saliva of dead woman are other questions about which the scientist is yet to explore in detail.

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