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  • Modi drags PM for his remarks on Gujarat

    Ahmedabad, Dec 10 (Truth Dive): Disapproving Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s allegations that minorities in Gujarat are not secured, chief minister Narendra Modi criticized the PM and said that the Congress government on the pretext of creating sympathy is playing vote bank politics with the minority community. Narendra Modi while attending a rally in South Gujarat…

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  • Indian dinosaurs were killed by volcanic eruption

    Washington, Dec 10 (): Dinosaur’s extinction in the world was due to the volcanoes or asteroids, the debate goes through for years. But a new study shows that volcanic activity in earlier India, not an asteroid, may have destroyed the dinosaurs. In the research, Deccan Traps, a volcanic region near Mumbai in present-day India spewed poisonous sulfur and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,…

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  • Taylor Swift reveals stalker fears

    Washington, Dec 10 (ANI): Taylor Swift has revealed that she is “grateful” to her security team for making sure that she stays safe from the possible acts of her alleged stalkers. The 22-year-old singer gets nervous when her minders send picture messages of her crazed fans, and hates talking about them because she gets worried…

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  • Now, feel vibrations of ‘virtual water’ pouring into real cup

    Washington, December 10 (ANI): A real cup vibrates as an anime girl cupbearer pours virtual water into its depths. This is the demonstration that hints the possibilities of adding the sensation of touch to vision in virtual reality worlds. According to DigInfo News, the “virtual water” demo gave viewers the sensation of water pouring into…

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