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Delhi Gang Rape : Suzanna Reddy does photo shoot to support victim

Mumbai, Dec 22 (): The entire nation has come together demanding justice for the 23-year-old para medical student, who was brutally gang-raped in a moving bus by at least six rapists and thrown out of the bus along with her boyfriend. This shocking incident has resulted in widespread protests across the country.

Protests are taking place in many places in New Delhi. Today, hundreds of women activists and students marched towards Rashtrapati Bhavan demanding a strong action against the rapists and give justice to women community.

Bollywood celebrities too have expressed their anger and grief over this brutal gang-rape that happened in the capital city.

Bollywood actress, Suzanna Reddy has expressed her anger and has demanded justice to the victim through a fashion photo-shoot in a novel manner. She has openly shown her protest against the culprits, she said, “New Delhi gang-rape shameful and shameless. The man who rape should be castrated or hanged.”

Suzanna, who is a NRI actress, is all set to make her Bollywood debut in the upcoming movie “The City That Never Sleeps”, which is produced by Satish Reddy and directed by Haroon Rashid.

The actress has posed for a eye-capturing photo shoot, which depicts the message very clearly and also each snap gives clear-cut statistics about crimes against women and rapes.

Suzanna Reddy has posed in all the pictures, holding small banners with clear sentences depicting the rape crime, in addition all the snaps reveal the crime statistics in the metropolitan cities of India.

Those photos send out a message that for every 7 minutes, a crime happens against women in India and in total 25000 rapes occur per year.

One photo suggests Bengaluru stands second highest in the crime against women. Crimes against women include kidnapping, eve-teasing, sexual harassment, rape and molestation.

Statistics about crimes in Mumbai states over 200 rapes happen in the maximum city; crimes rises 15% per year, that includes 600 molestation cases.

The capital city of India, Delhi has witnessed 653 rapes in 2012. The Delhi snap shoot says a justice delayed is a justice denied.

Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor have also expressed their anger on Delhi rape case and demand for quick punishment against rapists.




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