Baby mix-up at Egmore hospital in Chennai

Baby mix-up at Egmore hospital in Chennai

Chennai, Dec 29 (TruthDive): At the Egmore government maternity hospital in Chennai, two babies were mixed up by the hospital workers by mistake, which created confusion among the parents of the children as both the parents claimed rights over  a male baby, the other being a female.

Both the parents are fighting for the male baby, as one woman has given birth to a female child. Both the mothers had undergone caesarean around 4 pm on Thursday. Officials of the hospital have ordered for a DNA test to make certain the parentage of the two new born children.

Munirathinam Gowthami from Tiruttani who was informed by the nurse that she has given birth to a male boy was extremely happy and even agreed for a birth control operation as the couple had a girl child already. Her husband even informed his relatives that his wife had given birth to a male boy, but his happiness was momentary, when the hospital staffs informed him that Gowthami has given birth to a girl child and not a boy. The scuffle between both parents started as both are claiming rights over the male child.

Even after the hospital staffs cleared the confusion that there was a mix-up, Gowthami’s husbnd was not ready to sacrifice the male child.

On Friday morning a huge crowd thronged in front of the hospital and blamed the hospital staff for the malpractice which made the authorities decide to conduct a DNA test to determine the parentage of the babies.

After high drama was witnessed inside the premises of the hospital, the authorities decided to call the police. The nurse also apologized saying that by mistake she had shown a male child to Gowthami who actually gave birth to a female child.

Officials at the hospital said that strict action would be taken against those involved if any error was revealed. The hospital alleged that it could go for a DNA test  only after a FIR is filed by the couple.

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