Vishwaroopam – Ban demanded for anti-Islam, anti-Quran plot

Chennai, Jan 24 (TruthDive): After Hey Ram, it is now Vishwaroopam for Kamal Hassan making news and controversies before the release.

Earlier Vishwaroopam was caught in a row about digital telecast before the release, inviting the ire of theatre owners. The experiments of Kamal Haasan with technology and story are now subject to political and religious audit.

In a period when the main political parties are debating about Hindu terrorism, Muslim terrorism, Saffron extremism etc, the plot of Vishwaroopam seems to be adding fuel to the fire.

Following unconfirmed reports of depiction of Islam in a bad taste, the Muslim organisations in Tamil Nadu demanded a preview to which Kamal Hassan conceded. A special show was arranged by Kamal Hassan with a hope to convince that his production of Vishwaroopam was not against Muslims. But his assumption went wrong.

The Muslim organisations perceive that the whole film is intended to insult the holy book of Quran and the religion Islam and no one could have taken such a film in the history of Indian cinema.

In a further twist to the religious angle, the Muslim leaders have quoted Periyar E.V.Ramasamy cautioning that forward-looking Brahmin is dangerous than vedic Brahmin. Since Kamal Hassan belongs to Brahmin community and shows himself as an anti-caste activist, it should be indigestible to him now.

The Muslim organisations are worried that Vishwaroopam shall damage the social fabric of Tamil Nadu, a state where Hindus and Muslims are living peacefully as brothers. They are now demanding a ban on the film citing that there will be law and order problem.

In September 2012, Muslim organisations in Chennai protested against the anti-Prophet Mohammed movie which turned violent resulting in landing of footwear and stones on US Consulate in Chennai apart from blocking of Mount Road, hitting traffic. Unprecedented gathering of Muslims at the heart of the city was a challenge to the police force in crowd management.

The present  development is a cause of worry not only to Kamal Hassan but also to the law enforcing authorities and the Government of Tamil Nadu. Something should be done to assuage the feelings of religious leaders to make  a favourable environment for the screening of the film for which advance bookings are on the way.

The ban now imposed for two weeks may give room for negotiation to delete some scenes and pave way for release.


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