Vishwaroopam unmasks Kamal Hassan

Vishwaroopam unmasks Kamal Hassan

Chennai, Jan 24 (TruthDive): Actor Kamal Hassan is frozen with shock if anyone can read his mind. He must have been pushed to depression and messed up his own character and career.

Only Kamal Hassan should explain why he lands himself in trouble. Films like Anbe Sivam have earned him a good name which addressed human values. But when presenting social values and national issues, one should think twice. No one can be taken for granted in this era of communication and information technology. His ambition to telecast Vishwaroopam in DTH may be right. But that went wrong. Similarly the intention of Kamal Hassan for addressing the problems of terrorism or religious extremism may be right. But it is not working.

His plan to release Vishwaroopam on Miladi Nabi day should be a clear provocation on a sensitive issue. He can influence the censor board to get certificate but cannot escape public scrutiny.

He should have in mind that a film on the plot to kill Rajiv Gandhi was shelved  by the Government. Perhaps he should have derived enough confidence and strength from the established forces which allowed his film Hey Ram based on plot to kill Mahatma Gandhi.

Such double standards will not work on the ground and could not go well with the people. It is unfortunate that such an actor of great talent tries this subject while there are so many innumerable stories on hand with imaginative story writers.

Now Kamal Hassan has no place to hide. His secret wishes for soft Hindutva are exposed. He himself betrayed him which should have been avoided.

Kamal Hassan has created great trouble now with news pouring in from various district police officers that this film has a potential to create law and order problem throughout Tamil Nadu. He has invited more trouble for the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the Government who are preparing to celebrate Republic Day.

10 thoughts on “Vishwaroopam unmasks Kamal Hassan

  1. Kamal Hassan, no doubt, a great thinker and his speeches on many occassions shows his matured and a great level of thinking. He project himself as a secular on many occasions. But being secular and to be opposed to many civilizations and supportive of one civilization ( current global economy based civilization) are two different things. This has prompted him to drop the project of marudanayagam. Also Vishwaroopam will get the support of his audience ( both international and local) but knowingly or unknowingly he allowed himself to be trapped in the above mentioned civilization clash. Still Kamal Hassan can think about this scenario and can come out of this. But now question is Kamal Hassan has invested so much in this project and his only vision will be come out of this situation financially.

  2. The above article is perfectly a crap one.. Please don’t try to get rub with LEGENDS and get fame out of that… All the politicians are trying to do that only… AND You educated guys don’t do the same…. If Politicans really want to have fame please do good for the people and get it.. Dont simply nib the legends and get fame out of it. Muslims are our fellow citizens… We wont give up them at any cost.. But at same time.. when people like kamal hassan is trying to get fame for INDIA we should feel proud and support him… We should not impose the cultural diversity over here…. Its not the medium…. Plzzz my fellow muslim friends.. Please come forward to support a National Icon of India… Kamal statement ” Muslims may be minority of India but they are Majority in this World” Plzzz keep this in mind… Dont consider him as you enemy… instead consider politicians as your enemy who trying to get fame out of this…….. KAMAL THE GREAT ICON OF INDIA… SALUTE FOR HIM AND HIS EFFORTS…..

  3. This shitty article is written by a rightist Muslim who has not even seen the movie but yet accuses a cinema luminary of soft hindutva.

    Earnest suggestion if you don’t like India and Indians better emigrate to Pakistan !!!

  4. This shitty article is written by a rightist Muslim who has not even seen the movie but yet accuses a cinema luminary of soft hindutva.

    Earnest suggestion if you don’t like India and Indians better emigrate to Pakistan !!!!

  5. I Strongly Disagree with this summary, Kamal is a person who always fighting for peace…

    You can realize it, If you have watched his upcoming movie trailer “Maruthanayagam”

    He gone with the support of Muslims and you can also able to view a line that

    ” ISLAM alias PEACE” in that Trailer.

    SO, Don’t lie to someone unaimlessly without knowing that original content of the movie…
    Kamal Hassan Rocks !!!!!!!!!!! An Indian who made all of us proud……..

  6. OMG ! Supporters of Mullah Omar & Osama at it again ! Please stop such crap and films are imaginary stuff folks ! Just enjoy or ignore it . We would like to watch the movie mae by the legend KAMAL.

  7. What kind of article is this??? jus a crap..!!
    How these kind of persons are allowed to write in social platforms??
    shame on these website..trash these article!!

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