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  • TASMAC sells liquor worth Rs 250 crore for Deepavali

    Chennai, Nov 16 () : Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC), the state-owned and authorized liquor-agency in the state of Tamil Nadu sold liquor worth a whopping Rs.250 crore this Deepavali. Reports say that liquor sales this year shot up by 25% compared to last year. On Deepavali day alone, the state government is said…

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  • Science Express train to halt at Chandigarh station for 4 days

    Chandigarh, Nov 16 (): Science Express Biodiversity Special (SEBS) that portrays biodiversity of our country, chugged into Chandigarh station on 15th November, Thursday. Highlighting a wide range of fauna, flora and their ways of life found in different parts of India, all the 12 coaches of the Science Express will halt in Chandigarh for 4…

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  • Russia restores space contact after cable rupture

    Moscow, Nov 16 (): On Thursday, Russia re-established its communication with International Space Station (ISS) and civilian satellites after repairing a cable in Moscow that had been damaged during road works. On Wednesday, the cable serving Russian mission control centre at Korolyov near Moscow was accidentally cut by the construction workers. Three teams were working…

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  • Kepler’s primary mission gets over

    Washington, Nov 15 (): NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope was launched earlier to discover potentially inhabitable, Earth-sized planets. Kepler has completed successfully its 3 ½ years primary mission and now goes on board to an extended mission that could continue for another four years. Kepler was launched in 2002, on 6th March. Kepler has cast its…

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  • Indian woman dies in Ireland after being refused abortion

    Dublin, Nov 16 (): An Indian dentist, Savita Halappanavar, died after she was allegedly denied an abortion in an Ireland hospital in the pro-life Catholic country. Savita, 31, was 17 weeks pregnant, when she was admitted to the University Hospital Galway in the west of the country with complaints of back pain on October 21…

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  • Curiosity Rover measures radiation and wind on Mars

    Washington, Nov 16 (): Curiosity rover of NASA has been lately investigating the radiation and wind on Mars, which provides data on some distinctive Martian weather occurrences. The main objective of the probe on the planet, Mars are to search for marks of ancient inhabitability. Ashwin Vasavada, geophysicist and Curiosity project’s deputy scientist, in a…

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  • CMC orders Karnataka to release 4.8 tmc of water to TN

    New Delhi, Nov 16 (): Giving an order to Karnataka, the Cauvery Monitoring Committee (CMC) has directed the state to release 4.8 tmc of water to Tamil Nadu for the next two weeks, not paying much heed to the state which raised certain issues to settle earlier loss that was caused by Tamil Nadu. Giving…

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