Neethane En Ponvasantham (NEP) – Review

Chennai, Dec 14 (TruthDive): Neethane En Ponvasantham is a soft-romantic Tamil movie, written and directed by Romance King Gautham Menon, starring Jiiva and Samantha.

The film has a modern-day story, which we come across very often and it deals more about emotions involved between the couple.


3 / 5


Starring  : Jiiva, Samantha, Santhanam
Director  : Gautham Menon
Producer: Gautam Menon, R.S Infotainment
Music     : Ilayaraja


The story of the film is all about the young couple played by Jiiva (Varun) and Samantha (Nithya). Varun and Nithya like each other since their childhood days. When Varun joins college,he meets Nithya in the college culturals. Interestingly, both fall for each other and they are together for the next four years. They often get separated for silly reasons but it was difficult for them to stay away for a long time, as both have deep love at the base of their hearts.

Their ego clashes, fights and emotional outbreaks form the core of the story.


Jiiva looks cute with his best acting and he has performed the role of a lover boy excellently.

Samantha steals the show throughout the film. The actress has given her best till date.

MS Prabhu’s cinematography is illuminating and every frame in the film looks beautiful.

Ilaiyaraaja’s songs, music and background scores are excellent and the album of the movie having seven tracks is one of the best albums in the recent years. ‘Yennodu vaa va…’, ‘Saayndhu saayndhu…’ are of top quality. His background score perfectly suits the romantic mood of scenes.

Editor Anthony could have worked over few boring moments.

Gautham Menon’s perfection for technical aspects could be seen in every frame. The eye-pleasing picturisation, ear-pleasing songs and beautiful locations make it a colourful film. The director reminds us of his earlier film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. However, the subject of Neethane En Ponvasantham is completely different from Simbu and Trisha starrer-VTV.


Neethane En Ponvasantham is an urban-centric film targeting youth. The film runs in a slow pace and the biggest drawback of NEP is the script focusses too much on the fights between Varun and Nithya and not so much on romantic moments.

The chemistry between Jiiva and Samantha is excellent.

Unlike other romantic films, one cannot expect turns and twists in this film but the movie keeps us engaged throughout. Overall, the film is youthful and lovely.


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