Dec 21, 2012, end of the world : China fears as the day approaches

Dec 21, 2012, end of the world : China fears as the day approaches

Beijing, Dec 18 (TruthDive): China is taking December 21 seriously as the Chinese think the world is about to end – Malcolm Moore reports.

A survey done for Reuters at the start of this year, reports China ranks the highest when it comes to end-of-the-world fears. In the survey, nearly 20 percent expect something to happen on December 21, 2012.

In China, fear that something might happen on December 21,2012 to bring the world to a halt reached the public very badly from the super hit Hollywood disaster film “2012”. The movie received warm welcome everywhere in China and the viewers were seduced by the plot that saw the Chinese military build arks to save humanity.

From the start of this month, millions have used the word “Mayans” on Weibo as normally phlegmatic Chinese guess that the end is approaching. One popular site said that if the Mayans are right, I won’t pay my credit card bill.

Lu Jiehua, a professor in the Department of Sociology at Peking University, told a general anxiety is running through Chinese society.

In the Sichuan province, candles are selling by the hundreds, with buyers constantly coming to the market. Many stores have run out of candles said a shopkeeper at the Neijing Wholesale Market, to the West China.

A post on China’s version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, said that there are predictions that there would be complete darkness for three days continuously when the catastrophe arrives, which has created panic.

Lu Jiehua said this buying of candles in panic in Sichuan province not only shows the fear of people about upcoming catastrophe, but also reveals their sense of uncertainty towards life and society.

But, NASA is continuously taking efforts to dismiss the fears of doomsday. It says there is no evidence of the existence of Nibiru, and rumours it could be hiding behind the sun are unfounded.

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  1. I feel that! The end of an era….!I feel about the next generation will happy to enjoy our life….so pray for all the living organisms…so please pray,pray,pray,pray….there it is not an end of the world…and next day we all can live truly for all…. God will bless for all…

  2. world not going to end because so many cases are pending in all the courts of india
    and all the indian carupted black money will be wasted in the swiss bank a/c
    and all political party’s are planning to still deposit in the a/c (money is on the way to swiss

  3. The situation which might bring down a horrble disaster is over in Syria–Iran–Hamas—Hezbollah–N Korea–the most dominant culprit would be Syri who will use bio-chemicals on the people in his country. The Bio-Chemicals (which was transferred over to Assad by Saddam Hussein in Iraq) and his willingness not to bow down to the rebels–US or any other country—is the biggest threat for America. The entire Middle East will be affected and beyond any expectation of any country.

    Once the chemicals are airborne every nation could be living in an unthinkable envronment. Syria has had over 2 years to prepare–get the chemicals ready to be blasted across the region. The US and the UN (BAN) have known from the beginning of this war that BIO-CHEMICALS were in the possession of SYRIA–but the US and the UN allowed this scenario to be played out—

    A horrible scene from the Middle East just might be the Mayan prediction. If N Korea who has been showing his weaponry could hit the US from the West—and then the other countries hit the US from the East—and we can’t forget Mexico— a few months back the Mexican leader stated he had confiscated over 65,000 weapons sent to Mexico by the US State Dept.

    People around the world need to understand—at some point—at some date— Iran and Israel will be in a War—Syria and Russia stand together against Israel–and their right to exist—Just be ready–both in your Spiritual being–and then food and money to last for one month—because Iran and Israel—Syria and Russia are all together—standing together—against the US.

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