Obama on Afghanistan in line with Truthdive opinion

The time limit set by Obama to back out of Afghanistan in 2014 is nearing. Now America believes that it has decapitated Al Qaeda after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

Although America now believes that their goal in Afghanistan is within reach, there is no other way except to hold discussions with concerned parties to establish peace, since the committed date for withdrawal of troops is nearing. American allies are tired and feeling insecure by their presence in Afghanistan after a long 11-year-old violent military strategy.

Now, Afghanistan and America have decided to hold talks with Taliban. The discussions are to start with no pre condition.

Holding peaceful discussions is the only permanent path for peace. When Truthdive published this article http://truthdive.com/2009/03/13/will-obama-talk-to-osama.html many wondered whether it was a fiction or imagination in the name of opinion.

When military operations were on hig-voltage, the Truthdive article suggested:

evolve a comprehensive strategy of not ruling out dialogue, to set achievable goals, by admitting the mistakes committed in the past – to present a hope for the future…

A comment in Truthdive from Sunderapandyan, a noted political analyst also proved a correct understanding of the situation in 2009 itself:

Obama approaching moderate Taliban can also be viewed as a tactic to isolate Al Qaeda. Mr Bush made Al Qaeda a stronger enemy by declaring “War on Terror” rather than “War on Al Qaeda” there by making the enemy larger than it was. May be the Bush administration thought it is below their dignity to declare a small group such as Al Qaeda an enemy of the mighty USA.

However, zeroing in on Al Qaeda will bring better results to the Americans war with them. Mr. Obama’s approach will hopefully not lump all insurgencies into terrorists and start looking at ways to form partnership with several insurgents across the globe, some of whom may be fighting legitimate wars and become viable long-term partners for the US.

Compared to the 2009 reports in Washington post expressing views of diplomats in USA and Pakistan criticizing proposed talk with moderate Taliban as a dream, a tactic that would not succeed,  the reported suggestion of Truthdive.com for a dialogue even with Osama shows a mature understanding of ground realities. What can any other country or even the UN approved Government of Afghanistan do if vast area of the country is under the control of Taliban that too with a border with Pakistan which is a breeding place for the so-called freedom fighters or terrorists?

Now the question is “What will make Taliban to accept the US peace initiative?“

It is simply the technology. LTTE was destroyed by Sri Lanka not by its own military power but by intelligence assistance provided in  air surveillance in remote sensing by many nations who were looking for economic benefits from Sri Lanka.

Currently the French air strikes have made the Mali Islamists to backtrack. Even India appears to be considering air strikes against Pakistan occupied territory to destroy terrorists.

No extra constitutional or terrorist organization or even freedom struggle can withstand air-strikes supported by modern technology .

Taliban has no other way since Pakistan will be under the control of US military strategy and Al-Qaeda has been decimated. It is advantage to America and its allies to accept a decent defeat. For Taliban it is a chance to come back to power by compromising some of their outdated fundamentalist ideas on women.

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