CPM leader Rehman’s impolite remark against Mamata leads to outrage

CPM leader Rehman’s impolite remark against Mamata leads to outrage

Kolkata, Dec 30 (TruthDive): Apologizing publicly, CPI-M leader Anisur Rehman on Saturday expressed his regret for the indecent and impolite comment he made against West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee in a meeting at Itahar in North Dinajpur region.

Pleading to forgive repeatedly, the former minister said that he had already apologized through a written statement but now he is openly asking for an apology in public.

Passing offensive comment against the Trinamool Congress chief, CPM leader Anisur Rehman mocked the chief minister of West Bengal over her decision of government’s compensation for rape victims, saying that what would be the fee of Mamata Banerjee if someone gets Rs 20,000 after being raped.

Reacting sharply to the comments of the CPM leader, Trinamool parliamentary affairs minister Partha Chatterjee sent a privilege notice to the speaker of West Bengal Biman Banerjee against Rehman and also attached a video recording and newspaper clippings of the comment made by Rehman.

The CPM leader’s comment of degrading a woman is condemnable and it appears that the party has not yet learnt a lesson even after being voted out of power, said the Trinamool leader  who also added that he was deeply hurt by the way the CPM had abused a leader and a woman.

Condemning the remark of the CPM leader, senior Trinamool and panchayat minister Subrata Mukherjee wondered how a person like Anisur Rehman was made the minister in the Left Front Government. Communists have a habit of making such vulgar comments, said Mukherjee..

Later the CPM MLA from Dumkol in Murshidabad while seeking apology from the Chief Minister said that he regretted for being so ill-mannered and had no intention to denigrate anyone.

The comment of the CPM leader led to severe outrage among the ruling government demanding an apology from Mr Rehman who later apologized for making such  an offensive remark.

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