Cooling Universe Proves Big Bang Theory

Melbourne, Jan 25 (TruthDive): Light from one unnamed galaxy which is 7.2 billion light years away has reached our galaxy now. This has enabled our scientists to measure the temperature when the universe was younger than now.

From observing this light a team of international scientists from Sweden, France, Germany and Australia have measured the temperature of the far away galaxy which emitted this light almost half of the time from the beginning of Big Bang. Since the Big Bang occurred about 13.77 billion years ago, the light we are seeing is the light of the past. We do not know how that far away Galaxy is glowing now.

In our time machine seeing the human past at present is not possible. But seeing the past of the universe is possible. This is like a woman of 50 years looking at her photograph taken when she was 25 years old.

Radio waves and absorption of energy of radio waves by the gas around the distant galaxy are showing a fingerprint which are studied by scientists to measure the accurate temperature of the past when the universe was younger.

How it proves Big Bang theory?

At the beginning of this world, there was a big bang and universe was hot and dense only with energy. As it started to cool, the energy got converted into sub-atomic particles. Later atoms were formed. From Hydrogen atoms heavier atoms were formed. The stars and galaxies formed by combination of such particles at various stages are spread out in space. From the big bang the universe is continuously cooling down.

In a favourable environment at a particular cooling point say 30 degree Celsius in the Earth, these atoms combined together to create biological organism. By evolution, man came from monkey. Or please imagine that the whole universe was created directly by God.

Younger galaxy, ancient universe, what a brilliant show of time to imagine and explore in to many hypothetical questions arising out of this finding for science fiction!

Is this cooling due to the spread of temperature from radiation to a larger space?

While expansion of Universe is actually proved to be accelerating, whether the rate of cooling will be more in future?

Despite having immeasurable energy in the form of radiation from the sun like stars, how big this space occupies to lower the temperature?

Whether space itself is expanding?

Lot of questions to think about. Please cool down your head and start thinking about how to tackle global warming first.

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  1. LOL..the Concept of GOD? a stupid one.
    The cooling of the universe is due…. :)

  2. ”Or please imagine that the whole universe was created directly by God.” It would be a lot easier for skeptics if they thought ‘Science is the mechanism that God chose to create this whole universe.’ The greatest Scientist up there who actually created us through scientific mechanisms that we day in day out study and research at.

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