USA and North Korea war of words on Nuclear Tests

USA and North Korea war of words on Nuclear Tests

Washington Jan 25 (TruthDive): Instead of restraining North Korea, the international sanction has become a provocation to conduct nuclear tests by the ambitious nation. After conducting nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009 North Korea is to conduct it again in 2013.

It is now seen that the UN sanction to restrict Korea’s space program, blocking trade of sophisticated technology for making weapons, terminating the trade activities of Korea etc cannot stop Koreans in their path towards conducting nuclear tests as a defense tool.They have rights to separate their civilian nuclear program from military programs and show the realities to the world.

The analysts and experts believe that North Korea has developed indigenous technology in using Plutonium. The country also posses enriched Uranium.

While the North Korea says that US (the sworn enemy of Korean people) follows a dangerous policy towards North Korea, Washington considers the proposed underground nuclear test is a provocation.

Therefore there are mutual allegations of provocations.

North Korea proposes retaliations against USA to assert its right of survival to use force although it is a jungle rule. USA believes that North Korea is on the path of committing mistakes.

The worries of USA are reasonable since North Korea has demonstrated its might by conducting missile tests in last December. Now North Korea is capable of launching missiles to land in USA. The next step is to make miniature nuclear bombs which can be carried by such missiles.

So far whatever steps taken by USA against Iran or North Korea on Nuclear issues only backfired and failed to restrain these states from making of nuclear devices.

The states threatened by USA have rights to believe that their nuclear capability can be defensive against the offensive USA. They may not wish to meet the fate of Iraq, Afghanistan.

The policy of China to encourage North Korea to control Japan and Pakistan to control India has only resulted in the spread of nuclear technology. However realizing the threats posed in defense USA is now enforcing a military strategy towards Pakistan to befriend that state and at the same time maintaining close relations with India.

Similarly US may adopt such attitude towards North Korea too, not only to defend itself but also to cut short the growing influence of China and its economic and military activities.

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