Chennai ranks 4th amid 5 Indian cities for quality of life: Mercer survey

Chennai ranks 4th amid 5 Indian cities for quality of life: Mercer survey

Chennai, Dec 6 (TruthDive): Chennai ranks 150 out of 221 global cities for quality of life in a survey conducted by Mercer, a firm of international consultancy.

Among the five Indian cities, Bangalore was ranked in the first position followed by New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Based on parameters such as the political and social environment in addition to medical and educational facilities, the yearly survey was conducted on the living conditions of the people of these cities. The year’s survey has also been done on the infrastructure relating to communication services, public transportation, water, electricity as well as intra-city and global connectivity.

The survey first and foremost intends to assist international business and help them decide their structure of payment and inducement with regard to the feature of existing life.

The result of the survey might have a direct suggestion on foreign companies appearing to employ Chennai people as the city is placed higher than Kolkata even though Chennai is a predecessor in attracting foreign investments.

Meanwhile, as far as Bangalore is concerned it has risen in the ratings from 141 in 2011 to 139 this year. The survey also revealed that according to city infrastructure Mumbai trumps Bangalore.

According to Bindu Menon, country head, she is not shocked with the exposure and also said that the reason behind Bangalore being in the top most position is that because of its passion towards international schools. “We are short of international schools in the city except one which is very expensive,” said Menon adding that several good Cambridge-curriculum schools in the city are the need of the hour.

Pascal Dupuis, general manager living in Chennai for the past one-and-a-half years said that though it is a very pleasant city to live in, Bangalore tops because of the schools and the pleasant weather conditions.

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